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The uneasy child - it is good or bad?

Vigour - the excellent quality allowing the child to learn quicker world around. But when he cannot concentrate, gives up unfinished affairs and shows excessive impulsiveness, parents have thoughts that with the child something not so.

Exists the category of active children who always are in the movement - it seems that they have a special motor thanks to which they are never tired. The vigorous child everything grabs on the fly, and the encouraged parents already mentally send him to prestigious higher education institution for receiving good specialty. But their hopes can fail while the child goes to kindergarten: clever and developed, he does not cope even with simple tasks. And at school complaints of teachers and bad notes begin to pour. So in what here business?

the Hyperactive child, unlike just temperamental, experiences difficulties with attention. It is difficult for it to concentrate, listen to a lesson, to finish homework. He quickly jumps from one thought on another, and having begun to speak, can forget that he wanted to tell. It seems that such children do not listen to adults, but the reason here not in ignoring of requests, and in inability to concentrate on what he is told.

Other problem of the hyperactive child - excessive mobility. To sit out 40 minutes at a lesson for them - the real torture, so there is a wish to rise, run about, play with a favourite toy. Therefore they fidget behind a school desk, rustle, talk, prevent the teacher to lead a lesson and, as a result, bring bad notes and remarks in the diary.


Besides, SDVG (a syndrome of deficiency of attention with a hyperactivity) is peculiar impulsiveness. Children constantly interrupt, cry out answers, even without having listened to the end of a question up to the end; any expectation for them is just intolerable. About such say that they want to receive everything and at once.

Sooner or later parents realize

that with their child something not so, and begin to worry. The first and, perhaps, the most correct step on the way to a solution can be the campaign to the children`s psychologist who not only will help to understand, but also will offer a correctional technique.

Would be hasty to make the diagnosis to SDVG at once, without having observed the child at least several months. And correctional techniques yield result not at once, and meanwhile - that will begin to change, to the child at school will already hang up a label of the lagging behind pupil that can affect his self-assessment and self-confidence not in the best way.

as the supporting therapy pediatricians suggest to give to the child the sedative helping to concentrate and become more assidious. But at all variety of modern preparations medicine has to be suitable for the school student. It is important that appointed that preparation that it is created especially for children (but not the adult in the reduced dosage).

Medicine should not cause drowsiness. The slowed-down pupil will not be able to cope with the school program - such therapy loses the meaning.

Can recommend to

the calming preparation “Tenoten Children`s“. This essentially new means created on the basis of midget doses of active ingredient that guarantees its safety. By clinical trials it is proved that at the children accepting “children`s Tenoten“ concentration of attention and memory increases.

I, of course, needs to protect gentle mentality of the child, without overloading it with circles and sections, viewing of the TV before going to bed, computer games. Everything is good moderately: both entertainments, and rest, and study.

contraindications Are available.
Before application study the instruction or consult with the expert.