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Dashutin Birthday (5 years) of

Here also comes nearer long-awaited the child Birthday - a holiday which happens only once in a year, and 5 years, as well as all other dates, in general time in life. Parents tried as they could. The father bought products and prepared an entertainment (there will be also mothers of kids), inflated balls. Mother composed the scenario (impudently using the Internet), printed invitations, bought prizes. What you will not make to see happy eyes of the child.

the first guest - the friend Danya appears In due time.

also the others came, however, not all invited Soon. Dasha was upset a little, but, in my opinion, and with this quantity was difficult to be organized.

At first children accustomed a little - played, sorted gifts, considered the apartment.

Well and here came it is time to be engaged in competitions (materials of the websites www. and www. solnyshko. ee very much helped, special appreciation to all parents sending stories about the children, children`s holidays who where went and that saw - this information is simply invaluable).

1 competition “Tasty“

to the Child we tie with a scarf eyes and we put in a mouth on a piece of different fruit (apples, pears, bananas, a kiwi, oranges, grapes), and he guesses what is it (most difficultly it was necessary with mango:) ).

Of course, children wanted to eat - time just was lunch so competitions will be waited (and fruit from that treasured plateau went in great demand).

There now, was eaten - it is possible and... to play further.

the 2nd competition “Riddles“

of Riddles on www. solnyshko. ee a huge number, only print.

the Simple competition, but delight he caused many - to look rather more attentively at photos, it seems to me that just age such - already rather “reasonable“, but yet not absolutely “adult“. There was also unexpected moment which threw us into some confusion: children offered, and give we to you (three mothers and one father) we will ask riddles, - and began to compose. If we to them asked riddles with answers famous to us, then all seemed to us simply, and here it was necessary to think the head - imaginations at children much.

3rd competition “Who Will Assemble Most of All Cones?“

of “Cone“ get enough sleep on the earth, on command children begin to collect (hand bell), only not by handfuls, and by the piece, the hand bell calls again, all stop. We count who has most “cones“. Instead of cones we used the large designer.

Forgot to tell

- prizes were given all and all identical in each competition to avoid the excess conflicts. As prizes it is possible to use anything: pencils, stickers, candies, small toys...

the 4th competition “Cutting of Prizes from a Rope“

the competition Known for all, only prizes were pasted over with paper, and nobody knew that it cuts off.

Especially wants to emphasize that rough revival and genuine pleasure participation called any of adults in competitions - emotions of children just do not give in to the description. I think that it is possible to invite parents and it is necessary, the main thing not to forget that it is a children`s holiday.

Then (just delight!) forced to repeat several times. On “hurrah“ there passed the song from the old movie “Buratino“, and here the song “About Birthday“ of the Crocodile of Gena was not pleasant - it is necessary to stock up with rather various songs since the mood and tastes of children are unpredictable. Everything depends on the one who what songs knows and loves.

After dances each child said the congratulations in the microphone, everything was written down and listened. This moment introduced gravity and solemnity, not just for the sake of competitions gathered. Very much existence of the computer of the house though, at desire, it is possible to manage also the tape recorder helped.

5th competition “Formula 1“

Stock: 2 machines, threads, 2 pencils.

Preparation. long threads, on the end - pencils tie To machines.

Game: on the leader`s signal players begin to reel up threads on pencils. Winner: the participant whose machine finished the first.

Then decided to eat festive cake with candles - obligatory attribute of any birthday. Candles lit to both the birthday man, and each child separately.

the 6th competition “Musical“


were Collected by all toy musical instruments in the house - distributed to children, and a concert began. Together and in turn played the pipe, knocked, squealed, shouted. And small pipes were a prize to all - a concert repeated with the doubled force.

the 7th competition “the Fairy tale “Turnip“


on pieces of paper were written In advance by roles, naturally, played so that the father - the grandmother, Danya - the granddaughter, Ania`s mother - a turnip. Farther all simply - are distributed masks, bows, kerchiefs, the leader tells the fairy tale, children play.

the 8th competition “Drawing of the Birthday Man“

All drew Dasha - drawings remained for memory.

All preparations ended with

- children still danced, sang in the microphone, podudel and pobesitsya just.

Gradually guests dispersed... We are tired, but happy, brought the apartment into a habitual look, once again considered gifts. Parents with relief sighed: “It seems, it was pleasant“.

I Hope, my short story was pleasant too :).