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As we watched bloodsuckers of

to me there were then 8 years. Somehow time the girlfriend called me to look how “some features“ live at her in a flank. The water surface was entirely covered by little insects. We right there christened them “bloodsuckers“. When insects felt approach of the person or saw his shadow, they hid on a bottom. To consider them, it was necessary to creep quietly to a barrel and to stand in a shadow, without blocking the sun.

Having got accustomed, we noticed that they are different: light, striped and black. The third group was small, but and valuable as these black bloodsuckers were the biggest and slow.

Further we decided to look at

how bloodsuckers in different conditions will feel. Lids from plastic bottles we caught them to divide for researches. All yard of my friend was filled with banks with these insects. For example, banks of water with clay are necessary three, one of three groups settled in each can. And clay can be different too: settled on a bottom, stirred or constantly stirred. We made the same experiments, settling bloodsuckers in water with the earth, sand, seaweed, compound feed. We studied even reaction of bloodsuckers to color banks!

Every morning after a breakfast we ran to watch

that happened to bloodsuckers in a night. Their quantity constantly changed. We considered that in the night from them there was something special, and those bloodsuckers who did not like a situation in bank disappeared somewhere. Where - remained a riddle...

So far all slept, there were surprising events. For example, in a vessel with black bloodsuckers from nowhere light could appear in the morning. For days on end we sat in a kitchen garden and stirred slowly bloodsuckers with sticks, replaced new in their groups, thought out new tests.

But soon our laboratory had to move partially to me to the yard as the grandmother of my friend with order was bothered by ubiquitous banks, and it even watered with our precious bloodsuckers cucumbers. But we could share with each other sensational news from life of bloodsuckers far from relatives.

... In a year we undertook their studying again. Somehow at the beginning of June yet not sorted bloodsuckers lived all together in bank. And we caught in the small river of the small small fish, and it was necessary to put urgently somewhere it that cats did not get it ahead of time. And we let out whitebaits in the same tank where there lived bloodsuckers. As a result of bloodsuckers remained very little, and then and in general all were eaten by fishes.

We long grieved

, and then saw on the TV transfer about our bloodsuckers. Also it became clear that they were larvae of mosquitoes. And then we decided that, perhaps, it is not so bad that there will be not a lot of mosquitoes as was at us bloodsuckers!

Nastya Surikova