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Olga Sorokina: 8 children and successful business of

Almost daily in conferences on 7e flash topics like “Career or children“, “I want to be the housewife!“, whether “To come to work?“ . Today we talk to the woman in whose life education of children, family happiness, professional growth and successful business connected, apparently, ideally. Olga Sorokina (Koneeva) is a lawyer, the managing partner of O2Consulting, mother of eight children - five sons and three daughters. The oldest daughter - 20, to the younger son - 7 months.

- Olga, everything began with learning of foreign languages?

- Yes. My mother had a dream - she very much wanted to learn French. She began to teach it, but could not continue: life was difficult. And it had a fixed idea that daughters have to know French in perfection. Therefore I was sent to school with teaching a number of objects in French.

of Years with 14 I earned additionally the translator, accompanied foreign groups. It was both practice, and earnings. And in 16 years when we went to France, to Brittany, locals were completely sure that we from Paris. But the last 20 years I use French seldom, only on vacation.

on the basis of French I very quickly learned Italian - it very much was pleasant to me, and it took literally three months. In three weeks I could talk already freely. Of course, not really deeply knew grammar, but could communicate on any subjects.

- That is to you the feeling of a language barrier is unfamiliar?

- Recently we made the decision on family transportation to Europe and began to communicate actively on this subject with friends, with relatives. And I understood that very many would like to leave, but they are held by language. “You represent, you will be as though among foreign people“, - they say. “Why among strangers?“ - I do not understand. “Well, you will not be able to sit down and communicate just like that to them“. - “Why I will not be able? I will be able“. - “Well, all the same it is heavy, it is not the native language...“

I like to read to

Ya books in English, in French. I began to study German because I wanted to read Remarque in the original, but it turned out that this language is more difficult, on it slightly more time is necessary.

- And your working language now - English?

- Yes. I learned English when I arrived to the States. My first husband worked as the translator and somehow got to talking with the rector of one of the American universities - that suggested to learn from them. It became clear that the cost of training is very high, but they can give a grant if to pass examinations. And the husband decided to try. We went there, he began to study, and it turned out that there is a special program for wives of students: they have the right to gain the smaller number of points for entering a university. In three months, thanks to independent occupations and visit of free courses for illiterate Americans (I did not even know what in America such is!) I could pass examination and year to learn international law in English in Indiana University.

- Before departure to the USA you studied year in the Moscow state legal academy...

- Also continued to study strong upon return there. Law - it was my choice right after school. Many schoolmates were going to come to a faculty of foreign languages, and dissuaded me the director of studies on foreign languages:“ Why to you language, you already have it. Go receive a profession. A profession plus language - here that is necessary“. I very much am grateful to it for this council.

was simple to Study

. Now I watch how my daughter in Stroganovke studies, and I understand that to me it was not so heavy. And at the time of writing of the diploma, honestly I can tell, I knew the subject better, than the research supervisor - I already advised clients. I could read Napoleon`s code and a heap of other not translated literature, and my teachers could not. I independently studied the legislation of other countries, using the Internet. Experts of such level at the time of the beginning of my career - the middle 90 - x - were not in general. To become demanded it appeared easily: people who could bring together our and western businessmen were worth its weight in gold.

the good difference

- And in it is a high time for

you not only studied, advised, earned, but also gave birth to children.

- When we got married and went to the States, counted that the first child will be born there. I knew that there better medicine. Besides, the American nationality is given on the birth...

- That is in 18 years you already in the life solved everything independently?

- From the birth of the first child I was very much dissuaded by parents. My father, the doctor the obstetrician - the gynecologist, considered that I - very painful that I cannot give birth. Besides, he considered that I have to devote life to career, to become known for either the lawyer, or the journalist.

- Turns out, education at you thanking, and children - contrary to parental will?

- Me just was always pleasant to study, and at some moment there was a strong desire to establish a family. I since the childhood considered, and to derive that needs to be known accurately what you want pleasure from what you do.

- And the age difference between children was planned?

- Practically always. I have with the sister an age difference two years - and very good relations. I considered that an optimum difference between children are two - three years: they have common interests, they can support each other. Stair-steppers are too. Between the senior and younger group as I call them, having rummaged in six years. Then a break two years, stair-steppers (too visited desire “quicker to shoot back“ - but it appeared very hard). And here in three years - the youngest.

- you always had assistants?

- With the first child we attracted nobody. But as soon as I began to earn more, than the housemaid, gradually delegated all household. There are professionals, and their hour of time costs cheaper, than your hour when you do favorite thing.

- As you studied and worked with the small child?

- And I then did not know that it is impossible to work with the small child. I did not know that with the child who just from maternity hospital, it is impossible to go to shop. Did not know that it is necessary to wipe something, to sterilize, iron. I did not know very many things, and to me was very quiet. It was a little difficult not to get enough sleep when you feed, but it is normal.

- All children were on breastfeeding? Long?

- Younger I feed so far: I decant milk, I leave. I consider that it is important - especially in the modern world when so there is not enough all present. One child had to stop be fed in 4 months - it was connected with my treatment. And - whom about one year fed the others whom - till 10 months. Now so in a family it developed that to younger there are only I at night - and me it is even pleasant.

- And you delegate care of children?

- my children have nurses which can prepare to eat, dress them, somewhere to accompany - that is are engaged in ensuring activity. Or the child sleeps in a carriage two hours - to him not important who carries this carriage, I or the nurse. Still periodically there are professionals - teachers who can teach them to something: well, say, with Russian of a problem or with other subject. Why I will spend the time for training of children when there are people who will be able to make it more qualitative?

A here governesses - those that are urged to spend time with children, to communicate with them, to bring up - this, I consider, it is just not necessary. Parents have to inform of the concept of the world children. Governesses cannot charge to go with children to theaters, the museums - because this real-life communication, you have to observe their emotions and test the.

- What is important for you in education of children? What do you wait from school for?

- I want From school that they could interest, motivate, bring up children in them love to the doctrine. It I was bribed by the western schools. When I spoke with the principal to which younger will go this fall, she told: if the child wants, then even the most incapable can be taught. And the most capable if he does not want to teach very difficult. Therefore all of them spend forces for imparting to children love to study.

with it it was very difficult

In Russia because at schools with good academic level often such atmosphere that there is no wish to go there at all. It is pleasant to nobody when shout at you...

A at private schools - there another. To them the main thing that parents were happy. Children always went with pleasure there, but they went there not to study. In principle, children at this school of full day had to play sports, music, some additional languages - and as a result were not engaged almost in anything. Always offered them the choice: you want to work Chinese or to look at animated cartoons?

Only later many time I had a feeling that they work not enough there. I remembered that I at this age worked, strained at school much more. Therefore took away two senior girls and two senior boys in a gymnasium and asked to test in the main objects - results were simply shocking! I understood that everything that was offered by this private school, would work - but with my active participation.

after that we transferred to

them to house training. From the point of view of knowledge acquisition it really appeared more effectively, but the problem psychological appeared. It turned out that it is difficult for children to work when they have no competition. Worse it, is better than others - the child does not understand. Though they and much with each other communicate, such skills as ability to build up the relationship, ability to be on friendly terms, ability of to protect develop insufficiently. And children felt it: there are no friends, there are no collective holidays, competitions school. All of them together came and told: we want in school, we will try very much. And we found it a good state gymnasium.

- What at them - or at you in connection with them - plans for the future?

- the Oldest daughter studies in RGGU at faculty of cultural tourism, she is future art critic. The following daughter studies in Stroganovsky academy at faculty of design. The son to whom now 14, gathers in architectural. Generally, also I cannot tell that I am glad to it, my seniors are creative children, they want to receive a profession, not connected neither with business, nor with areas in which their parents always worked.

I younger there. The six-year-old child speaks:“ I am created for music and dance“. And I with hope look at the four-year-old daughter: can, at least it will go on parental feet?

to me it is important

that children were kind that they with a positive looked at life, at people. It is important to show that not always the material component defines spiritual fullness of the person, quality of its education, that life which he will conduct.

Interests and compromises

- How to choose the man who so many children will want will pull


is the basic - to choose to itself the man and in general it is correct to choose people who surround you. The woman often grabs the one who seems accepted by her, goes on some compromises - in advance or already then.

and in the relations very much I do not love

Ya of a compromise in life. Many speak: it is necessary to work on the relations, it is necessary to reconcile - I consider that it is waste of time. It is necessary to be in comfort and in harmony with itself all the time. Also it is necessary to find the person with whom you will have general vital principles. How to raise children? What have to be the relations between the man and the woman? What model of a family you want to give to children? If you have general views, then potentiality of future conflicts is reduced to zero.

it is important to p not to go on compromises in the beginning of the relations. There is a lot of people, it is also necessary not to refuse the road to “the“ person, clinging to “not“ the“ person. Because, trying to hold such relations, we close for ourselves the road to that happiness which, maybe, somewhere waits for us.

of the Woman is asked: and where a guarantee that we will find “the“ person? There is no guarantee. But if you cling for it, then definitely you will find nothing.

I consider

Ya that at me in this plan it was died successfully. And in first marriage, and now. With the first husband we kept good partnership, we communicate concerning children, we are crossed on vacation.

- As manages to combine serious business and education of children? You know some secret?

- Well, in - the first, not everything should combine it. Someone for realization has enough children, to someone - works, at someone these making lives exist in other proportions. If the woman wants to be realized in this way, I can tell that it is possible - and the example to prove and to support somehow.

In - the second, the woman has to understand accurately what she wants in this life. If there is an answer to the question “what?“ then there will be also a way “as“. If it has a confusion in the head, she cannot formulate the desire, then it is very difficult to be realized - and it does not depend on a scope of forces and knowledge.

- What is important for you? On the first place - a family, children, and further?

- the subject in which I am engaged is interesting to me. My clients conclude bargains for billions of dollars, and I work for them as the consultant. We participate in negotiations, we prepare all legal documentation, we check assets, we reveal risks, we try to estimate them. We help two parties to agree with each other when they suddenly quarrel, and the transaction risks not to take place.

to me it, on the one hand, flatterly, with another is very high degree of responsibility and trust, and I cannot but justify this trust. Besides, it is infinitely interesting to communicate with business “icons“, people who achieved very much. It is also interesting, probably, how to communicate with the famous writers, scientists - the people, best in the area. It is very difficult to refuse it is some kind of dope.

Second a thing, important for me, - the income. A lot of things want to be shown to children, to teach them to much, and it costs a certain money.

Happens, speak: if the woman could not work, she would not work. I tried on such option on myself: I take care of children, and we completely on contents at the husband. But then he works for 20 hours a day, does not see a family and with children almost does not communicate. And it is important for me that children “received“ mother and the father in equal parts.

Sometimes I feel some fatigue: there is a wish to give less time to business, and it is more - a family. But completely I cannot refuse work because differently I should change some desires, needs for the relation of and children. And I want to show them a maximum of opportunities, all range - that is in this life. That then when they grow up when are able responsibly to make decisions, they could make a choice, knowing that the choice is.

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