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Lucrecia Borgia is a political pawn? Part 2

Lucrecia Borgia`s History does not come to an end with the first marriage and the child`s birth. She will live 39 years, two more marriages are necessary to her, she will give birth to seven more children. She will be exposed to criticism not once and will mourn one more husband and several children.

Second marriage and the son`s birth

After Lucrecia gave birth to the child and he was transferred to wet nurses, and the first and unsuccessful marriage was behind shoulders, Lucrecia was going to marry the second time. This time Alfonso, the duke Bishelye and the prince of Salerno who was the illegitimate son of the Neapolitan king Alfonso II became her elect. Together with Lucretius`s husband got a huge fortune to which a half of princesses of Europe could envy.

The young spouse at once was pleasant to all, even Cesare who after a case with Perroto was jealous and osteregat the sister from all. But after Lucrecia began to pay more and more attention to the spouse who was almost her age-mate and as approved many, by a subject of her passion and love. Cesare and the father began to think again of what relations need to be improved and how to exempt Lucrecia from marriage.

In the trap arranged with the father the duke was attacked by four murderers who struck five blows with a dagger. Alphonso was wounded in a neck, a hand, a hip, but survived. Lucrecia adoring the husband looked after him the whole month. But the care and leaving did not help Lucrecia to keep the marriage. Eventually, the duke was strangled in own bed. He was buried without mass, secretly and without burial services. Lucrecia had one-year-old son Rodrigo Aragonsky. But, unfortunately, the child will die at absolutely early age, without having left a noticeable mark in mother`s life.

Third marriage: Alphonso D`Este

After that death of the second husband of Lucretius it was forced to marry under pressure of the father the third time. This time it was given for Alphonso D`Este, the prince of Ferrara. In this marriage she gave birth to several children, conducting life of respectable and dear duchess. The new husband fixedly watched the spouse. She lived without quitting the place in the beautiful ducal palace, but the rumor nevertheless attributes to Lucrecia several crimes. It is for certain known that to the husband it was indifferent, but kept the beauty.

Lucrecia who became the duchess did not lose interest in life and therefore the lock of the duke was one of the smartest and influential yards. It was generous to artists, especially to artists. After death of the father and the brother, it could hold in the hands the power, power and influence on the Italian horizon. The sister Alfonso, Isabella, treated very coldly the daughter-in-law who had a communication with her husband, Francesco Gonzaga, the marquis of Mantua.


during three marriages of Lucretius was mother 7 or as it was told in some sources, 8 times.

The first child - Giovanni Borgia, the given rise about 1498. The second and, without doubts, the beloved son - Rodrigo Borgia born on November 1, 1499 in marriage with Alphonso Aragonsky.

In marriage by sprinets of Ferrara Lucrecia gave birth to seven children. She gave birth to the first child in 1505, he was called Aleksander D`Este, lived only one month. The second child appeared in three years, in 1508. Future successor, the duke of Ferrara, Modena and Redzho were christened under the name of Ercole II d`Este. Future Archbishop, and then the cardinal of Milan, Ippolito II D`Este, was born in 1509. Then the child who lived only three months was born. Little Alessandro D`Este`s death became for Lucrecia one more blow. She could not reconcile to death of the first child - Alexander, and the new death set her thinking on the sins which she made in youth.

When the first daughter, Leonora D`Este was born, Lucrecia plunged into cares of the girl who became further a nun. Francesco D`Este, di Mass`s marquis - the Pawnshop, was born in 1516. Despite coldness in the relations between spouses and Lucrecia`s change with the marquis of Mantua, matrimonial duties were fulfilled almost regularly. Gave birth to the last child Lucretius in 1519. The little girl died almost at once, before it having received a name - Maria Isabella D`Este.


Before the death of Lucretius Borgia became very devout. Instead of magnificent dresses which she loved in due time began to wear a hair shirt (a long rough shirt from hair or goat wool), spent much time in church. She made a big donation to churches, having carried out the inventory of the property in which it had 3770 jewelry. Took the veil a Franciscan brotherhood.

Spring of 1519 Lucrecia could not get up any more. The last pregnancy exhausted it, and doctors decided to cause early childbirth, but at Lucrecia fights began. The premature girl who died on the same day was born. And on June 24, 1519 Lucrecia Borgia died at the age of 39 years of a maternity fever.