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Snake from soap bubbles and a cheerful shower for kids of

Summer in the heat, so at last kids (and adults too) can be indulged with water! That who else thinks, than to be engaged with children at the dacha, mother of three children, American Tammi will prompt how to have fun with the imagination.

the Iridescent snake from soap bubbles

For example, it is possible to blow a dragon from soap bubbles. Simply, quickly. And materials - the most usual. Everything that is necessary - it is an empty plastic bottle, an adhesive tape, a lonely sock (with it in big no problems arise a family usually), means for washing of ware and multi-colored food dyes.

we Cut off a bottom at a bottle, then we pull a sock on the turned-out hole. We used a color adhesive tape to attach it to a bottle, but it is possible to manage also an elastic band.

Pour means for washing of ware in the superficial container with a small amount of water and carefully mix.

Lower a sock in solution that it properly became impregnated, and begin to blow bubbles carefully. We decided to add color to our snakes by means of food dyes - children dripped it directly on a sock. It was a little dirty, but very much it was pleasant to children, they so cheerfully giggled.

Though we also very strongly primotat a sock to a bottle an adhesive tape, the younger daughter all the same added the elastic band - “just in case“.

the Cheerful shower

last year, using practically the same materials, children made a shower. It is necessary to tell that the summer was not strongly hot, but it did not stop them at all.

Ya saw the remarkable “souls“ made of PVC - pipes and with pleasure would make them too, but there not to do without the help of adults. And children needed the fast and easy decision.

They put on a bottle from dense plastic, strong primotat to a hose an adhesive tape. Then took a drill and drilled holes in a bottle in different places - and everything, it is possible to begin to run and frolic!

Me it was pleasant to

of p that the eldest son accustomed with the electric tool. He spends much time, helping the father (my husband is a carpenter), and was especially glad to brag to it of the invention.