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Rest with children in Scandinavia - the sea, parks and Legolend of

People aspire to the sea. Who knows, perhaps, in the cult movie of Tomas Yan “To reach heaven“ told the truth: even there, in heaven, only and talk that about the sea... But that is why the seas are associated with the southern countries more often, to understand quite difficult: and in the north they are! Though at once Viking ships of Vikings and a great dragon occur Yormungand from the Scandinavian legends for the time being sleeping at the bottom, nevertheless, in Northern Europe is possible also traditional beach rest - very interesting and “environmentally friendly“. So, rest in Scandinavia.

For example, rest in Denmark, on Riviera is 20 kilometers of the purest sandy beaches of Mariyelyust. They are quoted in Europe above, than well-loved by Russians Black and Mediterranean exhausting. And the secret is simple here: in - the first, it is tremendous climate. An opportunity to burn - the local sun very soft is almost excluded, suntan lays down faultlessly. Bathe, play volleyball, build sand castles with children - be engaged in habitual “southern“ entertainments to the top of the bent. In - the second, it is pleasant to know that you are in one of the most environmentally friendly places in the world, in the country which residents feel most happily than other nations on the planet. It is, by the way, the scientific fact: the Danish kingdom which is so ungraciously scarified by Shakespeare is the ideal, cozy world. Danes even have a special term designating comfort and convenience of life - “hyugga“. With children Scandinavia is ideally suited for rest. And Denmark - and at all paradise for madcaps. What is costed only by one park Legolend - the city collected from 46 million these small details. Here you will find all sights of the world: Big - Ben, the Eiffel Tower and others.

In traditions of Scandinavians to spend much time with the families therefore conditions for rest with kids just tremendous. Children`s parks in Denmark meet nearly continually at all. The oldest of them, Bakken, entertains children more than 400 years. At it is mute are circus and myuzik - the hall. For fans to popleskatsya there is a wonderful aquapark of Lalandiya.

Well and of course, Denmark - Andersen`s homeland - the main storyteller of the planet. You can put the child on knees to his bronze statue in Copenhagen, and then, of course, show also the famous Little Mermaid. The list of other sights is so extensive that we will bring some: Havne`s fortresses, Holsteynborg, Ronnebekskholm, Borrebay, medieval center of Nyyukyobing Falster and White mountains.


Choosing rest in Norway, in the region Troms, you can be sure: you - got very far, to the north just there is no place! There is even a place which is informally considered as “world`s end“. Having made direct flight Moscow - to Tromsa, already at the airport be surprised what there unusually clean air. Speak who will inhale it, forever will become “skandinavozavisimy“. From here it is possible to go to cruise on fjords by the comfortable ship and to show to children powerful rocks and foamy waves.

Now good news to gourmets. The gastronomic capital of all Scandinavia is, undoubtedly, the Swedish Gothenburg. The second-large city of the country is proud even of five restaurants awarded with stars of Michelin. Crown dishes - with the seafood caught an hour ago. Forget about diets.

In the same Gothenburg should visit the Botanical garden, the Museum of the fine arts with a remarkable collection of the Scandinavian painting of before last and last centuries, Ryosk of Myuseet (R ö hsska museet) - one of the best European museums in design and a decor.

the Capital of Sweden, Stockholm, still is called “the handsome on water“. Tourists with kids will estimate both numerous children`s parks, and river walk on a parokhodika that goes from pier at the Town hall. Well when still the child with all the heart will run about along booming medieval corridors or will look how the trout in the purest water laps?