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Children`s cubes the hands: safely and cheerfully

Ya wanted to make big and strong cubes for the two-year-old daughter Irishka long ago. At us is small, wooden, but the daughter practically does not play them, and I twitch all the time that she will hit against their acute angles. In total - at its age it is better to play something big and safe.

Of course, the idea to make cubes of a cardboard appeared quickly, but it was succeeded to carry out it not from the first - and even not from the second. And here, after several unsuccessful prototypes, I won!

the following tools and preparations Will be necessary for

: a metal line, the flat screw-driver, a model knife, a pencil, strips of a cardboard and glue for paper (it it will be necessary absolutely slightly - slightly).

the Cardboard absolutely usual, 2 mm thick, from a box for paper.

It is marked cardboard strips by a pencil, and then, by means of a ruler and the screw-driver, we press through preparations from a reverse side.

manages turn out three here such a semi-finished product.

their sizes (from top to down):

Detail 1. Width and length of each party - 10,4 cm +3 cm on a strip for pasting (a front detail)

the Detail 2. Width and length of each party - 10 cm +3 cm on a strip for pasting (an internal detail)

the Detail 3. Width and length of each party - 10 cm, a strip for pasting are not present (a framework detail)

the Detail 3 we bend in a letter W.


It is stuck together front and internal details - it is not necessary to stick together anything any more.

we Insert a framework detail into an internal detail.

I then we connect all details here thus:

the Cube turned out very strong because front and internal details densely enter each other and it is impossible to press through them practically. In that place where a cardboard single-layer, the detail of a framework does not allow to bend it.

If to make many cubes, then it is possible to build different towers, for example, such:

A can paint with

cubes in different colors or to add the cut-through doors - will be so even more cheerful.