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Pregnancy: reasons for concern of

Of course, pregnancy not an illness. However how to keep calm when each trifle frightens? Let`s try to understand together that is norm during pregnancy and when medical assistance is required immediately.


Often disturbs the pregnant woman from the earliest terms. And many learn about the changed situation just on its emergence. Toxicosis usually passes after 12 - 14 weeks of pregnancy. Morning nausea of special treatment does not demand. And here nausea with frequent vomiting more than three times a day can lead to a metabolic disorder therefore toxic substances will begin to be produced. In that case urgently address the obstetrician - the gynecologist or the therapist. The first that the doctor will make - will define whether the patient in hospitalization or treatment needs it is possible to carry out on an outpatient basis. After that the doctor will appoint the corresponding therapy, and also will in detail tell about a necessary diet.

of Allocation

One more problem which future mother can face since early terms - of allocation from a genital tract . To sound alarm and urgently it is necessary to run to the doctor if allocations blood. And they can be as it is bright - scarlet and plentiful, and poor it is dark - or light-brown. Blood allocations sometimes are followed by pains in lumbar area or in the lower departments of a stomach, and at times are absolutely painless. Most often blood allocations (and on any terms) are connected from an otsloyky placenta or its predecessor - a horion, and it is the most frequent reason of premature interruption of pregnancy.

the doctor will appoint by

For preservation of pregnancy and treatment the preparations weakening the raised muscular tone of a wall of a uterus, stopping bleeding and rassasyvayushchy the formed hematoma (“bruise“) on the place of an otsloyka of a placenta. Often at an otsloyka of a placenta hospitalization is required.

It is important to find out and remove the pregnancy interruption threat cause also. For example, if increase of male sex hormones or a lack of progesterone is the reason, the doctor will appoint hormonal preparations. If the reason in the immunological conflict (for example, in an anti-phospholipidic syndrome), then as treatment small doses of the steroid hormones suppressing excess activity of immune system concerning own cells and tissues of future mother, and also cages and tissues of the kid are appointed.

should See a doctor not only at blood, but also at plentiful mucous or purulent allocations. Under the influence of the changed hormonal background of allocation during pregnancy considerably amplify and become more liquid. It is norm. However for an exception of infectious diseases, for example, of clamidiosis, ureaplasmosis etc., the doctor has to investigate dabs. On later terms liquid allocations need to be distinguished from the leaking amniotic waters. The assessment of allocations is made by the doctor. For confirmation of existence or lack of dribble of amniotic waters use special the test - strips which give fast, but not really exact result, and take dabs which are investigated in laboratory. The result is usually known in several hours, the accuracy of this method is sufficient is high and makes nearly 100%.

Physical activity

the Important sign capable a lot of things to tell

to the doctor, physical activity of a fruit is . Normal the number of stirs of the kid should not be less than 10 per day. However each kid, even vnutriutrobno, has own day regimen and temperament, sometimes other than a day regimen and temperament of the mother. But any pregnant woman knows character of the child and can distinguish changes in its activity. Vigilance will help to avoid many problems and troubles. Urgently it is necessary to see a doctor if the number of stirs of a fruit decreased or stopped at all - or, on the contrary, stirs excessively amplified. Such state can speak about a chronic hypoxia of a fruit (oxygen insufficiency) and to demand immediate measures.

First of all the doctor will estimate heartbeat of the kid and reaction warmly - vascular system on physical activity. Kardiotokografichesky research (KTG) during which record of frequency of serdtsebiyeniye of the kid at rest and is carried out to the moments of stirs is for this purpose used. The assessment is carried out on several indicators. Informational content of this method is rather high, but it is possible to carry out KTG with 30 - 32 weeks of pregnancy. One more method of definition of a condition of the kid is dopplerometrichesky research of a blood-groove in the main vessels (a placenta, uterine arteries, brain arteries of a fruit, umbilical cord vessels). On technology of carrying out the dopplerometriya does not differ from usual ultrasonography. If on set of indicators the doctor diagnoses a pre-natal hypoxia of a fruit, then the medicinal therapy improving blood circulation in system “mother - a placenta - a fruit is required“. Often hospitalization and intravenous administration of preparations is required. At adequate treatment it is possible to improve a state and “to breed“ the kid (at a chronic hypoxia the fruit often lags behind in growth).

Catarrhal and other diseases

Separately wants to tell

about catarrhal diseases during pregnancy. The matter is that serious diseases, such as bronchitis and pneumonia, can disappear behind a mask of usual a SARS. If not to struggle with an illness, it will begin to progress and will inevitably lead to pre-natal infection of a fruit. Only the doctor can distinguish disease severity, having attentively examined the patient and having listened to lungs. One more insidiousness of cold during pregnancy - fast development of complications (the same pneumonia and bronchitis). Therefore it is necessary to see the therapist at any symptoms of a SARS, especially if cough, high temperature and short wind develop.

cystitis women, as a rule, face more than once. Much their symptoms are well-known. Therefore emergence of gripes and pain, the speeded-up urination the woman does not consider unusual. Many even independently try to be treated, using the habitual, checked methods.

cannot be Done to

it during pregnancy categorically. In - the first, many means resolved out of pregnancy are forbidden during it. In - the second, anatomic and hormonal changes are that that even softly expressed cystitis easily flows in pyelonephritis (an inflammation of kidneys). In - the third, both cystitis, and pyelonephritis, and an asymptomatic bakteriuriya (i.e. existence of bacteria in urine in the absence of clinical displays of a disease) rather often lead to infection of fetal covers. Therefore treatment has to be appointed only by the doctor and to be controlled by it.

Well and at last, it is necessary to see a doctor in case of any problem disturbing you even if it seems small and insignificant. Also psychological contact with the doctor, full confidence is important - only this way it is possible to get rid of doubts and to enjoy pregnancy.