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Where we will give birth?

This question we attended to
(as we chose maternity hospital in St. Petersburg) practically right after pregnancy approach because heard about good preparation for childbirth and its importance much. By two voices contra we with the husband swept aside idea of house childbirth and began to look for maternity hospital, good from our point of view.

When to begin selection of maternity hospital? In magazines for parents it was much said about how it is important that the doctor observing pregnancy, respectively delivered search of maternity hospital begins with the choice of a maternity welfare unit. The same opinion there was also my mother telling how in due time women tried “to do in time“ and come to maternity hospital in watch of the doctor or midwife. It appeared to carry out this idea in the city of St. Petersburg, there are following options:

  1. of ZhK at maternity hospital. Consultation where my street was attributed, did not concern to those. It was possible to ask to be registered not on a territorial sign, but to go at the other end of the world every time when it is necessary to make tests or to be weighed, there was no strong wish.
  2. Clinic of the European level (like the Euromedical center or Copper). Such institutions having rights of a message pregnancy appeared a little. As a rule, they sell special policies of VHI worth 2 - 3 thousand dollars for all pregnancy with the round-the-clock dispatcher, the doctor and departure on the house in any case.

it was inconvenient

First, and the second is expensive. Thus, it was decided to be registered “at himself“, and weeks in 20 - 25 (as doctors recommend) to begin search of maternity hospital.

What we look for? By this time we were defined that actually we want from maternity hospital what moments we consider important:

besides, I literally threw letters with questions the close girlfriend, now the candidate of science in the field of a neonatology working in maternity hospital, and she gave three more practical advice: in - the first, “choose rather new construction maternity hospital (or with recent repair), the old building as mine, it all the same has freight of hospital microflora that increases risk of an infection“ and, in - the second, “from free establishments where there is a department of medical higher education institution is better, synthesis of science and practice always leaves advantage for mother and the child“ and, in - “be not afraid of the third and think in labor of the child more, try to make everything to avoid Caesarian. Gynecologists in disputable situations protect mother, and I as the children`s doctor I know how natural childbirth it is better for the kid“. With these beliefs I also started the choice of maternity hospital. It is necessary to tell that we agreed to receive all above-mentioned not free of charge as we according to stories of friends and acquaintances knew that absolutely free childbirth does not happen. Therefore I who is not able to do “gifts“ and “advance payments“ at all resolved to conclude the official contract with maternity hospital.

How to look for? By 25 weeks I already knew that pregnancy at all proceeds differently that everything heard and read needs to be perceived critically through a prism of the state and common sense; and that the most important, only parents are responsible for health of the child. Therefore most careful “investigation“ was carried out. At first called all maternity hospitals in the reference book. Somewhere got nasty, somewhere answered that “from the street“ do not take, these deleted at once, I think, and at personal meeting there would be the same. There were 6 - 7 maternity hospitals. In a network found for the websites with ratings and responses of already giving birth. Verified responses with the impressions of calls. Right there also the websites or pages of maternity hospitals with the list of services for a payment were found and without. Interrogated girlfriends, colleagues and acquaintances, especially those who got kids recently. And, at last, went to all attracted maternity hospitals. And not for nothing: all concepts so lovingly allocated with me were very strongly extensible. One maternity hospital called “individual chamber of joint stay“ the recess which is fenced off by a screen from 3 more - x the same beds; in another told that it is necessary “to cope“ in 5 - 7 hours if is not present - Caesarian; in the third ordered to sign up urgently for courses as the midwife conducting a course also will deliver (answered a question of presence of the doctor that if very much it is required, then will cause). The prices were approximately identical - $500-700. As a result at me one option accepted in every respect, with great reserve, maybe, two (in this the second declared at once that with any complication though it will be cold, will not be taken) turned out. Generally, on 35 - y to week we went and concluded officially the contract with the chosen maternity hospital (by the way, offered us several versions of the contract - from $160 only with the personal doctor to 700 with a totality of services).

What turned out? Very often mummies say that they promise them one, and in reality there is absolutely another. Of course, you will not buy mercy, diligence and responsibility not at any price. We, probably, here were lucky. And for the rest:

Why all this is written? Of course, not to create advertizing to maternity hospital (it too still is what to work on) and in order that future mummies knew, as we have places where it is possible to receive all behind what go to give birth abroad. In the same maternity hospital and on free office the notice, and little girls come there both to the second, and for the third time, and nobody intimidates women in prenatal by different horror stories. My friend gave birth for 2 months later in other maternity hospital and too was satisfied though she looked for absolutely other: childbirth in water and occupations by swimming from the first day.

So eyes are afraid of

, and hands do - look for the, what will be pleasant, make a few efforts. It is a little more difficult, than to use the first comer and then to scold him violently..., but result, believe, is worth it.

of Daina