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How to preserve sight: gymnastics for eyes of

the First exercises for preservation of sight were created long before our era. Yogas, creating complexes for all body, did not forget also about our eyes. They precisely knew that for the best result not only training, but also good rest is necessary.

Large volume of information which we “absorb“ every day demands almost constant tension from our eyes. And, naturally, they are tired. Many problems with sight arise from an overstrain. Even rest is necessary for the person for eyes with “unit“. Otherwise after hard work there can be such symptoms as dryness of eyes, reddening, deterioration in sight afar. What it is simply necessary to tell about those at whom sight leaves much to be desired - in that case rest to eyes.

of Exercise, developed by the American ophthalmologist U. G. Bates and his schoolgirl M. D. Corbett, are quite simple and will not take a lot of time. At first try to read the description of exercise attentively. If it is written that the movement has to be smooth - it is important. If recommendations of that are made, to breathe properly, pay attention to them. Do not forget about these “trifles“ - then exercises and rest will become more effective.

At first - rest

of Palming (from the word English palm - “palm“). Sit down directly, relax. Cover eyes thus: the middle of a palm of the right hand has to be opposite to the right eye, the same with the left hand. Palms have to lie softly, it is not necessary to press with a force them to the person. Fingers of hands can cross on a forehead, can settle down nearby - as it is more convenient to you. The main thing that was not “shchelochek“, passing light. When you made sure of it, lower eyelids. As a result it turns out that your eyes are closed and, besides, are covered with palms of hands.

lower elbows on a table Now. The main thing that the neck and a backbone were almost on one straight line. Check that your body was not strained, both hands, and a back, and a neck have to be relaxed. Breath has to be quiet.

try to remember something, the pleasure giving you Now: as you had a rest at the sea as all wished you happy birthday, the star sky... It is possible to do this exercise under music. To consciously relax eyes very difficult (remember that you cannot operate the heart too). Therefore it is not necessary to try to control the state - it will only damage the occupation purposes, instead think better of something pleasant.

Exercise can be carried out also at work, arranging itself short breaks. Even for 10 - 15 seconds your eyes will manage to have a rest a little. But, of course, it will be better if you allocate for relaxation at least several minutes.

After exercise performance (especially if you carried out it long enough) gradually slightly open palms, let`s the closed eyes get used a little to light, and only then open them.

“The letter a nose“

Is exercise is directed as to relaxing muscles of your eyes, and on relaxing your neck. Tension in this area breaks healthy nutrition of eyes (in other words, blood supply process is slowed down).

Exercise can be carried out both lying, and standing, but it is the best of all sitting. Relax. Close eyes. Present that the tip of a nose is a handle which can be written (or imagine that the line of a nose is continued by a long pointer - the handle). Now write (or draw) in air with the handle. That, not important. Write different letters, names of the cities and countries, the small letter to darling. Draw a lodge with a smoke from a pipe (such as drew in the childhood), just a circle or a small square.

“Through fingers“

Relaxation of eyes can be reached by

because you look, without concentrating on something one. This exercise is offered to you, it can be carried out sitting, lying, standing.

Bend hands in elbows so that palms were slightly lower than the level of eyes. Open fingers. Do smooth turns by the head to the right - to the left, at the same time you make light, afar, but not of them. Let the look slide, without lingering on something one. If you do everything correctly, hands will “float“ by you: has to seem to you that they move.

Do to

alternately three turns with open eyes and three with closed (at the same time even the closed eyes have to “be focused“ on anything). Do exercise of 20 - 30 times, you breathe at the same time freely, do not strain.

For those it is difficult for whom to open eyes in the morning this complex will be the real rescue. And if you during the day are able to make several times a palming (in a lunch break - longer, through each 1 - 2 hour at least on of 10 - 15 seconds) and “to write“ something a nose (to a lunch break or directly on a workplace), you will feel that over time your eyes will cease to be tired as earlier. It is possible to do several exercises and for the night. Especially, if before going to bed, you watch TV, sit at the computer or read.

the Morning complex

has to take with

of Palming on time about 5 minutes. As much time other part of a complex has to borrow.

the Main complex This complex of the yogi recommends


for maintenance of sight in a good shape. According to yogis if to do it daily in the morning and in the evening, since youth, it is possible to keep good sight to extreme old age and not to use points.

Before performance of a complex sit down in a convenient pose (well if you are able to sit down on heels on a gymnastic rug, but it is possible to sit down also on a chair). Straighten a backbone. Try to relax all muscles, except those that support a body in a sitting position.

1 exercise

Deeply and slowly inhaling

(it is desirable a stomach), look in a mezhbrovya, detain eyes in this situation for several seconds. Slowly exhaling, return eyes to a starting position and close for several seconds. Over time, gradually (not earlier, than through 2 - 3 weeks), a delay in the top situation can be increased (in half a year - about several minutes).

the 2nd exercise

Deeply inhaling

, look at a nose tip. Make a delay for several seconds and, exhaling, return eyes to a starting position. Close eyes for a while.

the 3rd exercise

On a breath slowly turn eyes to the right (“against the stop“, but without strong tension). Without lingering, on an exhalation, return eyes to a starting position. In the same way turn eyes to the left.

For a start carry out one cycle, then two (through two - three weeks), and, eventually, carry out three cycles. After performance of exercise close eyes for several seconds.

the 4th exercise

On a breath look at


in the right top corner (about 45 ° down) and, without being late, return eyes to a starting position. On the following breath look in the bottom left corner and at the exit return eyes to a starting position.

For a start carry out one cycle, then two (through two - three weeks), and, eventually, carry out three cycles. After performance of exercise close eyes for several seconds.

to Repeat exercises, having begun with the left top corner.

the 5th exercise


, to look down down and then to slowly turn them clockwise, having stopped in the most top point (on 12 - ti hours). Without being late, to begin an exhalation and to continue turn of eyes clockwise down (till 6 o`clock). For a start enough of the same social standing, it is gradually possible to bring their quantity to three circles (through two - three weeks) at the same time are necessary, without being late after the first circle, at once to begin the second. To close after performance of exercise of an eye for several seconds.

Then to do this exercise, turning eyes counterclockwise.

needs to make by

In end of a complex a palming (3 - 5 minutes) .

needs to watch of

For achievement of the best result over the health in general. According to experts, good sight in many respects depends also on healthy nutrition, on existence of enough vitamins. Remember that the most useful - the natural food subjected to the minimum thermal treatment - it keeps the greatest number of useful substances.