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Lucrecia Borgia is a political pawn? Part 1

Incests, murders and briberies … When the great, but awful family of the Pope Rodrigo Borgia who chose to himself a name of the father Alexander VI came to the power time of murderers and poisoners began. And what is told about children of this family? by Rodrigo`s

recognized the children, but children from Vanozza of a dea of Kattanei from whom it had three sons and the daughter, loved and had deep attachment until, of course, met the young loved Julia Farnezi from whom as it is unknown for certain, it had a daughter.

But, certainly, that the most known of children of the Father were and remain:

- the son Giovanni, or Juan who was the commander of papal army in due time.

- the average son Cesare who changed the priest`s cassock for regimentals of the soldier.

- the younger son became famous only for the fact that received prince Skvillache`s title, thanks to the spouse, the illegitimate princess of Naples - Sanche Aragonskoy.

- of course that person about whom this article - the beloved daughter of the Pope, Lucrecia whom loved and eulogized the people of Rome.

Lucrecia was loved by the husbands (the truth, not always and not all), had the right of “voice“, participated in policy of Rome and maintained its interests, was the clever, beautiful and rich lady of that time. It had everything, except simple female happiness and love.

the Childhood which was not …

was born Lucretius`s

on April 18, 1480 from the union then still of the ordinary cardinal Rodrigo Borgia and his mistress of Vanozza of a dea of Kattanei. This family differed always and represented by the cruelty which developed into a series of treacherous murders, briberies, debauchery, incest. Lucrecia always was and remains, according to many, the political weapon in hands not only the father, the brother, but also Rome.

First marriage and divorce to Giovanni Sforts

the Father always looked for opportunities to strengthen relations with representatives of influential houses. And what marriage can strengthen relations better, than? Sons were busy with advance on a career ladder, and his daughter Lucrecia was the possible candidate who would help it with it.

By 13 years the girl was betrothed two times. But engagements were not brought to the happy end, is exclusive at will of the father. Having become the father, Rodrigo made a final decision concerning Lucrecia. He married her to Giovanni Sforts, from the noble House of Sforts to strengthen the union with the strongest and rich family in Milan.

It is for certain unknown whether loved the husband Lucretius. But when the father decided that he needs new communications, he decided to eliminate the daughter`s spouse. Judging from the fact that Lucrecia warned the husband that he is wanted to be killed, said that she at least respected him. Giovanni ran away from Rome. Many put forward also other version. That, allegedly, the father was also not going to kill the son-in-law, and just wanted to intimidate that that ran away and it was possible to begin divorce proceedings quicker.

Giovanni`s pride was wounded, he refused divorce and began to accuse Lucrecia of a fatherly and brotherly incest. This statement lifted all, all were shocked. Nobody ever went against will and the decision of the father, and here such charges. But the father-in-law of the rebel put forward the cunning scheme: allegedly marriage was not carried out, and Lucrecia is a virgin. It was a sufficient reason for divorce.

Of course, the father could dissolve a marriage and by means of the forces, but then Borgia`s family would demand to return Lucrecia`s dowry. Giovanni, under pressure of the family, was forced to accept this offer. Otherwise, the father would turn away from Sforts`s family and would deprive of the protection. Deprived of the choice, Giovanni signed the documents proving that he is an impotent man at several witnesses, and marriage lost official force.

Scandalous “virgin“ pregnancy …

When went the scandal period with divorce, and also from - for numerous rumors and gossips on this subject of Lucretius under the oath and at witnesses swore an oath that not one man did not touch it. Witnesses subscribed, and in the document it appeared - “virgin“. But there was one secret which was known by some. Lucrecia was pregnant. Pregnancy of the girl who was not married any more and whom nobody touched. Considered that it occurred from the Holy Spirit. And some said that from the Holy Father - it is natural, the. Here so irony.

The people of Rome reproached and condemned the father`s daughter, well and him, in obscene behavior. That though somehow to calm the people, Lucrecia goes to the monastery and is throughout all pregnancy there. The child was born secretly, before a marriage with Alphonso Aragonsky, and Giovanni Borgia was called. The father issued two bulls concerning the child in one of which it was said that the child`s father - Cesare, and in another - the Pope. Lucrecia was not mentioned anywhere.

In 1502 Lucrecia`s son, Giovanni, becomes duke Kamerino - one of the territories won by Cesare for the father. After death of the father Giovanni moved to Lucrecia to Ferrara where it was accepted as the half brother of the mother.

There is a version that could be the father also the father`s kamerariya - Pedro Calderon, known as Perotto. It served messengers between the father and the daughter. Other version says that Cesare killed Perotto directly in papal rooms. Allegedly Cesare learned about what Perroto made with his sister, bared a sword and began to chase Perroto on the lock. When the former messenger reached the father, Cesare killed Perroto, at the same time blood of the last empurpled the father`s cloak.

Be continued.