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The higher education in Canada: why and as

the Higher education abroad - it are prestigious and perspective. Offers of the European and American universities and colleges are already rather well studied by potential students and their parents, and here about the Canadian education is still known a little. We decided to meet this lack.

the System of education in Canada took

the best of the British system of training as Canada long was the English colony. Still not ruling monarch of Canada is... Elizabeth II, queen of Great Britain. It is no wonder that at the best schools of Canada the prince of Great Britain Andrew and other celebrated personalities - future ministers, writers, businessmen, doctors and actors was trained.

Essential plus of the Canadian education - the price. It is slightly lower, than in other countries, at the same time Canada is famous for a high standard of living, safety, purity of environment. Diplomas of the Canadian educational institutions admit around the world, and labor market is loyal to foreigners. Canada attracts young, talented people from around the world at the expense of various opportunities for self-realization and dynamic migration policy.

What to choose?

in Canada can graduate

at university or college after the finished secondary education.

Colleges provide to

the applied education focused on training of a profession and practical training at the local enterprise.

Colleges give to

the following kinds of certificates and diplomas:

  • the certificate (the program of training - 8 months);
  • the bachelor`s degree (the program - 2 - 4 years);
  • the diploma of the master (plus one year to the passable program of the bachelor).

After two years of training in college an opportunity to be transferred at once to a third year of university is.

In colleges the Co programs - op which mean practical training are. If it is good to prove on a workplace, perhaps, cooperation will continue also after the end of study.

Training in university differs in

from training in college in terms and in training objects. Universities offer more academic education:

  • the bachelor`s degree (programs of training - from 4 - x years);
  • professional specialization: law, right, medicine and others; it is possible only after obtaining the bachelor`s degree (the program of training - from 3 - x years);
  • diploma of the master: postgraduate study, after obtaining the bachelor`s degree (the program of training - of 1 - 2 year);
  • of PHD: doctoral studies, after obtaining the diploma of the master (the program of training till five years).

At submission of documents on transfer in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION should attach the application on delivery of a grant (grant) to documents. It is so possible to reduce education cost by 15%. Only it is important to issue correctly the application, to write the essay about the achievements and to reason need of delivery of a grant. For receiving a grant it is not enough to be the excellent student: Canadians appreciate the vigorous students who are fond of sport, having achievements in any area and taking active living position.

training Cost
in college and university begins

from 12 000 Canadian dollars (CAD) a year depending on the chosen program. Let`s tell, the Business program in college costs about 13 000 CAD. The price of the “Computer Technologies and Design“ program - from 19 000 CAD a year.

For of transfer in the chosen educational institution to the entrant needs most to fill in with

of the Rule of submission of documents the questionnaire on the website of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION. All universities and colleges charge a fee for consideration of the questionnaire. The contribution makes of 100 - 200 CAD and does not come back regardless of the decision of educational institution. The consulting companies usually recommend to submit the questionnaire to several educational institutions at once subsequently to have the choice.

Educational institutions of Canada demand passing of the language test: TOEFL or IELTS. Test results need to be put to the questionnaire. Tests can be passed in the country of accommodation in the companies accredited by educational institution. Some HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS can ask the entrant to pass interview on Skype or phone. A test can be passed also in Canada, having arrived to interview.

foreign students have to Submit to

the questionnaire the next academic year at least for 8 - 10 months to the estimated beginning of training. Sometimes it is possible “to inform“ of results of tests on English. If the result of the language test falls short of the necessary result, it is possible to try to improve English on summer courses at college and to repeat the test on the termination of the program.

educational programs begin

In Canada several times a year : in September, January and in June. The schedule of visit of lectures and seminars needs to be made independently. There is only a fixed schedule of testings - and the student has to build a grid of the occupations so that to be ready to pass a test in time. The repeating an examination is allowed only for a good reason.

the Visa and all the rest

for the term of training of more than 6 months is required by

to the student`s visa . Also the student is obliged to issue the health insurance (about 600 CAD). Sometimes the insurance is already included in training cost (in primary payment), then HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS are engaged in its registration.

For obtaining the student`s visa to the entrant needs to pass medical commission in the homeland. The list of the accredited organizations and doctors is in embassy. Payment - in clinics (from 250 CAD).

Also should collect by

an impressive package of documents and to open the account in the Canadian bank that will demand time and some experience. The cost of a consular fee for obtaining the student`s visa in Embassy of Canada in Moscow makes 120 CAD. it is offered by

of Options of accommodation for students to p a little:

  • the Hostel - from 12 000 CAD a year for accommodation (on two persons in the room with shower / a toilet on the floor) and food (in the student`s dining room).
  • In a family - 900 CAD a month. Usually the college provides to the students the checked families at choice.
  • Independent accommodation by sharing the cost. The rental apartment for two will cost 500 CAD a month and 200 more CAD are required on food and household expenses. It is clear, that calculations in this case are approximate.

If to the young man or the girl at the time of arrival in Canada was not 18 years old, it is necessary to have the legal trustee - 19 years are more senior than the citizen of Canada. If relatives and friends were not in Canada, intermediary firms - for 1 000 CAD a year are ready to help.

Well, and the last stage on the way to Canada - tickets. Direct flight to Canada lasts about 10 hours (Moscow - Toronto), the price - about 1 000 CAD (there - back). Minors need to issue in airline maintenance for flight. Service of maintenance is often offered at additional expense (about 150 CAD).

And further?

When one academic year is finished with

, the visa needs to be prolonged. If the student does not gather home for vacation, then it is possible to make it on the place, having addressed to department of the ministry of immigration and naturalization of Canada. Confirmation that examinations are successfully passed has to be provided, the pupil is translated to the next year and paid a further course.

Finally - the word to the student. The Muscovite Dasha arrived to Canada when seventeen were it:“ Of course, when I only appeared in Toronto, very much worried. Most of all was afraid that there will not be enough knowledge of language, and I will badly study from - for the fact that I will not be able to understand teachers. But my fears did not come true. The neigbour in a campus quickly showed me the life ropes in college, I without special problems found friends. And, above all, after a language course in college already well talked and practically understood everything, could take tests, write reports“. Now Dasha studied two years from three and is going to get a job after the end of study - but it already another story altogether.