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Beginning of feeding by a breast: the most frequent problems

Behind pregnancy and childbirth - a heartrending experience for all systems and bodies of the woman. Now the organism is adjusted on new process - breastfeeding. The questions arising at women in labor are answered by the obstetrician - the gynecologist with 30 - summer an experience Tatyana Oboskalova.

Of course, young mother it is in most cases heavy. The child is happiness, but the reality introduces the amendments in joyful experiences. To live, submitting to requirements of a tiny being, difficult. Especially when unpleasant pain puts in lots of cares.

after the delivery the breast can bulk up and hurt

In the first days - it is connected with emergence of milk. If the breast firm also hurts, then it is connected usually with the fact that the mammary gland made a lot of milk, and there was its stagnation. Such problems with a breast can arise both right after childbirth, and within the first months of breastfeeding. The child who rassost a breast better than any milk pumps will become the best medicine in this case. The more often you put the child to a breast, the less arises painful swellings. Over time inflow of milk begin to coincide with need of the child for applying to a breast. But happens and so that the child tries to exhaust milk, but nothing is impossible to it, he becomes restless and begins to cry. In this case it is necessary to massage slightly a breast and to decant milk most - hands or by means of a milk pump. However modern specialists in breastfeeding consider that the wrong applying of the child to a breast is the reason of different problems with chest glands.

we Will remind

that the correct capture of a nipple is when the nipple touches the sky. In this case the breast has to “listen spellbound“ a nipple not of the child, and in the sky that will allow the kid to take from below considerably the most part of a breast, than from above. The mouth of the kid has to be widely open, and the uvula to lie on the lower gum and to lean out freely of a mouth. The nipple areola practically all in a mouth of the kid, at the same time a chin of the child touches his breast.

the Special case - a short bridle which can become the reason of painful capture of a nipple from - for strong its tightenings by the child`s gums. In this case it makes sense to consult with the pediatrician about optimum approach to applying of the child to a breast.

the Warming compresses, sheets of cabbage and a burdock on mammary glands does not need to be imposed. The warm compress will only increase milk inflow, and from cabbage and a burdock no effect will exist.

in case of a laktostaz (stagnation of milk in a breast so is called) needs to put a bubble with ice on of 20 - 30 minutes, to repeat procedure several times with an interval of 30 - 40 minutes. Women and especially their mothers consider that in such a way it is possible “to chill“ a breast, but it not so.

the Cold will narrow a gleam of the blood vessels feeding segments of a mammary gland that will lead to decrease in production of milk. Besides, in a stagnant mammary gland favorable conditions for development of microbes are created that can cause an inflammation of a mammary gland - mastitis. The cold is applied to restriction of inflammatory process in any body at all times. Therefore be not afraid to use ice reasonably.

If all - has to resort to any way of depletion of a mammary gland, then the preference should be given to a qualitative milk pump which is designed so that imitates capture of an areola and a nipple as it is done by the child.

If does not have

of a milk pump, and you decant a breast, it is necessary to do it by absolutely clean hands in pure ware, pressing fingers not on an areola or a nipple, and on area near an areola as exactly here milk accumulates in peculiar tanks - lacunas - and exactly from here on channels comes to a nipple. Some women so are zealous that they rub grazes on skin of mammary glands that is very undesirable as a graze on skin - a way for penetration of an infection into depth of a mammary gland.

One more quite widespread problem is cracks of nipples. The correct applying to a breast is prevention and this unpleasant problem. Also illiterate care of mammary glands, including their “disinfection“ by alcohol-containing substances can be the cause of emergence of cracks. One more reason - a lack of an organism of young mother of the vitamins necessary for maintenance of elasticity of skin, its resilience to infections, and also for fast mending of microinjuries - is about vitamins A, B, C, D and E. However, emergence of cracks is possible even in case of the correct applying to a breast and competent leaving. But at very gentle and susceptible skin of a nipple, as a rule, it happens in an initial stage of breastfeeding (later skin grows coarse, and cracks disappear).

For treatment of cracks of nipples can use the gels and ointments containing vitamin B after each feeding. The moistening means containing pure lanolin which will help to restore elasticity of skin of a nipple will approach. But the crack will not begin to live in one day, and the child needs to be fed therefore it is possible to use special overlays for nipples which completely repeat their form, are made of elastic and hygienic material, allow the child to carry out the full sosatelny movements, without doing an additional injury mother. Such devices allow to avoid unreasonable refusal of women of breastfeeding.

For hygiene of mammary glands it is more expedient to p to use special gels for the feeding mothers, and to exclude soap till a time, in any case, to watch that it did not get on gentle nipples. Air bathtubs, a light massage, that is those measures which were applied during the prenatal period to training of nipples will be suitable and now, but already for prevention of formation of cracks. Bras should be bought special for the feeding women as they are made of the hygienic materials allowing skin “to breathe“, have the wide shoulder straps and volume cups which are not squeezing blood vessels and fabric of gland. It is desirable to change a bra daily, otherwise it is possible to infect also himself, and the child.

during the next visit of the pediatrician ask it the question connected with a condition of your breast. For certain you will be given timely help, and it will be possible to cope with a disease state.

“Health of mother during the postnatal period“, from the book “Health of the Woman during Pregnancy“