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Birthday in the summer: the scenario of the holiday

One from favourite animated films of many generations - “Three from Prostokvashino“. We will also take it as a basis of children`s birthday which is the best of all for spending in nature, at the dacha. So, “Vacation to Prostokvashino“ begins.

Approximate age of children: of 4 - 7 years, program duration - of 60 - 70 minutes.

In advance together with the child draw with

on a dense cardboard (or unpack and paste) the big picture from the animated film “Three from Prostokvashino“. Lean it against a house wall, against a tree or put on a shop: children will be able to be photographed on its background for memory. Make bouquets of flowers of balls for modeling, place them on a green lawn. If in a garden there is an arbor, lay a table with a big samovar in the center and the bagels hanging on it. Trees in a garden can be decorated artificial with flowers, balloons and tapes.

Take care of prizes for participants of competitions: draw medals, diplomas in advance, buy small toys. It is better if in each competition there are several winners - so each child will be able to win. Prepare melodies and songs from the animated film “Three from Prostokvashino“. Think over suits of three adult characters - Matroskin`s cat, the Ball and the mail carrier Pechkina. it will be required by

For holding competitions to p:

the Holiday begins

. Guests are welcomed a cat by Matroskin and a dog the Ball.

- Hello, children! You arrived to the village Prostokvashino! For a start all of us need to get acquainted. Kot Matroskin and a dog the Ball very much want to be on friendly terms with you.

Children tell to

the names, greet.

- to us needs to look round Now. Let`s learn together what it, our village.

Game “Village Prostokvashino“ . To children is given on a clean sheet of paper, pencils, paints - all for drawing. To each child suggest to represent a rural lodge. Then children, by means of Matroskin`s cat and the Ball, cut out lodges and paste on a big leaf with the inscription “Village Prostokvashino“. Here also the panorama of our village turned out.

the mail carrier Pechkin Appears. It has magnificent moustaches and nose freckles, on the head - an old cap with ear-flaps.

the Mail carrier looks narrowly at children and mistrustfully asks:

- you are whose children? From where came? We do not let in the village of anyone. I want to be convinced that you can become the real villagers. For a start answer my questions:

Questions from the mail carrier Pechkina:

On what transport I part with
  1. mail on the village? (at first - the cart with a horse, then - the bicycle)
  2. What animals are in economy of a cat of Matroskin and the Ball? (Murk`s cow, Gavryush`s calf, a young daw)
  3. What vegetables and fruit grow at
  4. on our kitchen gardens? (any vegetables and fruit of a midland)
  5. What food I love
  6. most of all? (candies)
the Ball and Matroskin help children to answer with

questions. The most active kids get a badge or the medal “Znayka of the Village Prostokvashino“.

the Mail carrier Pechkin in confusion:

- you so well answered my questions, seemingly, that here real experts of rural life gathered. But it is necessary to check you in business. For a start we learn whether you will be able to work with rural mail carriers.

Game “Rural Mail Carrier“ . In a basis - a usual tag. The birthday man becomes the first mail carrier. To it on a shoulder the small handbag is solemnly hung up, in hands the newspaper curtailed into a tubule is given. The mail carrier runs and tries to catch the villager: salts it, at the same time transfers it to hands the newspaper, they join hands. Now the caught inhabitant himself becomes the mail carrier. Children already together run, salt, hand to one more inhabitant mail - and he becomes the mail carrier. The main thing governed: the mail carrier always - the last player in a chain. Thus, chain “head“ (and it as we remember, the birthday man) chooses where and for whom to run, and the last link of a chain, “tail“, tries to osalit and hand a newspaper. Several participants, after the general vote of children, are handed the diploma “Real Rural Mail Carrier“. The rest - cards with images of heroes of the animated film.

Mail carrier Pechkin, enthusiastically:

- Yes, worthy change at me grows! It is necessary, all mail was delivered to addresses and as quickly! But it is necessary to check still you whether you will cope with the following task? The real countryman surely has a cow in the economy as, for example, Matroskin with the Ball. Here to you the second test - to milk a cow.

Game “We Milk a Cow“ . For this competition draw a cheerful motley cow on a big cardboard sheet of paper. Put the image on a shop and attach a rope to a back so that it did not fly. Near drawing it is necessary to attach to lattices of a back on long elastic bands elastic gloves (on number of children). In a glove we pour water half, we tie it the long elastic band attached to a shop. The cow with a big udder - more precisely, for each little “milkmaid“ the udder turned out. Before a competition quickly we puncture rubber fingers of gloves with a needle. Now children can set up records on a yield of milk. The one who quicker and will obtain in a water bucket more wins. To winners prizes and the medals “Tamer of Burenkas“ are given.

Note: the glove should not be dense, the main quality - elasticity. Quite usual medical gloves will approach more strong. It is necessary to puncture a glove with a needle of average size. Be trained in advance.

the Mail carrier Pechkin, having reflected:

- And you coped with this task! But to milk a cow a little: it is necessary to go on the market - to sell chickens. Now all of you will be chickens.

Game “Chickens in the Market“ . Children squat and clasp with hands knees.

Two adults - the seller and the buyer (A ball and Matroskin) - go around chickens and examine them, slightly touching each chicken:

- This too big, and this too elegant, this is too old... And it I will take!

the Buyer and the seller lift “chicken“ up.

- What good chicken! This will approach.

Who will laugh or will uncouple hands, bowls off. For winners make several medals of different color.

Mail carrier Pechkin, with astonishment:

- It is necessary to

as well you cope with my tasks. And now very difficult task: to gather potato in a bucket.

Game “Help to Gather Potato“ . Children become a semicircle. Near them there is a bucket to which it is necessary to get a small ball or a small potato. Children throw in turn potatoes. The player who threw the greatest number of potato in a bucket appears “The most important assistant“ and wins a prize.

the Mail carrier Pechkin, it is serious:

- Well, and now the most difficult task: to prepare a tasty entertainment for the mail carrier.

to Children is offered to collect by

color puzzles with the drawn candies, pies, cups of tea and so forth. Several winners of this competition are handed the diploma “The chef of the village Prostokvashino“.


the Mail carrier Pechkin, having smiled:

- As I am glad! You are good fellows, passed all tests. We accept you in ranks of villagers - now it is possible to begin the real tea drinking!

Children pass

in an arbor where the holiday table is laid and congratulate the birthday man. For end of a holiday get several big crackers and suggest children to start in the sky of a bright kite.