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About the right to be itself

We live in that unique time when it is possible to change literally all: from the line of growth of hair to length of legs, from duration of a menstrual cycle to a floor. Even own child can be not born - for you it will be made by substitute mother. And it is no wonder that in the world where for money everything is available, naturalness becomes the most valuable quality.

this aspiration to naturalness is yet not so actual

For Russia as around the world. Too long we lived far from the civilization benefits so now we want to enjoy them wholly. But gradually focus is shifted. Are sure that not far off that time when our beautiful women cheer up, will cease to please men or to compete to them, and will be just themselves, in all completeness of the female essence.

Let`s discuss

, than we with ease endow to please to someone`s whims. We endow, forgetting that sources of our feminity are covered not in compliance to passing stereotypes, and is much deeper. And it is not always worth neglecting what is granted to us by the nature.

the Natural hair color

Most of girls, of course, adore experiments with appearance. But over time, having tried thousands of ways to change and decorate itself, you begin to appreciate own, unique identity. And here - to notice that time that the natural shade of hair has wonderful live modulations which color of paint is deprived. And that it is in harmony with a shade of eyebrows, eyelashes, lips, remarkably shades eyes. Let the natural hair color of the average Russian look frostily and not strikingly, but charm is put not into brightness of color or microscopicity of a skirt. It is covered in a consent with the nature, warm light of eyes, ability to be happy.

Should mention also a natural shape of eyebrows . For example, compatriots will not forgive to Natalya Vodianova their non-standard look in any way. Nevertheless, the whole world fell in love with Vodianova for her eyebrows: dense and not brushed, they do a face of model special.

Natural skin color

All civilized world avoids suntan in view of its undoubted harm, means of UF - protection is issued every year more and more. But in Russia suntan is still considered status and beautiful.

Partly it, probably, is explained by cosmetic effect - suntan masks shortcomings. But good complexion - result of the whole complex of efforts: it both healthy lifestyle, and careful care of skin, and healthy nutrition, and physical activity. What, in turn, demands a certain standard of living, ability to think and plan beforehand, arrangements of priorities. The outer effect, of course, too will be, but it will be shown gradually and will remain for a long time.

the Cult of original “care of itself“ in the former Soviet Union only arises. And it is clear that it is far simpler to imitate health by means of suntan, than to adhere to the thought-over and long-term system of care of skin.

the Womanly constitution

the Zero size is not less hazardous to health of

, than excess weight. Against exhaustion the organism includes emergency mode: monthly stop, muscle bulk thaws, the metabolism is slowed down, hair drop out and skin spoils. And all for the sake of what? To get into the treasured size? Any man of normal orientation will confirm: most attractive the tightened, well-groomed body, and his hostess who is sincerely enjoying life in all its manifestations looks.

Modern contraception

a state, Natural to the woman - regular childbirth with a break for feeding by a breast (10-15 times during life). Fortunately or not, but modern way of such mode does not assume any more. Modern contraceptives minimum interfere with work of an organism, allowing the woman most to choose time when it is ready to bring the child.


with such sight developed natural oral contraception. Its basis was formed by the hormone chemically identical to women`s hormone to estrogen, and the dynamic mode of dispensing which as much as possible repeats natural fluctuations of a hormonal background during a cycle. Influencing an organism very softly and delicately, natural oral contraceptives promote excellent health, stable weight, and also simplification of “critical days“. At last scientists stopped trying to remake the nature and began to listen to it!

the Secret not in changing itself to please to somebody. Each woman is unique, fine and harmonious. It is important to hear this harmony, to accept itself, nobility and develop the strengths. And, of course, to move to the treasured purposes in own speed.