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Hot springs of Baikal: Goudzhekit

Ooh what simplification all - to appear in a compartment after a farewell ceremony! Tension is replaced by full relaxation. Music of rhythmically tapping wheels - just the fairy tale. You look out of the window - there the world, absolutely another, than in usual life. There is something fantastically mysterious in habitual landscapes of the city which is dissolved in a haze. Noise, din, vanity remain in the megalopolis. We go to rest. Heart joyfully fades. In the head the remarkable melody of a song emerges:“ And I go behind fog, behind dreams and behind a taiga smell“.

Native earth... Surprising matter, most of Russians in a pursuit of high-quality service seek to spend holidays abroad. I, having a little sated with impressions and sights of overseas lands, decided to enjoy beauty of our Homeland and at the same time to make a feasible contribution to own health and health of the relatives. Besides, there was a wish that my son with milk of mother absorbed pride of Russia, saw its unusual nature, learned rich history. The kid managed to feel generosity of the Russian soul after five-minute excursion on a train corridor: returned with a set of different candies, fruit, pies. It is asked for what I with myself took products? Germans from the next compartment with astonishment watched how elderly couple literally pulled out at me from the child`s hands. They very much missed small kids: their daughter “useless, grandsons will not give rise to everything in any way“ - builds career.

So we got acquainted with valuable fellow travelers who not only told fairy tales, played with the son, but also told scary interesting true-life stories. It appeared, once long ago they got acquainted in Severobaykalsk: students arrived to party building of a century. They managed not only to construct the railroad, but also love. On the eve of a golden wedding decided to return and remember places of youth, to catch disappearing romanticism for a tail. Here it, charm of genuine communication! Unless abroad you will meet such hospitality, such sincerity of feelings?

New Baikal

Days in the train - and we on the place. Severobaykalsk, Republic of Buryatia. Small friendly town. Baikal met us by ice silence. Equal, smooth as if a mirror, the surface of the lake emphasized its grandeur and beauty. Absolutely another it seemed in the Irkutsk region a year ago. Probably, the ancient and unique earth of Buryats left the mark on it. Having much admired Baikal, we went further: in a taiga, to mineral sources.

Around Severobaykalsk located several curative sources. They since ancient times are famous for unique medicinal properties: with their help treat nervous system, diseases oporno - the motive device, gynecologic, skin diseases and many other things. Our way lay in Goudzhekit. Small cozy base with comfortable numbers, with water in the pool from a hot spring pleasantly surprised. Tasty homemade food, around - mountains, the pine wood, the atmosphere of tranquility and harmony. Fifty-degree water temperature very much was pleasant to the kid and us. The characteristic smell of hydrogen sulfide was first unpleasant, but then got used. The main thing - after bathings at the husband psoriasis disappeared, and the son has a dermatitis.


as souvenirs, except memorable magnets on the refrigerator, offers stuff: from the costume jewelry created by local masters from stones of the Baikal subsoil to barabanchik of shamans, the expelling evil spirits. And I would not leave the local fish market, apparently, the whole eternity! The excellent choice of omuls and other Baikal fishes - gorged on with all the heart. The trip to Buryatia became one of the brightest, memorable travel of our family. And we received from it not only pleasant memories, but also quite notable advantage for health.

of Olla