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Parshivets and River Chuchelko of

Parshivets nestled among coastal stones and typed the memoirs. Grew dark, over water fog crept. The coming darkness did not confuse our hero, being one of representatives of the cat family he saw also well at night, as well as in the afternoon. From time to time Parshivets came off the occupation, pensively closed eyes and with pleasure remembered the most joyful moments of the last three hundred years of life. He also did not know why he undertook memoirs, he had no descendants, and with rules of politeness consisted in the tense relations, and, so could not hope that somebody will want to publish its creation. But thought “I write memoirs“ filled his soul with consciousness of own importance. Parshivets from ecstasy the new occupation did not even break for all day of any window, did not put out the tongue at any passerby and never began to yell by a bad voice. Meanwhile considerably became cold and, having with regret pushed the machine in bushes, he was already going to leave home as suddenly heard strange noise, looked back and saw at the water an unclear being with two fish tails, webby, as at a frog, paws and a piggy muzzle. Parshivets from surprise opened a mouth and stared at the stranger.

- Hi! - joyfully the being gave a grunt.
- Hi, - still without having recovered Parshivets responded. - You that, river mermaid?
- Here silly! - the being laughed. - What mermaids in such mud can be?! I am River Chuchelko! - gave a grunt Chuchelko and writhed an ugly face (as you already guessed, our new familiar and Parshivets were just soulmates).
- is healthy! And I am Parshivets! - Parshivets shouted and in the fulness of the heart began to yell: - Ugu - gu! Oho - go!


with all the heart burst out laughing:
- What you are ridiculous!
- And you too!

Now they laughed together.

- to What you so rejoice? - the gravelly voice from where - that from - for bushes was distributed. - It is possible to think - friends for ever...
- And you - that? - Parshivets was indignant. - And in general, you who such?!
- Coastal I, - the same voice answered.
- Who - who? - at the same time asked again Parshivets and River Chuchelko.
- Coastal, - the voice repeated, and here from - for bushes there was something shaggy, twisted with seaweed. - Happen water, there are wood goblins, and I - Coastal.
- And from what you took as if we friends cannot be? - Parshivets took an interest. - In my opinion, we are so similar what only with each other to be on friendly terms and we will be able.
- No, you will not be able! Though are, however, similar, very much, that from one that from another only and wait for dirty tricks! - giggled Coastal. - And friends to you all the same not to be because one lives in water, and another - on the land. So, will not be able to play mean tricks together you.
- Well and let we will not be able! - sniffed Water Chuchelko. - We without dirty tricks will be on friendly terms.
- And there you look - and here somebody will come, - Parshivets added. - And in general, we do not dirty tricks, and we have a good time, you understand nothing, - it became suddenly a pity for it that it is so low appreciated and instead of being glad to its gift of the humorist, call the wretch.
- is fine, merry fellows, time will tell, - hemmed Coastal and disappeared in bushes.

Here Parshivets remembered that he already gathered home.

- Well, I went, - he sighed. - For me mother - Magda waits. Till tomorrow. You will come tomorrow?
- Well of course, - joyfully answered Chuchelko. - We now friends.


So there passed the whole month. Parshivets came every day to the coast and continued to write memoirs. Then came Chuchelko, and they had together a good time: drew coal on stones ridiculous pictures, built sand castles and just talked. Sometimes to them came Coastal and told different interesting stories. And though he continued to laugh at our friends, they very much to him became attached.

I once Parshivets, as always, went to the river. The road occupied it usually time a great lot - not all in the city got used to his strange appearance, and Parshivtsu was necessary to turn aside from curious which wanted to seize him and to drag off in a zoo. When somebody gave to it hands, Parshivets instantly got on a tree and began to pull faces, then disappeared so quickly that the passerby in perplexity rubbed eyes and went further, thinking what seemed to it.

At last, it reached the coast. River Chuchelko already waited for him.

- Where you go?! Here it is created!!! - exclaimed Chuchelko, having hardly caught sight of Parshivts.
- And what befell? - Parshivets began to worry: he noticed that a muzzle at Chuchelk all in bruises.
- I was wanted to be grabbed and dragged off in a zoo!
- Well and day! Me all road tried to catch, reach it was necessary longer, than always, and you, appears, got!
- Yes, nearly - nearly grabbed, it is good though Coastal rushed to help … They released me, and on it snatched, - Chuchelko sobbed.
- And that?! - eyes at Parshivts became round as saucers.
- Dragged off!
- Where?!
- Yes in a zoo!
- Coastal - in a zoo? But we are not animals, we - evil spirits, we nobody cannot be sent to a zoo if to lock us - the whole world will fail!
- Unless they understand?!! People understand nothing, they silly, and think as if the cleverest, all know, all understand therefore they and do not believe in us. And now without Coastal the coast will collapse.
- Here horror - that! - Parshivets was disturbed outright, he thought at once that other such convenient place where it is possible to write memoirs, it will not find.

River Chuchelko sighed, flopped in water to be cooled a little, then again got out on a stone.

- And what now to do? - sadly it sighed and gave a grunt.

Parshivets reflected. Generally he sometimes took offense on Coastal and at heart considered him as the bore, but for a minute did not doubt that the owner of the coast needs to be rescued. Parshivets remembered that if people win over evil spirits, different terrible things begin to be created. And though he was a terrible wretch, did not love revelry of nightmares and was even afraid. Unexpectedly its foolish head was visited by a brilliant idea:

- We will play a dirty trick! - joyfully Parshivets exclaimed.
- That - that? - was surprised to Chuchelko.
- the Dirty trick! - Parshivets repeated. - The zoo is situated on the bank of the river, correctly?
- Yes.
- And so... - and Parshivets told Chuchelk the brilliant plan.


that day the director of a zoo sat up with

at work before dark. It had to tinker much, describing, and then locking new uneasy and very noisy animal in a cage. He was tired so that it seemed to it as if the river bank slightly shakes, as during an earthquake. The director decided to return to the office, to drink to tea and only then to go home.

He took seat on a sofa opposite to a window and covered eyes. It was suddenly distributed such terrible howl that the director of a zoo, accustomed to any sounds, jumped up. But we howl business it was not limited. Suddenly light went out, behind a door footfall was heard, and the ghost rushed into an office - in any case, the director thought quite so. The ghost grinned and began to approach the victim slowly. It already stretched sharp-clawed paws to the poor creature, and in the light of the moon it was possible to see his premerzky ugly face when the director overcame the fear and rushed to a window. A ghost - behind it. The director remained nothing else except how to jump out on the street. The ghost with shout, squeal, whooping and a rappberry drove it directly to the river. The frightened director was ready to plunge into the water as suddenly saw that on the river one more ghost floats and loudly grunts. It stopped, as driven, without knowing what to do and where to run. Here Parshivets (and he pursued the director) pulled out from the director`s pocket keys from cages and gave to this important person of such kick that that at first flopped in water and then that was forces ran to an exit from a zoo. Parshivets rushed off to a cage where hided Coastal.

I will not tire you with the long story about how this Trinity under the screen of night reached the favourite place on stones, I will notice only that all who went this night to fishing saw in the light of the moon ashore some not clear figures, one of which cried out from time to time, another - grunted, and the third - sighed. And that the wife of the director of a zoo did not believe to his uniform word and long swore from - for the soiled suit.


the next evening when Parshivets read to River Chuchelk new chapter of the memoirs, approached them Coastal and told:

- Well, suppose, friends all of you - became. But except dirty tricks from you precisely there is nothing to wait! - and laughed loudly enough.

Parshivets and River Chuchelko with pleasure joined it - for the first time did not abuse them for dirty tricks at all.