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Turkish coast: the sea, the sun and we

“Are twice not included into the same river“, - the worldly wisdom says. And if it was pleasant? Why not to try to feel again unique feelings? Here and I decided to carry out summer holiday on the Turkish coast again. Five years ago I arrived in Kemer to note the twenty-fifth anniversary. One. After the next unsuccessful attempt to find personal happiness to have a rest from man`s attention and to devote time to itself favourite. The naive little fool - found the place for a privacy, indeed! Night discos, sticky animators distracted from reading of works of Paulo Coelho and searches of meaning of life. Besides, in hotel there took place conference of the Turkish builders, and on the embankment lonely Germans and vigorous guys from Rostov walked. Generally, in a week managed to make me two offers of a hand and heart, reduced in local restaurant, showed sights of the coast of Antalya, presented bouquets of flowers, a hookah, mass of positive emotions. In end of a trip I answered that my heart is broken and is not subject to restoration. Especially outside favourite Moscow. But Turkey remained in memory as the hospitable country: not so much from - for unindifference of local guys to the Russian girls, how many from - for smart hotels, velvet beaches, the clean sea, tasty food, a variety of buffets and the highly topical cultural program.

Rest on system “all inclusive“ allows not to worry about anything. It in the Crimea the guide honestly warned tourists: “You what thought to have a rest here arrived? Rest - too work!“ . Also thought out every time a new reason for a whip-round. For example, in Turkey of yachts - round on one person costs $60, and in Alushta - about hundred. At the same time the Turkish round includes animation, a lunch, drinks, services of the guide, bathing in the high sea, Ukrainian - nothing, except the road. You want to look at the Swallow`s nest - spread hryvnias, you want to drink tea - in turn, and do not forget to pay, you want to sit on a main deck - again pay extra. Despite picturesque places, remembering about this unostentatious service, the second time there was no wish to go to the Crimea. Especially with the kid.

Where still to find so many entertainments for the child in hotel how not in Turkey? The children`s menu, game club, animation, a playground, waterslides, the pool, pass - a zoo - everything that you want. In Bulgaria hotels are poorer, are designed for more adult children, about Greece with its periodic economic crises and it is not necessary to speak. Only fans of adventures go to Egypt after revolution. Rest on islands, for example, to Tenerife, demands too long air flight. A choice was made.

What to choose?

of Offices on sales of tours enough, but here quality of work usually suffers. Season. Turn. The manager wishing to persuade and sell quicker tour, convenient for it. As a result two days sat in front of the computer and read responses. Next time came to travel agency already with the name of concrete hotel. At such accurate approach of the client nothing else remained to them as quickly to issue everything. Tried to give a hint: “And, maybe, to Marmaris?“. I in reply: “There with the child it is better to have a rest, than in Beleke? Luxurious hotels are available?“ Became silent. Wished a kind way. The hotel did not disappoint: even was better, brighter, than on pictures. The child with pleasure came into the sea itself, rode waterslides, built sand castles on the beach. Went with the son to a children`s disco, then to entertaining show in the evening. Very benevolent attitude of locals towards children sometimes surprised. Some children managed to trample down flowers while their parents carefree drank beer in the bar, and the personnel obligingly cleaned and planted new plants - without curses, without disapproving looks.

Two weeks flew on one breath, having left in memory pleasant impressions, lots of beautiful photos and brown suntan on a body. The summer is worth it to spend it in Turkey!