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Who chose a name for the child? I Have

on this this world three the most favourite and expensive to me the little man. These are mine mother, the husband and the daughter. And, as all other little men on this earth, have at them names - and at everyone the history. Now I will tell them to you.

History 1. From change of the places composed...

my Mummy was born in far 1952. It had to become the Rosette, the tiny girl with a name of the most beautiful flower. But so the grandmother (her mother), and here my grandfather thought as it appeared, thought differently. When the mummy was born, the grandmother and the grandfather long argued, but as a result the grandfather gave up (as then it seemed to all), and mother began to be called Roza. And, probably, all life would live under this name if in a week the grandmother did not send the grandfather to make out the child in the REGISTRY OFFICE. Its hour of triumph came! Upon return of the grandfather home the grandmother opened the birth certificate in which it was written: Schweitzer NELLIE Genrikhovna. Here it was so fated to become my mother Nellichkaya.

History № 2. A name the sister

presented to the brother

When my husband, his little sister Olya as she thought was born, was already very adult - the whole 5 years! And Olya it is proud declared that the brother will be called Ruslan! Parents tried to object something that the name is thought up and Ruslan somehow not really long ago... But Olya was unapproachable, told - as cut off: “If you call it in a different way, then I do not recognize it!“ Generally, at parents the choice was small - and the boy became Ruslanchik.

History № 3: Anechka? Vanechka? Sonechka!

When we with the husband learned

about my pregnancy (and this news was very much even unexpected), naturally, at once began to think over a name for our child. After long (or not long, I do not remember any more) thoughts decided that to the boy of ours will call Wan, and a devchukha - Ania. Almost to 30 - y we a sex of the child did not know week of pregnancy, the kid from us hid. My paunch is proud was called “Anechka - Vanechka“. “A crust, we will go to Anechk - to feed Vanechka“ - it I was so called by a lunch.“ Let`s go to Anechk - to Vanechk to sleep to stack“ etc., etc. It fairly bothered me - I understood that I do not want that the daughter was called Ania. Decided to share with the husband: it turned out that to it already too ceased to please! As I was glad! But there was a question of a new name for the girl...

When I for the second time got to pathology on preservation (there was it already on 34 - y to week), the husband came to visit me in maternity hospital. In the foyer we bought a tiny knizhention under the name “Names. Name-day. Birthday men“. Began to thumb through it, I paid attention addressed to Sofia - very much it was pleasant to me. Most of all the fact that a name-day Sofya - on September 30, on October 1, and at me just had PDR on this number was pleasant. And we with the husband agreed in opinion that our daughter will become Sofiykaya. But decided that before childbirth we will tell nobody that again the name did not namozolit ears. There was it on August 24. But, probably, to the daughter our choice very much attracted: she decided to get out quicker already until we changed the mind. And already in three days, on August 27, our miracle by the name of Sofia was born.

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