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To Bali with children: cheap, for a long time

of Bali are, of course, the island of gods. Annually on it crowds of tourists direct. Including domestic, including with children. And still Bali is not that case when it is possible to rely at random. Here is what to consider in advance. For those who are ready to go all family to the southern hemisphere, advice to Ksenia Chesnokova - the skilled traveler and mother Alice and Grisha, four and two years.

spent by

Ya to Bali about two months, rented the house, cooked food, went to cafe, entertained children, enjoyed beauty of the island. The first and the main for parents with children: here go not to bathe. Unless to lie on the beach, but also shady beaches still to look. If you buy tour and go “to all ready“, you should choose the district of Noosa Duah. Here a kingdom of starry hotels, clean sand, trees with sprawling kroner and the sea, rather suitable for bathing (the truth, a quantity of seaweed and waves as if whispers “and why you lie not on the Thai sand?“ ). And it is expensive.

A in general Bali is the huge waves cut by surfs, these are volcanoes, these are bright boats on black sand, is poisonous - green rice terraces, “multystoried“ pagodas of temples, these are improbable trays and furniture of handwork, these are the scooters scattering extensively as flies. These are the bright holidays and people able and ready to find a common language with any child who came it to hand.

to What does not need to be surprised to


: to existence of decent traffic jams, density of building of the southern part of the island and the number of the Russian people (as if to Sochi, the word of honor).

Why then to go to Bali with the child? I would not go for the sake of the child there. But with ease took with itself children when I wanted to Bali. Here warmly, sand, fresh fruit and seafood. On the island a great number of tourists and expats therefore it is enough the international schools and the developing occupations. As well as parmesan, bacon, baguettes and other not characteristic of Asia, but sometimes so passionately desirable products. The wide choice of private housing for the acceptable money - here Bali will give odds to any other Asian country.

, however, not really it is convenient to

With seasonality for us: in the winter behind heat you will not escape - till March a rainy season here. And rains the truth go - not all the time, but often and it is a lot of. Besides, they provoke emergence of a mold on walls with which it is quite possible to struggle with the help of chemical means and housemaids, but who nevertheless does not do life more cheerful and, getting into boxes, spoils things (on arrival better at once to remove doors from cases that everything was aired). But in the spring to Bali it is fine - it is a high time to jam the Russian avitaminosis durian. Not bad here and in the summer.

the Best places

Having arrived for few weeks, it is possible to stop in a hotel room. But for the term of more than three weeks it makes sense to rent the house - the price will be almost the same. The house is good the impressive sizes, existence of kitchen and an opportunity to find inexpensive housekeepers.

If the main thing is a bathing in the sea, then it is possible to stop:

Search of the house

Housing can be found

on the Internet in advance that means an overpayment in $200-300 a month to the agent. Or already on the place - you take the taxi driver or the scooter and you go to look for plates of for rent, to interrogate local, to learn in little shops. For 2 - 3 day it is quite real to nobr to find the good house with two bedrooms, conditioners and hot water for $400-600 a month.

At the conclusion of the lease contract needs to specify and note for itself several points:

  • “communal flat“ (water and electricity will separately cost approximately 30 dollars a month),
  • that with the Internet (most likely, nothing, but suddenly),
  • by
  • existence of necessary furniture, bathroom equipment and ware - and that from this it is possible to ask for the owner (to me brought knives, bought a cooler for water) whether
  • in all bedrooms conditioners are, whether in all bathrooms - hot water whether
  • the spare bedding set is,
  • the size of a drawing room and the adjacent territory (children somewhere need to play),
  • in the presence of the pool - the frequency of cleaning and leaving (if to do nothing, they terribly blossom),
  • existence of cases and shelves on the house is included in total amount (things need to be spread out).

Having caught the house, right there it is possible to ask the lessor or someone from neighbors to find to you the housemaid. In the conditions of humidity and abundance of ants its existence will infinitely facilitate life. Cleaning will cost about $60 a month, continuous presence and care of children with one day off a week once a day - about $110-150 a month.


Of course, to Bali it is possible to survive also without individual transport: to lodge near the beach and to employ a taxi for distant departures. But if you are able to drive though something, own wheels many times will improve your life.

In - the first, it means that it is possible to find housing not by the sea - that is is much more comfortable, is more spacious and is cheaper, without overpayments for “the first line“.

In - the second, you will be absolutely free in movements, without paying extra for them every time - though in an aquapark to be winded though to look for new cafe for a dinner.

B - the third to rent transport to Bali it is very cheap. The scooter for a month will cost from $55, the car - from $200. With the child it is more logical to take the car: in it and it is convenient to sleep, and from a rain it is possible to hide, and more safely.

However the movement on the island dense and quite chaotic. If you already had experience of driving in Vietnam, you represent how it happens. If often you drive a car in Moscow, in general, too. In other cases to master features of driving across Bali it is quite real, but do it gradually and carefully.

If wants to be passed on the island (and to Bali is what to look at), it is possible to employ the driver with car or to rent a car for couple of days. With the driver, of course, will be quieter. But in independence there is a set of pluses. Employing the driver, you do not pass to glance in little shop of his friend or to eat with crowd of tourists where your “guide“ will receive the commission. And how to refuse if you are told that here it is not tasty, it is not interesting there, and to the right the godforsaken village begins at all. But just straying on rural small streets, it is possible to see the most amusing sketches and the most sincere smiles.

the Internet

In hotel can be Wi - Fi, in the house, most likely, there will be nothing. But you got whatever Internet, it will be very much and very slow - as in “modem“ youth. If suddenly you plan to work at Bali, you remember it.

Two most popular options: to activate on yours this - the card an unlimited &minus package; $11 a month or to buy the modem of the Indonesian operator Smartfren ($22 with this - the card) and to activate an unlimited package for $10 a month.


Laundries is on all island, only look narrowly at the signs Laundry. Some are ready to take away things from you from the house and to bring washed. The good price - half-dollar (5000 rupees) for kilogram. It is better to try a concrete laundry on clothes for which it is not a pity: alas, here can spoil and lose things.


the Kitchen in Indonesia not really various and not really tasty, after Thailand and Vietnam can be quite sad. But the stake - houses and McDonald`s for nostalgic there are enough pizzerias. From a local cuisine children usually like soto ayam - chicken noodles soup. In simple cafe you will be able always to take nasi goreng (fried rice with vegetables and sometimes meat) for one and a half - two dollars. From these 15 000 rupees it is also reckoned - further there will be also crabs for $5,5 in the Chinese cafe, and lobsters for $50 where wait for Russians. Without husband we with two children kept within $5-10 for one visit of cafe. With the husband the figure sharply grew and approached $20 (yes, men sometimes love scope and are not ready to save on themselves).

Having an opportunity to prepare houses, you for certain at some moment will use it. To Bali there are large supermarkets (Carrefour in Kuta, for example), there are smaller - the Nirmala or Pepito networks (in the last the choice of the European goods is especially big), is absolutely “pass“ markets (which are still similar to a supermarket, the type Circle K, Minimarket, Indomaret, but in them it is expensive). And there are local shops - and to find them, it is necessary to look attentively. But products there the same, and are cheaper. And the choice is more. Eggs - $1,5, milk - as much, a coffee package - $1, bacon - around three. Already quite good breakfast for couple of days. To add some fruit, fresh rolls on 30 cents, and morning will seem joyful even during a rain. Vegetables - fruit often are on sale in separate tents. The bag with a water-melon, a large papaya, bananas and pineapple will cost approximately $5.

If it is more convenient to p to buy by

food in local shops, then with clothes it is harder and harder. Children`s things still can be found - they will be lovely and very cheap. And here for adults it is worth reaching to Kuta. In general, to Bali you easily will be able to buy almost anything. There is a lot of children`s toys: both cheap awful, and expensive qualitative. And at the same time and cheap quite good. There are machines, bicycles, a swing and hills to the yard. There are any accessories for swimming, there is everything for drawing and different puzzles, but there is no water color - paint only in tubes.


Large clinics to Bali are available, including in Kuta (BIMC, International SOS) and in Dzhimbarana (Kasih Ibu). Surely issue an insurance before a trip, it will manage cheap, but in the future you will not guess whether it is worth paying for visit to the doctor or “itself will pass“.

In general, children to Bali are ill, it is necessary to recognize it. Were ill in our stay on the island and children of the people living there it is constant, and mine. Temperature rose, time was a diarrhea, at the girlfriend of the child tore. But these indispositions did not proceed longer than two days and passed. In general, houses my children are ill slightly less often, but is more long.

That creates discomfort, so is high humidity at which wounds badly begin to live and well any muck breeds. The combed sting of a mosquito can turn into something a frightening look. At some moment I was accustomed to water everything with solutions of anti-septic tanks.

of Entertainment

Having ensured worthy life, you for certain will find out that it is boring to stay at home, children are torn in people, the soul asks a holiday.

For bathing, of course, should survey all neighboring beaches and plyazhik. And it is necessary to examine them both in inflow, and in outflow - the situation can critically differ.

To Bali small aquaparks for $5 (at the Nirmala supermarket around Ungasan on Bukita, for example) are. Is more - for $10 (to New Kuta Green Park in Drimlenda, on the same Bukita). There is also a huge aquapark in Waterbom in Kuta - only come since morning, otherwise time will not be enough for everything. Happens that expensive hotels allow to use the pools at additional expense (for example, Discovery Hotel in Kuta).

If you arrived for few months, it will be interesting to move the child on the developing occupations. They, of course, will be in English, but to children it is often not so important, and at the same time and immersion on language Wednesday will take place. It is possible and to send to school the child - every day for half a day - approximately for $200 a month.

When all island is investigated by

, it is possible on - fast to fly still where - nibud. In Indonesia in general there are a lot of airlines, but is most cheaper usually there are tickets at Airasia and Lionair, and most comfortable happens by Garuda planes. If to look through actions and to consider everything in advance, it is possible to depart for $20 to Kual - Lumpur, for $15-20 - to Java, for $40 - to go already to business - a class to Lombok, for example.

What we did to Bali?

Simply lived. Had breakfast, went to dig sand on the beach, and sometimes and to bathe. Came to friends, had supper in cafe, watched declines. Went to the pool - children very quickly learn not to be afraid of water, to float, dive. Bought in the market fish, asked to prepare in cafe and houses had supper her. Several times left to travel around the island by car. Floated by the boat on the neighboring islands of Gili - there the sea more silent and it is visible small fishes.

Two-year-old Grishka fell in love with waves and well acquired the words “crab“, “mosquito“ and “ant“. Four-year-old Alice demanded every day the pool, easily floating meters 25 without any watercrafts. Children went crazy on local popcorn (on half-dollar), drank an infinite number of fresh water-melon juice, learned to play together and with the Indonesian children (lack of language did not become a hindrance). The husband who arrived for three weeks tried to drive on a surf. At the same time on the same surf also children - closer to the coast rode long enough, sitting astride.

Total: if there is a wish for paradise beaches and bathing, it is not necessary to go to Bali. But if there is a wish to live comfortably in warm regions, the island very much will approach: here big inexpensive houses, cheap housemaids and nurses. Bali is small, and in this compact territory there is everything that is necessary for high-quality and interesting rest - both infrastructure, and the nature, and exotic.