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“I am a mother!“

“We want the child!“ - it would seem, the simple phrase, but how many behind it all it is covered... Everyone approaches a question of motherhood in own way: someone accurately and step by step plans everything, someone waits for the fatal moment, someone is guided by a horoscope, and someone also does not plan at all. A good few of all families tries to provide a certain base, first of all in advance - housing and finance. On it not one year leaves at young couples. Future mothers and fathers even have medicamentous training before conception though not always, of course.

I here, the moment came, everything is ready, it is already possible. And it appears, it is not so simple, and after a year of “efforts“ you understand that you at all not thought earlier of that... The offense appears some on all: both on, and on the husband. Where? What for? For whom? Passes the second year: inspections, analyses, a healthy lifestyle - and hope. Every month tremblingly you wait...

the Delay, the test - two strips, for reliability - 3 more tests. Here it is happiness!!! The way of 2 years led to new life. Many will understand me, especially those who had abortions. What is the first ultrasonography? When words of the doctor:“ Heart - plus“ - as the song when you catch the slightest changes on a face of the doctor. Nerves are tense as a string. Some mothers do not know that it to lie on preservation, and some are almost all pregnancy in hospital, without complaining neither of 100 pricks to a bottom, nor on separation from the husband, the main thing is it, life in you. Even you should not mention the cost of preparations, all for it - or for it, for future kid.

Sometimes it seemed to

that all against you: quarantine in hospital, evil personnel, a firm bed... Day after day, approaching personal acquaintance to the child, I understood HOW this child is important and dear to me. Difficult delivery, month plainly not to sit down, but here it is happiness! I am a mother! And only when my miracle lies nearby and peacefully snuffles at a breast, begin to understand sense of this word. Even sounds somehow especially, not as at others: “I am a MOTHER!“ As though I in general was not familiar earlier with this word, and now I understand all depth of its sense. And you want to understand that it means? Dare!

Mother Tanya