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Beautiful legs: rules of a pedicure

there is a wish to be attractive from the top to finger-tips of legs in the Summer. By the way, at this particular time years to ladies` legs - special requirements. Open shoes and barefoot persons force to look after legs even more attentively, than in the winter. As it is correct to do it in the summer and what means to use, the nail technician Olga Abrosimova tells.

the Most frequent problems which we face in the summer: dry skin, excessive perspiration, callosities and natoptysh. About everyone - one after another.

Dry skin of feet

in the Summer skin of legs drier, than in the winter. It speaks simply: we, generally go to footwear barefoot therefore skin strongly is weather-beaten. From it the peeling and an itch, skin standing becomes thin and strapped.

we advise

For fight against dry skin of feet to do trays with sea salt and herbs. Perfectly the camomile and a calendula will approach. 2 - 3 days are better to take such baths each . Long do not sit up: that from procedure there was a sense, there is enough of 5 - 10 minutes. Vann will steam out the coarsened skin and will improve blood circulation.

can do to

of Times in two weeks a peeling. It is known that at removal of an inveterate layer of cages skin is cleared of pollution, process of its updating is started, elasticity considerably improves. Peelings usually represent gel or cream with firm particles. It can be sand, the crushed shell of nuts, powder from pumice, the shattered stones of fruits. But do not abuse peelings. If to do them it is frequent, skin does not manage to be restored and becomes thinner. After a tray, regardless of that, you did a peeling or not, it is necessary to use nutritious cream.


At the wrong respect for hygiene of legs and at the increased dryness of skin quite often on heels and fingers form cracks. These are painful damages of an integument which can make life intolerable as they hurt during walking.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to cope independently with cracks. The pedicure technician will make a hardware pedicure by means of the rotating tools. The expert will take away the coarsened skin and will smooth out cracks - it will allow them to begin to live quicker. Besides, on the damaged site of skin impose a special compress with medical preparations.

with cracks needs to apply to

of the House the softening ointment containing antibiotics on skin of heels. Daily leaving creams have to include bee propolis or vitamins A and F in structure. It is better to pound heels roundabouts.

It is important
Any deformation of feet or fingers promotes emergence of cracks. Usually they arise on the places which are pressure. Therefore surely address the orthopedist: if foot is really deformed, he will advise to carry special insoles which will help to solve a problem with cracks.

the Increased perspiration of feet

Gipergidroz, or the increased perspiration of legs, can become the real problem. Result not only unpleasant smells and feelings, but also Wednesday, suitable for reproduction of bacteria and fungi, is formed. The whole complex of means will help to cope with the increased sweating:

It is important
! do not save
  • on footwear. Avoid synthetic materials in which the leg “does not breathe“, so, excessively sweats.
  • be not fond of
  • of high heels. Foot should be unloaded from time to time.
  • by
  • Choose open soft footwear for the house. It is necessary to wash slippers and bedroom-slippers once a month that on them bacteria did not breed.
  • you go in the summer the tramp on a grass. It is the excellent massage for feet improving blood circulation. On pebble and sand move accurately not to damage a cover of skin and not to bring an infection in a wound.


are consolidations on skin which appear from - for systematic carrying inconvenient footwear, and also as a result of the wrong structure of foot.

“Natoptysha can easily be cleaned during procedure of a pedicure. I would like to note that the pedicure is not only esthetic procedure, but also, first of all, medical. It is necessary to visit the master time in three weeks in the summer and once a month - in the winter, - Olga Abrosimova considers.

of the House natoptysh can be rubbed pumice. But do not cut off rough skin at all - it will grow again and even more dense. In salon the master will pick up treatment individually, depending on the size of a natoptysh and its structure. Usually for removal of a natoptysh use two professional tools: mill and polishing.

In most cases we advise

to use special gel linings for footwear. They provide depreciation therefore natoptysh it is formed much more slowly, and sometimes at all does not appear.

of the Callosity

Many consider that make callous and natoptysh is the same. Actually, it not so. Callosities are small on the area, have accurate, most often roundish outlines. They share on dry and wet. Callosities usually result directly from contact of sites of footwear with the sweated, moist skin.


If at you formed a wet, water callosity, it needs to be opened and to cut off an excess thin skin that the wound “breathed“ and quicker began to live. Surely grease it with an anti-septic tank or usual brilliant green.

independently to get rid Of dry callosities extremely difficult. For their removal in clinics and salons various techniques, for example, cryodestruction or removal are used by the laser.


That who is subject to education natoptyshy and callosities, it is possible to recommend to choose cream for daily care of legs which part vegetable oils are: linen, corn or olive. They well soften skin and interfere with its orogoveniye.

Main, you remember: care of feet has to be regular as toothbrushing and washing in the morning and in the evening. Then legs will be grateful to you!