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How to teach the child is

Many parents awfully worry concerning feeding of children. Their subconsciousness always gnaws fear that they feed children somehow incorrectly therefore kids slow down in the development. These fears force parents to make mistakes when training children in skills of food. How to set the baby “on the right path“, the psychologist - the practician with 16 - summer an experience and the father of two sons Nigel Latta will teach.

It is all about advertizing and in fear. The problem is that around us there are too much people who try to put off to us something, playing on our fears. Say to us that it is necessary to drink tens of liters of water a day, is in kilograms cellulose with calcium and as plagues to avoid fat, salt and carbohydrates. But not that certain death.

When business concerns children, our fears repeatedly amplify because their growing organism requires many valuable nutrients. If they use not those products, then it will affect their physical state and on cerebration, otherwise, they will grow up weak and stupid. As a result they will reach nothing in life because they will have a low self-assessment. If you believe in that nonsense that is printed on packings, then you precisely went crazy.

people who feed the children only with natural products without genetically modified additives exist. There are people who sacredly believe that around them it is full of toxins and that it is necessary to clear an organism of slags constantly. I do not know, maybe, they also are right, but always it seemed to me that slags is what remains after melting of ore and has no relation to an organism.


Personally to me like natural products, but not because I am a hippie, and not because I believe as if genetically modified products will ruin me. Just it seems to me that natural products are more tasty. If in something natural and organic there are no genetically modified components at all, it does not mean at all that it is automatically useful. It is possible without reflecting to call a heap of things which, being absolutely organic, nevertheless are unhealthy: henbane, pale toadstool, spider “the black widow“, big white shark.

Authors of advertisements and slogans perfectly it understand

. They play on our fears and doubts. Gnawing us from within doubt - perhaps, the most unstable component of human consciousness.

But before going further, I will tell you in brief about “nazis of breastfeeding“ because the question of breastfeeding and is a root of all concerns and disorders concerning food.

“Nazis of breastfeeding“

Before at us with the wife the first child was born p, we attended courses of prenatal preparation. We very much worried, as well as any couple in such situation therefore it seemed to us reasonable to attend these classes.

Two subjects interested me in

really. The first concerned anesthesia at the time of delivery. The main idea of this lecture was that epiduralny anesthesia is a destiny of cowards and crybabies whereas the real women have to prefer natural childbirth.

the Second subject concerned feeding. Any aspects of breastfeeding were discussed in all details, but absolutely nothing was told about artificial feeding. I asked “why“, but I was answered that “is so necessary“. On a little table in a corner the brochures devoted to dairy mixes lay, it was only not allowed to speak about them. It seems there was an indication of the UN, WHO or other similar organization.

Unless it is not ridiculous? No indications and resolutions of the UN could prevent a slaughter on the Balkans, but for some reason could forbid people to speak about artificial feeding. Probably, it was all - WHO. Or, as I suspect, ONGV - “The organization of nazis of breastfeeding“.

Is not present

, do not misunderstand me. It is clear, that maternal milk - the best product for babies which cannot be replaced. The chemical composition of milk is changed over time, adapting to needs of the growing child. In milk there are a lot of other advantages which cannot be expressed any chemical formulas. And I absolutely agree that if there is a choice, then the child should be nursed without any reasonings. But why at least not to talk about dairy mixes?

Here “nazis of breastfeeding“ obviously left the mark. Recently subjects of pregnancy, childbirth and education of children became some too politized. I respect people who with firmness adhere to the views, but not to touch upon a subject of artificial feeding on classes which are attended by future parents? Something here not so.

Too many mothers consider by

themselves guilty that have no opportunity to nurse the children. I will tell here that: still any child did not die of dairy mix.

of my cousin fed with dairy mix all the time, and he grew up absolutely normal, except for the fact that chose a profession of the dentist and feeds unhealthy addiction to music of Ice Zeppelin group.

Ya was tired of people who intentionally or unconsciously generate not reasonable sense of guilt in parents. If for any reasons feeding by a breast is impossible, it is necessary to provide the options keeping health both mothers and the child. The sense of guilt resulting from the fact that the child is not nursed yet did well to nobody.

It brings us to thought that it is better to be nervous in general less concerning feeding. And who least of all worries about it how not the father?

Psychology of the father

U us, fathers, have shortcomings (we, for example, are not capable to select to children socks for color at all, we are not able to distinguish usual clothes from festive, we are not able to brush children), but we cope with something not bad. Fathers, as a rule, absolutely quietly treat some aspects of care of children - at least until their children become rather big. It is clear, that such tranquility is in many respects caused by that if something goes wrong way, then most often blame mothers. Besides, most of fathers work in the afternoon and come back home in the acceptable mood, unlike mothers who should sit all day with children and to spoil the mentality.

One of areas in which “the supertranquility of fathers“, this feeding is as well as possible shown. We are not really concerned by the questions connected with food. If to give to the father an assignment to make a breakfast, then, most likely, all process will take no more than a minute. Any razmeshivaniye and heatings, any cooking. We will just get something from a package and vysypy or we will develop. At luck children will get a plate and advice “not to crumble“ as an additive. Besides, we are not really concerned by the quantity of food absorbed by children.

in general are mad

of Mother about vitamins, minerals, a scurvy and to volume similar. Fathers, on the whole, do not pay attention to it. They make quite reasonable assumption that in the developed countries most of children do not die of hunger. Of course, nobody says that fathers have to be a role model in questions of food. They can prove to be full idiots also here - to give to the child sweet aerated water with chips instead of a lunch or to give a dessert before of a main course then to the child nothing else will want to eat any more.

do not misunderstand me - be not guided entirely by fathers because also fathers are mistaken. But as for tranquility concerning food then it is possible to borrow a lot from them useful.

Three golden rules of feeding of children

If you want to solve almost any problems connected with feeding of children follow the following golden rules.

Hungry children eat
  1. .
  2. Twenty times will turn away - once will eat.
  3. Teach children to listen to the stomach, but not to look at a plate.
Hungry children eat

the Spoilt children to whom they thrust under nose food, do not eat. It is one of fundamental vital truth. Fortunately for us, other fundamental vital truth says that hungry children eat. As soon as the organism burns all reserves of fuel, the stomach begins to send to a brain signals - at first polite preventions, but soon they turn into the persistent requirement, and then into shouts about the urgent help.

only one way to force the spoiled child Exists is - hunger. This fantastic means because to use, it is not necessary to do anything at all. Everything that is necessary - it is a little to wait. Expectation solves 98 percent of the problems connected with feeding of children.

the Proverb according to which it is possible to bring a horse to a watering place, but cannot force it to be drunk, in some sense it is right. But also what any horse will become thirsty sooner or later is right. And after will get drunk, most likely, still will want and is.

Twenty times will turn away - once will eat

If you are going to bring to the child a spoon with mashed potatoes, then prepare that before eating, he twenty times will turn away from it. Not mere allegation, is a fact in evidence. Numerous researches and supervision confirm such example of behavior of small children. To interest the child in a new type of a product, it is necessary to offer it from seventeen to twenty times.

From this it follows that it is necessary to stock up with patience and it is quiet, but to insist surely on the. If you want that children tried something new, it is necessary to be able to wait. It is also necessary to reconcile to big “production wastes“ though now when on television continually show shots starving in Africa, it seems an inexcusable sin. If you are not left by sense of guilt, transfer funds in fund of the help to children. Anyway it is necessary to get used to thought that waste will be.

after that show new food to children, without forcing it at the same time is. Strange, but the number of such displays before they swallow it, is equal to about twenty.

is Very important not to be forced as the only way to teach children to resist - by force to push food. If you want to teach the little Tarkviniya to hate carrot, just push it to him in a mouth as it is possible stronger under protest cries.

Teach children to listen to the stomach, but not to look at a plate

If to ask people with an excess weight when they stop eating, then in most cases they will answer: “When on a plate nothing remains“. If to ask the same question to slender people, then the answer, most likely, will be such:“ When I feel full“.

Obesity among children got the sizes of the real epidemic presently. Present generation of children, perhaps, the first of series of several previous generations which average term of life has every chance to be truncated. It is promoted by many reasons: sedentary life; high caloric content of products; lazy parents who do not want to study well to prepare; fast - foot which is on sale almost at every turn under the guise of food.

Why the quantity of diseases of cancer, diabetes and quantity of heart diseases constantly grows at

? Because we eat too much, but not this badly in itself. Worse the fact that instead of normal food we eat a lot of any garbage.

As a result, children is vital to be learned to be eaten. Under it I mean not just ability to hold a knife with a fork and not a ban to blow nose during a meal. I also mean healthy nutrition - the use of full-fledged food in appropriate volume.

U all of us from the birth the system of restriction of the consumed food therefore we receive just that it is necessary for us is available. But long training can spoil anything. For example, behind viewing of the TV children eat more than necessary - just because distract from the signals sent by a stomach stronger.

needs to tell

to children: “It is optional to eat up everything that remained. Just you eat until your tummy tells that it will be enough“. At the same time it is quite good to accustom them that after the lunch ended, the additive will not be till a dinner - so it is worth thinking of the tummy in advance.

From the book “Before Your Child Dements You“