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The first-aid kit to the road: a doctor`s advice of

the Best way to secure itself and the family from sores on vacation - to take with itself the personal doctor. However, it is not expensive, and is very expensive. Therefore to prepare for unpleasant surprises which summer holiday can present it is necessary. But everything is not so terrible - if it is correct to be prepared.

That holiday took place

quietly and was not spoiled by unforeseen complications, the following is necessary:

So we will fast be run by

on paragraphs of article, we will hammer the necessary telephone numbers into the mobile phone and we will put the small first-aid kit in a suitcase. Began?

Medical care on the place

Even in the remote Italian village the most beautiful cars are minibuses and jeeps with the inscription Misericordia that in a free translation “Ambulance“ means. And this ambulance by all means will arrive if near at hand there are two things - phone for a call and the place address where you are at present. The address should be learned, and here you will easily find a phone number in the guide to the country - on the very first pages. And about sights and mishlenovsky restaurants it is possible to read and then.

the Ambulance comes on any cases, but nevertheless it is better to cause it in the emergency occasions demanding the immediate placement to hospital - loss of consciousness or the confused consciousness, a severe injury or unrestrained vomiting. If the situation is slightly simpler, better to communicate to the local practicing doctor.

During a tourist season doctors slave away. The number of potential patients for whom regularly pay insurance campaigns grows up many times. Who will refuse such earnings? Here only as to find this doctor and as to contact to him is a big question.

of Coordinate of the nearest clinic or a medical office perfectly know in hotel where at desire it is possible even to find the Russian-speaking personnel capable to convey this valuable information to you. But how to speak then with the doctor?

Of course if the doctor graduated from Peoples` Friendship University of Patrice Lumumba, will communicate with it not simply, and it is very simple. But here you will hardly choose for rest with the child the country where graduates of this higher education institution generally practice. There, where you will go, either Cambridge, or Sorbonne, or at the worst, University of Bologna is for certain closer. It means that your rest will be quiet, doctors (happen that) good, but here communication with them will be at a loss from - for a language barrier.

In advance translate to

(and it is a line dictionaries will help) the main complaints to language of that country where you are going to have a rest.

However, the dictionary at us will turn out short. Approximately such:

With such dictionary can already complain distinctly to any doctor speaking any language and to receive from it necessary recommendations. And then already, with the recipe, quietly to go to a drugstore - in the majority of civilized countries without recipe it is possible to buy unless cream from the sun yes toothpaste.

However, also other options of receiving medical care which you should not neglect too are.

Stay in touch

Whatever it happened on holiday - the child scratched a leg, overstayed in the pool or on the sun - do not panic. And if you seriously became puzzled, it is possible to use what in television quiz shows is called “a call to the friend“. Only as this friend the familiar doctor with whose phone number you stocked up in advance will act. As now all got smartphones, and in hotels there is an Internet, it is possible to contact the doctor both by e-mail and on Skype. For example, to show suspicious rash on a body - and right there to get advice as to get rid of it.

However, for this purpose besides it is necessary to stock up with two things: an e-mail address of the doctor and own holiday first-aid kit - not to run then to the local doctor behind the recipe.

the Holiday first-aid kit

of Means for bandaging and processing of wounds

Bandage (it is better to take with itself both sterile, and elastic - for hard bandages at stretchings). Plasters (suddenly somebody will rub a leg?). Hydrogen peroxide in a special plastic bottle - the best means to wash out any wound in any conditions.

of Ointment

Anesthetizing (but not warming!) gel (for example, diclofenac gel) - ideal cure for bruises and stretchings. Spray with pantenoly or rescuer balm - are applied at thermal burns including solar. Hormonal ointment with an antibiotic (for example, tselestoderm with garamitsiny) is very convenient at chemical burns and local allergic reactions, say, in response to contact with plants. Antihistaminic gel (for example, fenistit gel) - at stings of insects.

of Means from belly-ache

But - a shpa - at pains in the right podreberye against an overeating. Maaloks - at stomach pains. Sorbents (a smekta, espumizan, enterosgel) - compact and convenient cure for an abdominal distension and suspicion on food poisoning. Fermental preparations (to mezy - forte or hilak - forte) - first aid at an overeating. Loperamide - diarrhea medicine for adults and for children of 6 years.

Febrifugal and sedatives

Paracetamol (pentalgin in tablets for adults, panadol or efferalgan for children). It is possible to take with itself as tablets, so syrup or candles - they work quicker. A nurofen - more powerful, than paracetamol, soothing and a febrifuge for children. Ketanov - only for adults and only from a toothache or joint pain. Antibiotics

it is better for p to accept

by a doctor`s advice - not important, local or your, entrusted to which you call home. The antibiotics containing amoksitsillin and clavulanic acid (an example - augmentin which is issued in syrup for children and in tablets for adults) - almost universal remedies for treatment of diseases of the top airways and an ear. Azitromitsin (sumamed) - in the presence of an allergy to penicillinic antibiotics.

Antiviral means

do not have

of alternatives Here - candles genferon or viferon (the last it is better not to use if you have an allergy to chocolate). These are almost universal antiviral preparations which, by the way, in the countries of Europe doctors almost do not write out. And in vain.

Antiallergic means

Suprastin - acts with

very quickly, we will combine with the majority of medicines. From - for side effects it can be applied and as sleeping medicine. Zirtek - is compatible to any drugs (and even to alcohol), does not cause somnolent effect, but acts more slowly, than suprastin. Adults can apply (in tablets) and to children (in drops).

of the Drop in a nose

Vasoconstrictive means (examples - ksimelin, nazol, tizin) - facilitate cold, but do not treat him. If suddenly seriously bungs up a nose on vacation, it is better to use other means. It is good to apply vasoconstrictive means before flight to prevention of a tubootit.


spray in a nose. Almost universal remedy for a nose against everything - an allergy (in structure there is a dexamethasone), nose congestions (fenilefrin), and infections (in structure - antibiotics polimiksin and Neomycinum). It is most convenient at purulent allocations from a nose.

Preparations of kromoglitsiyevy acid (we will tell, kromogeksat or kromoglin) - very convenient cure for an allergy and viral infections.

Eye and ear drops

the Ear drops containing lidocaine (for example, otipaks) - the best cure for the pain in ears caused by average otitis. At external otitis (an inflammation of skin of acoustical pass after bathing) work worse. It is impossible to apply at allocations from an ear - the components which are contained in them can injure an acoustical nerve.

(garazon and sofradeks) - are ideal

of the Drop with antibiotics at purulent or allergic conjunctivitis or at external otitis. At allocations from an ear (they can be a sign of injury of an eardrum) better not to apply them - simpler at first to see a doctor.

of Means from a sore throat

Resolvents (strepfen or tantum to a verda for adults, for children - too tantum to a verda, but in the form of spray).

I the last: contents of the holiday first-aid kit can and have to change - depending on your personal preferences, existence of chronic diseases and councils of your doctor.

A it is even better for p to divide this first-aid kit into two unequal parts: big to put in a suitcase and to hand over in baggage that did not carp at customs, and smaller - to put in hand luggage. Seldom, but even at the airport and aboard something can be useful.