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Child care leave for the father of

It is no secret that it is much more difficult for young mother to find good work, than to the young father. And it in spite of the fact that the law recognizes equal rights and opportunities of both parents.

the Service of researches of the HeadHunter company conducted survey more than 6000 employees of the different companies and found out that only 7% of fathers exercised the right for a child care leave. Though those men who in principle are ready to stay at home with the child, much more: 41% among those who have no children yet, and 48% (nearly a half!) among young daddies. And 52% of the women having the child were quite ready to concede this role to husbands. Only 25% would not agree for anything. The main argument contra was the fact that all - is better for the child in the first years with mother. And from the point of view of psychology it is absolutely faithful - need for mother at babies higher, than in close contact with the father.

of 24% from those who really became “the feeding father“, was recognized that they were compelled to that by circumstances. 17% were guided by material reasons: their earnings it is less, than at wives. whether

Easily employers agreed with their decision? Most of men (65%) did not experience difficulties with signing of the statement. But employers did not want to release 16% of fathers, and another 12% faced obvious misunderstanding from people around.

Article 256 of the Labour code grants a right to use a child care leave before achievement of three years by it parts or completely not only to mother, but also the father, the grandmother, the grandfather or the trustee who are actually carrying out leaving. The father has to provide for receiving such holiday to the employer only the document confirming its paternity, the birth certificate of the child and the reference of mother that the corresponding leave was not granted to the woman.

- We often meet a wish of the customer not to offer this or that vacancy to women with small children, - the head of group of selection of the personnel center “UNITY“ Elena Timoshkina recognizes. - They quite often should prove that there is a grandmother or the nurse which will sit with the child. The employer can be understood, such women cannot make business trips, they are quite often forced to leave work earlier to take away the child from a garden or school.


Of course, the woman with the small child it is simpler to refuse, than to help - to establish the acceptable schedule of work or system of an assessment of its labor contribution. But in many respects it is only stereotypes, skilled HR - managers consider. Young mothers are very responsible, loyal and motivated for work. They are full of energy, at them everything is argued, there is no fatigue yet, there are good health and desire much to get on well at life. Besides, employers have to remember that employees with small children rejuvenate all company.

- At employment of men presence of small children a problem becomes extremely rare, - Elena Timoshkina adds. - On the contrary, young fathers quite often win in the opinion of the employer and receive higher salary, than women.

generally, fathers can. If very much want.