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Summer games for children - at the dacha and at the sea

Summer are a small life. And summer with children - especially. Also it is necessary to live this life adequately - cheerfully and with an invention. In the village, at the dacha and at the sea you will be helped by the ideas collected from around the world.

1. Musical wall.

Any gremelka and shumelka. Old covers, pans, cans, spoons and any objects by means of which it is possible to make sounds will be put to use.


2. Water wall.


by means of various capacities and hoses constructs a wall on which it will be possible to start up water that it passed through all obstacles.

Playing by the book
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3. Street kitchen.

Many, probably, already forgot partially

how they in the childhood baked pies from the earth and crumbled salads from a plantain. Make small kitchen for the children, and they will think up, than to treat you for lunch.

Child Central Station
Let the children play
The Childs Paper

4. Self-made designer.

From small bars will turn out the remarkable construction designer.

Tree Blocks
Teacher Tom

5.“ Twister“ on a grass.

is Enough to be put to

with paint from a barrel multi-colored circles on a cliche - it is also possible to have fun.

Sassy Style

6. Games on accuracy.

can make by

the balls filled by lentil, haricot or peas Of bright balloons.


A then to buy div class= “picbig“ align= center> FamilyFun Craft`s, for example, pallets for flowers and to make targets with figures. The further and less plateau, the is more than points for hit.

Chica and Jo
One More Moore

7. Labyrinths.

Absolutely incidentally at us turned out such road - a labyrinth, drawn with water from a watering can. Now the daughter asks to make by it this path to pass on it on are big or to play a game of tag. For absolutely small it is possible to make a path simpler and to suggest to walk on it.


A is already spotted labyrinth from stones.

Montessori by Hand

8. Stone paths with patterns.

If on a site an opportunity to put to lay a footpath is, then know: to decorate it with the child - separate pleasure.

Cari Mateo

9. A street shower from PVC - pipes.

It is possible, to make it in power not to everyone, but if it turns out, then handymen will win a prize - happy and wet children.

Ashleyannphotography. com

Can be built I kiss a car - and a cycle sink!


10. Water bombochka.

Can just be been left or play game where players gradually depart from each other, and that team or the player who could catch a bombochka from the most long distance wins.

One Charming Party

11. Pinyata from balloons with water.


is the Mexican toy made from a papya - Masha - quite big and filled by surprises (candies, nuts). By tradition, the child blindfold has to break it a stick.

Ziggity Zoom

12. Foamy party.


For such holiday needs children`s foam “without tears“ or shaving cream.

One Charming Party
Life Made Lovely

13. Soap bubbles.

Suggest children to do to

bubbles by means of various kitchen utensils - funnels, strainers, fly swatters.

One Charming Party
solution can be made

A so: on 100 ml of means for washing of ware to take 300 ml of water and 50 ml of glycerin (it is on sale in a drugstore). Properly solution is ready to stir everything-.

Still bubbles can be drawn! It is just necessary to add paint or food dye to any soap solution, to nabulkat more foam and to lean from above against it paper.

Meet the Dubiens

Be continued.