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12 questions about army

“Study as it is possible better, and that you will go to army!“ - a traditional horror story for boys of school age. At the same time not all parents, as well as potential recruits, know under what circumstances it is necessary to repay to the Homeland “an honourable debt“.

questions are answered by Alexey Knyazev, the chief 4 - go the directions (an appeal and training of citizens for military service) with 2 - go Head department organizationally - mobilization management of the General Staff of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

If to the graduate was 18 years old before leaving school whether it will have an opportunity to enter to the university? Or right after obtaining the certificate it will be called on service?

- Since June, 2011 the law under which the right to enter to the university is granted to everyone, regardless of that works, the graduate by the time of completion of study at school of military age reached or not. However, that granted a delay till October 1, it is necessary to pass the Unified State Examination successfully. Those who did not cope with it anyway will not enter to the university so also the delay for them is not provided. At the same time an indispensable condition for receiving a delay - granting in a military commissariat of the copy of the documents confirming Unified State Examination. whether

parents Have the right to be present at medical commission at a military registration and enlistment office?

- Presence of parents on medical commission is not provided by the legislation. And it is reasonable. In - the first because not any young man in the presence of mother will tell about the diseases. And in - the second, it allows to avoid pressure upon doctors.

By the way, the children who are called up for military service is waited then by one more medical examination - already on assembly point. And here presence of parents on the draft commission is authorized. Here they will be able to talk also to the senior doctor (if necessary he will tell about a state of health of the recruit, will explain the conclusion of medical board). On the draft commission they will also be told in what type of armed forces, a type of military forces and why their son is directed to military service. During an appeal this right more than 10 000 parents used fall of 2011.

By what principle are determined by the place of future service and a type of military forces?

- the Type of armed forces and a type of military forces are defined by the draft commission on municipality - in dependence both on requirements of army, and on a state of health of the young man and level of its education. Recently we try to direct, whenever possible, recruits for passing of military service closer to the place of their residence. First of all it concerns married and that who have children, and also patients or a retirement age parents (women - are more senior than 55 years, men - are more senior than 60 years). But it is necessary to understand that, for example, in the Far East the requirement of troops much more, than is available draft resources. If to speak about Muscovites, then about a half of them it is necessary to serve in Moscow and the Moscow region, and the others go to other regions.

, the chance at the recruit to appear in “hot spot“ is How big?

- Such chance theoretically exists, but not earlier, than in 6 months of service. And today, in general, we have no “hot spots“. In any case, to the Chechen Republic of the military personnel at the call of do not send.

What circumstances grant to the young man a delay or the right not to serve at all?

- With reduction of service life with 2 - x years to 1 year reduced also quantity of delays. The full list of the bases for release from an appeal is specified in article 23 of the Federal law “About a conscription and military service“, and the list of delays - in the same place, in article 24. Students of full-time departments of higher educational institutions on condition of training in the accredited specialties have the right for a draft deferment for military service. Students of average professional educational institutions have the right for a delay, but only before achievement of 20 years by them.

Besides, the right for a delay is:

those who have an academic degree have the Right for release from an appeal. And also sons or brothers of those who died (died) during passing of a military service. The citizens who are serving sentence, having not removed or unspent conviction concerning which inquiry or case is processed are not subject to military draft it is already brought to trial.

What advantages training at military department of higher education institution gives


- Training at military department, as well as in the training military center of higher education institution, in itself does not grant the right for a delay. That is if the young man graduated from college (read: already used a delay), entered the institute and there - on military department, it will be called up all the same for military service. But if the graduate after leaving school entered to the university at once and in parallel with the main training successfully graduated from military department, to it the military rank of the reserve officer is given and it is not subject to military draft.

Today many graduates of schools and higher education institutions seek to continue by

study in foreign educational institutions. How in this case there have to be their relations with the draft commission?

- If the citizen goes to other country on permanent residence, it has to be struck off the military register, and nobody will already not begin to call up it for military service, naturally. But if its residence officially in the territory of the Russian Federation, then training in foreign higher education institution does not grant the right for a delay from military service. If under the law, then so: serve, and then study where you want.

Who and how can arrive on alternative civil service?

- the Alternative Civil Service (ACS) is chosen by those whose beliefs or religion are contradicted by execution of military service. As a rule, the draft commissions meet requirements of such recruits if they reason the refusal. It is possible to bring, for example, witnesses who will confirm the beliefs which are not allowing to rise under the gun.

A the main reason for which, as a rule, refuse to the recruit the direction on AGS - young men declare the desire too late. The matter is that under the law for passing of AGS it is necessary to file a petition in a military commissariat at the place of residence not later, than for half a year to an appeal. That is if the young man is 18 years old to a fall draft of 2012, the application should be submitted to a military registration and enlistment office till April 1, 2012. For these half a year the Federal Service for Labour and Employment will choose for him a workplace - as a rule, outside that territorial subject of the federation where the recruit lives. Therefore those who pass AGS live in hostels (they have to have a salary not less, than the minimum wage). At the same time the term of alternative civil service is more, than military: 18 months if the young man works at the enterprise or the organization of security agencies, and 21 months if he works at the civil enterprise. By the way, those who treat the indigenous ethnic group and lead a traditional life have the right to AGS. In recent years about 0,2% of total number of recruits are directed to alternative civil service.

As today the school and army interact?

- Today preparation on bases of military service at school is carried out within the course “Activity Safety“. And then a mark is given on Fundamentals of Health and Safety, but not on OVS. However, after 10 - go a class for boys will organize 5 - day collecting. But, of course, for preparation they to service in army of it are absolutely not enough. At desire preparation on voyenno - the registration specialty can receive in DOSAAF of Russia - for example, according to the program of training of the military driver. The corresponding direction to those who will pass selection gives a military commissariat.

is told about a humanization of a military service, about its openness and transparency much Recently. In what all this is expressed?

- it is a lot of Innovations. In particular, today representatives of public organizations are a part of the draft commission: for example, committees of soldiers` mothers, Cossack societies, etc. Besides, parents of recruits have the right to accompany the son from assembly point to the duty station (the truth, at own expense), that own eyes to see conditions in which it will pass military service. Anyway, after the recruit went to the duty station, parents are obliged to notify within a week where and in what military unit he serves.

the Military personnel passing a military service is completely exempted by

from any economic activity: all year they are engaged only in military preparation. It is authorized to recruits to use mobile phones - the order of their use is regulated by the commander of part (it is clear what to call mother from a sensitive site to chat, will allow nobody). whether

parents Can visit the son? Or, maybe, to the soldier holiday is put?

- Considering

that the term of a military service is reduced to 1 year, obligatory holiday is not provided, but the serviceman has the right for dismissal on the weekend. If, of course, disciplinary punishment is not imposed on it and it is not deprived of dismissal. Depending on established regarding a daily routine, there are days (usually Saturday and Sunday) when parents can visit the son.

What to do to parents if their son during service everything is will fall a victim of a hazing?

- Recently, thanks to above-mentioned innovations and reduction of term of military service, cases of the non-statutory relations among soldiers became strong much less>. If all - at you is the serious reasons for alarm, it is necessary to ask for the help in bodies for work with staff or military prosecutor`s office of garrison. All phones necessary for this purpose have to be available and it is simple to military personnel (are hung out in a visible place in part), parents to find them especially. Besides, during an appeal in each military commissariat “direct phone line“ works - all phone numbers are specified on the official site of the Ministry of Defence.