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Why the simple thinking is better difficult?

We often in life face complex problems. Such that we solve, we solve, but we cannot solve. So these complex problems. And so. I undertake to claim that it is not complex problems. Complex problems do not exist, all problems - simple. Ourselves do it of simple problems difficult because too difficult we think.

I Will give an example. At first I will show difficult thinking which does not allow you to work. And then I will show simple thinking which allows to work.

Difficult thinking: to overcome the laziness caused by the complexes hidden in subconsciousness, using various technicians of study of the suppressed emotions.

Simple thinking: to go to wash the dishes.

It is obvious that to washing of ware will be able to rouse only simple thinking here. And the difficult thinking turns out so difficult that it is even unclear what to begin the actions with.

Quite so we also do difficult of simple problems. We begin to think too difficult of simple things and tasks, and begins to seem to us that they and such difficult. But it not they are difficult. We them complicated it.

The only result of complication of a problem is that we lose an opportunity to solve it. And when we simplify a problem, it actually stops being a problem. Because the solution of any simple problem becomes obvious at once.

That is ourselves also create to ourselves problems - the fact that ourselves constantly complicate everything. Well it is valid how it is possible to create a problem from washing of ware? You it just wash also all. Well or you do not wash if decided to make something another. But practically all people regularly manage to create unsoluble problems from simpler tasks.

And all the matter is that our thinking can be any. Though simple, though difficult - any. And when we think simply, everything becomes simple and when we think difficult, everything becomes difficult. But we do not know about it and we think that everything is actually difficult, and our thinking here at all at anything.

However it all - at what. The thinking does “difficult“ of a simple problem. Therefore to make of “difficult“ problems again simple, we should learn to think simply.

How it is simple to think? Obviously, very simply. In - the first, it is necessary to think the shortest offers, on average on 2 - 5 words in everyone. In - the second, it is necessary to use minimum necessary mere verbiage. Not to use special terms needlessly. And all the time to check whether it is impossible to formulate the same thought even more simply.

And when you begin to think so simply, it will become obvious to you that everything is simple in general. Something is. Something is absent. You do something. You do not do something. Something is pleasant to you. Something is not pleasant. And so on.

Then you will understand that no complex “psychological“ problems exist. You should not be engaged in psychoanalysis or to go to the psychotherapist. Because the only thing that the psychotherapist can make is to teach you to think in a different way that your thinking became effective and led to useful effects. But if you think simply - you already think effectively and begin to act at once.

As for “difficult“ physical problems, besides, with them too everything is simple. Any real problem is solved by this or that sequence of actions. You just act also all. Also you look at results of the actions. Also you see that the problem either was solved, or is not present. And if did not decide, just you begin to act differently.

When you will begin to think simply, you will understand that everything is actually simple. And everything will be always simple. And everything was always simple. Just earlier you too difficult thought of everything.