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Astrologer Vasilisa Volodina: how to be pleasant to the man of

the Astrologer - the expert of the Let`s Get Married broadcast argues on what women are pleasant to men. If you love and count on reciprocity, it is quite good to understand feelings, interests and needs of other person.

each man has own image of the Ideal Beloved to which he aspires, often without realizing it. Ask any of them that it “the ideal woman“, and in reply will sound a standard set of qualities. Something it seems “clever, beautiful, not troublemaking and not greedy to money“. Details can differ, but all will have approximately identical main criteria. They are dictated to the man by reason, theoretical idea of themselves and the world. Remarkably, but such theoretical description has no relation to reality. The man assumes more often that he would like to see clever, beautiful, not greedy, etc. nearby.

Actually the person is not guided only by reason in love and the relations. The passion is born not in reflections “yes, it is good itself, is sexual, bright, will approach to fall in love with her“. On the contrary, at first the woman is pleasant to the man, there is a love or something deeper, and then already he collects mentally arguments of pros and cons - “is good itself though the vrednovata, demands gifts, is rude to mother, but... very much and very much it is pleasant, it is ready behind it on the world`s end“.

have enough Around examples when men put life to legs not of the most beautiful and clever women, sometimes live with frank bitches for years, but... love them, without seeking to change the existence at all. I think, any reader will have a friend or familiar with the bouquet of the same stories where each of women tyrannized it or played a role of the victim to which it constantly changed. Meet as well fans of thoughtless little fools, and eternally rejected admirers of inaccessible ladies etc.

the Similar relations to friends and relatives of this “sufferer“ or “villain“ seem unsuccessful. And for him they are valuable and correct from the point of view of true requirements. And the most important - he loves the “nonideal“ girlfriend, allowing both her, and himself illogical behavior, forgiving derogations from what is correct from the point of view of public opinion.

In studio of the Let`s Get Married program more than once in the face of audience such miracle happened - the groom abandoned the claims to brides, choosing not that woman at all that wished initially. Once the main character described the ideal so: silent, economic, the main thing that well prepared, appearance does not play a role. I, having glanced in its horoscope, stated doubt in it is to it obviously women resolute, bright externally and large build were pleasant. He argued and was dissatisfied with my words. As a result, smiling broadly, left studio with the tall blonde of curvy shapes who without any softness declared:“ I eat at restaurants, I am not able to prepare and I will not be“. Generally, the man chooses not by reason to himself darling, not “common sense“.

the Man falls in love, feels the woman of the, povinuyas to instincts, internal rushes about which knows little. These special instincts whisper to it - IT corresponds to your most undercover aspirations... By the way, it concerns not only men. A fine half of mankind falls in love also instinctively and it is no more reasonable at all.

to Years to thirty the gentleman already understands

to what women he attracts it, and the couple of “fatal vlyublennost“ behind shoulders is available. But he is all the same familiar with the true requirements only at the level of feelings and guesses. Almost does not realize them. Monitor man`s reservations! The real desires break in incidentally let fall phrases “as if I wanted that you...“ but not in the thought-over monologue “the normal woman has to be...“ .

Fortunately, these vague motives during the man`s life almost do not change - always pulls it to women of one type. Whatever girlfriends in the past our hero chose, it is obligatory to eat something, all of them uniting: appearance, manners, biography, temperament, common features. That is pulls the man always in the same party, his internal requirements are constant. It is important for us that man`s rushes have the logic. Means, it is possible to understand rules of this game and to try to play it in hope for the happy relations! Let we will not remove an exact formula of Love (from area of miracles, and I am an astrologer - not the wizard), but we can understand, than attract and keep attention of the man.

So, us is faced by a task to study the hidden system of values of the Hero and to learn to correspond to it. But, as you already understood, to ask it outright of what girl he dreams, is almost useless. As is not necessary, visiting dating sites, to treat too seriously what is written in the column “age“ at the man. There not to find the full truth. If you in general have to visit dating sites. From the point of view of astrology only of 7 - 10% have chances to strike up serious acquaintance on the Internet people. And lie concerning the age to 90% of users: both men, and women.

But how to learn about the real desires of the man even if he cannot tell about it? There are several ways. For example, at once to begin with it joint life, drawing conclusions already on the run and solving problems in the relations in process of receipt. It is a way of tests and mistakes. And it will be more mistakes. Even if it was possible in two months after acquaintance to bring the man into a registry office, in advance prepare for a condition of infinite surprise after Mendelssohn`s march. It is necessary to be surprised more often than to soar on love wings. And it will be difficult to satisfy inquiries of the husband unknown so far. Hasty marriage - the fastest way to lose faith in men and in itself, and also the man.


Ya in the articles and interview more than once that marrying quicker, than in 12 months from the date of acquaintance, the woman very much risks. For calendar year the Sun does a full cycle, passes on all zodiac signs. In astrological language the Sun - the main bearer of life and the main impulse of all put, and zodiac signs - spheres of experience. That is in 12 months from the moment of acquaintance the new beloved is capable to prove to be from all directions in the majority of usual situations. Certainly, not completely, for it there will not be enough also all life! But in a year you precisely will understand whether it is capable to be gentle and to hammer nails as treats professional duties and family lunches whether there are at it attacks of generosity or a problem with a potentiality. Calendar year - exactly that time for which it is possible to learn enough about the man to make the decision on serious continuation of the relations. It is not less (an exception only couples to which it is already good in 45 years that is when already solid life experience is saved up make). Therefore prompt marriages often are short.

Fortunately, the most part of women arrives reasonably: gives the chance and itself, and to each other, to live a civil marriage liked to look round, learn, and then to decide whether it is worth being let together in vital swimming, to give birth to joint children. But also here traps danger - It is already in love and makes plans for the future, and He grew cold and is not ready to anything. And all because the woman laid a way to the man`s heart to the touch and came not there.

At the burglar with a bunch of keys have more than chances to open the lock, than to achieve attention of the man from the woman and to construct the strong relations if to work at random! How to learn, without having pushed away the Hero and without having frightened him - to be impudent or reserved on the first appointment? To put on sexually - or it will seem vulgar? What to do if he does not call week? Whether to suggest the first to rent apartment? Whether it is possible to acquaint it with parents if you meet half a year? What of the advantages it is better to show at once and what to keep till the best times? What gift will touch it up to the depth of soul and what will disappoint? Situations one million, and each your mistake is summarized in imagination of the man, influencing the general result - on his attachment, love, desire to build with you a family.

Numerous books on man`s psychology give only the general advice and more often confuse, than help. Like “Men love something when the woman wears womanly dresses, but not jeans, does not say too much and does not allow to drag itself in a bed at once“. It has no relation to the real man! Dear readers, once again I want to emphasize, men DIFFERENT. They are not identical, everyone is unique. It is not important for the majority in what you are dressed. For some the talker - the beloved`s ideal. For someone refusal in sex at the first meeting an occasion will not appoint the second. And if you want to be pleasant to the specific man, study lines not of a masculine gender in general, but its personal.

From the book “Seduction astrology. Keys to the man`s heart. Encyclopedia of the relations“