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Six types of office diseases: what to be careful of and how to resist to

On the one hand, at the computer in the comfortable room not to compare sitting to the exhausting physical work. But, despite the seeming ease, daily office activity can do much harm to health. In order that any work was in pleasure, we publish the list of typical “office“ diseases - and councils of experts how c them to cope.

the Syndrome of a dry eye, decrease in sight

is Commented by the ophthalmologist, the doctor of medical sciences Hristo Takhchidi.

the Main problem of all staff of office is connected by

with the fact that the screen of the computer settles down too close to the person: the optical system of an eye begins to strain to be focused on object. Than the object and than it is closer more small - the tension is more powerful. A human eye by the nature is not calculated on that it was long “operated“ on short distances. If to take our ancestors, then 80% of time of their eye watched afar and only 20% - close. Now we use eyes for looking at far objects only for 10%, and for 90% - for work in very short distances.

In group of the increased risk are those who have a small far-sightedness: for their eyes work on the computer is even more pernicious. In a prize short-sighted people (from one to three dioptries) - they have no sight tension. There is such theory that the person will evolve in general towards small short-sightedness as to him with such sight will live more comfortably in the civilized world.

the First signs of exhaustion of eyes to which it is worth paying attention is a desire to blink more often, an itch a century, slight dacryagogue, reddening, feeling of an ache in an eye or in the field of its orbit.

If you feel similar symptoms, make a pause, approach a window and consider objects in the distance: count windows on distant houses, peer at some details. It is quite enough ten minutes for a discharge.

to the Syndrome of a dry eye those who have by nature low production of a tear are subject to

. There is a diagnostic test: for an eyelid put a special paper strip, and it has to get wet at a certain length. If gets wet to norm, normal production of a tear means and if there is less norm, it means that low and it is necessary to compensate it. Such people need to use during the day an artificial tear is drops which are on sale in drugstores without recipe.

of Tendinit, a syndrome of a tunnel carpal tunnel

are Commented by the head of a chair of faculty therapy of medical faculty of RNIMU of N. I. Pirogov, the doctor of medical sciences, the honored doctor of the Russian Federation Nadezhda Shostak.

Many of those who by the nature of activity work all day at office with a computer mouse suffer from

from hand pain. The same, repeatedly repeating movements, stiffness of muscles lead to similar problems.

everything Begins

with feeling of a sleep of finger-tips.

If to undertake nothing

, pain rises above and becomes more intensive, hypostasis develops. There is a microtrauma, an inflammation of sinews. If the person hopes that this state will pass itself, then the following stage - a syndrome of a tunnel carpal tunnel (one of forms of arthritis of hands). Sometimes in especially heavy and started cases the hand atrophy develops.

First of all to this disease those at whom function of a thyroid gland is broken are subject to

, and pregnant women (as puffiness of fabrics increases). If you felt some of the listed symptoms, then first of all change “mouse“ - let she will be other form and other size. It is necessary to do gymnastics for hands, to visit the pool. Also the local warming gels will help to kill pain.

Fatigue in legs, thromboses, varicosity

is Commented by the phlebology surgeon, the ultrasonographer - diagnostics of clinic “Flebologiya`s Center“ Amiran Demurov.

When the person long time is in motionless situation, say, sits in front of the computer or at meeting, it worsens venous outflow of blood. The organism is arranged in such a way that blood on veins flows in one party: in a gleam of a vein there are special valves which pass it only towards heart. If blood stands, veins stretch, extend over time, valves cease to work, and it leads to deterioration in venous outflow.

Very harmfully long time complicates to cross the legs - it strongly outflow of blood from popliteal veins and outflow on large hypodermic veins.

the Varicosity and other problems connected with stagnation of blood first of all begin

at those who have hereditary predisposition. These people should listen especially attentively to the state and to hold various preventive events. The reasons for concern - a rumble and weight in legs, puffiness (especially if hypostases are regular at the end of the working day), fast fatigue of muscles of the lower extremities, the seen or sticking out veins, vascular “asterisks“. It is an occasion to see a doctor.

Prevention of a varicosity and thromboses simple - approximately once a one or one and a half hours needs to rise from a workplace and to move: to pass on ladder flight on the floor above, to work as gastrocnemius muscles, to potopat, dance. The contrast shower is very useful in the evening - will be quite enough 5 - 6 alternations of warm and cool water. The main measure of prevention - carrying special compression jersey at long static loadings (office work, long flight, moving).

If you know that you will long be in static situation, surely use compression stockings or golfs. Sometimes such jersey is confused with dragging away, but compression it is possible to distinguish easily on marking - it is measured not in den, and in mm of a mercury column. For the preventive purposes it is necessary to take products with the mark of 18 - 23 mm a mercury column.

Office syndrome

is Commented by the head of a chair of faculty therapy of medical faculty of RNIMU of N. I. Pirogov, the doctor of medical sciences, the honored doctor of the Russian Federation Nadezhda Shostak.

Office syndrome is rather new term in medicine. So the state which results skeletno - the muscular violations connected with long sitting in one pose is called. As a rule, at office at the workplace the person sits in the wrong pose, on an improper chair and at the wrong table. The bearing is as a result deformed, muscles strain, and then there is a muscular spasm in any area of a backbone. If to undertake nothing, then this state threatens to develop into hernias and anatomic violations in the most bone skeleton.

the Disturbing signal - pain and constant tension in back muscles.


First of all, it is necessary to equip correctly a workplace, it has to be prepared for long sitting: a certain height of a table which is calculated on special coefficients, a convenient chair. It is very important to rise, change more often a pose, to make various motive movements in the course of the working day that not the same muscles worked. The second simple measure of prevention is a convenient footwear (it is the best of all orthopedic) and clothes. And inconvenient close suits it is better to store shoes on heels in a case and to put on only important negotiations and official meetings.

Hemorrhoids, proktit, colitis

is Commented by the proctologist, the doctor - the surgeon Alexey Maximov.

Most often office workers have such diseases as hemorrhoids, perianalny dermatitis, kriptit, proktit, colitis, paraproktit, an anal crack. A number of the reasons can cause these diseases. The main are a hypodynamia against a sedentary life, the blood causing stagnation in bodies of a small pelvis, violation of outflow of a blue blood, violation of a vermicular movement of intestines and weakening of muscles both a forward belly wall, and pelvic bottom.

Everything begins

with symptoms insignificant at first sight: an itch in the field of an anus, an irregular chair, discomfort in a small pelvis and a rectum. Pathological process progresses: pains at a defekation begin, blood, slime, pus in a chair and opukholevidny educations in perianalny area and in an anus appear. It is impossible to make the exact diagnosis on the basis of only complaints. Autonomous Non-Commercial Organizations - and a rektoskopiya are surely necessary survey.

Should be remembered and to strictly follow two basic rules: the first - not to be engaged in self-diagnostics and self-treatment; the second - is regular, at least once a year, to visit the proctologist, at the same time to pay special attention to prevention measures. These are regular trainings physical culture, healthy and active lifestyle, regular food with obligatory inclusion in a diet of fresh vegetables, grain crops and fermented milk products.

Catarrhal and viral diseases

is Commented by the therapist, the candidate of medical sciences Oleg Astakhnovich.

As soon as the heat begins em and at offices turn on conditioners, the percent of the patients with bronchitis, otitises, antritises increases many times. And, as a rule, go to work with such diseases to the last, see a doctor already in the started stage.

the First reason of such diseases - sharp temperature drop: on the street, say, +30, and at office +18. For the weakened organism - a big stress. The second is a cold water which is drunk in large numbers (even worse if it at the same time aerated).

I third - conditioners. Take an interest how long the conditioner indoors where you work, passed processing.

As a rule, them is never cleaned: hung up once and forgot. Inside many harmful bacteria which with a stream of air are carried then on all room accumulate. You it breathe. As prevention washing of a nose very well helps. Now in drugstores different sprays on the basis of sea water which effectively clear mucous are on sale. It is necessary to wash out in the morning and in the evening. To drink only warm - water, tea. And if patients are near, then not to join their ranks, it is better to smear a nose with oksolinovy ointment. Well and, of course, not to forget about vitamins and a hardening.