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“The victory will be for me!“

the Introduction

When I was a pregnant woman, thought what to nurse very easily that each girl will manage to nurse even if it never did it because it is put in the nature. I thought: “Here the kid will be born, and he will come crawling to my breast, on a smell, and will gently be put. The first days he will eat colostrum, and the milk will appear then. And everything at us will be wonderful. I will feed with pleasure, reading now and then art books, and at this time the kid will smack the lips with pleasure and to sleep tight, without crawling away from a tita“. But as showed reality, it were only pregnant dreams. The first month after the delivery I each millisecond went on to myself with tears in the eyes:“ Go forward! Fight! Hang in there! And once you will take pleasure from feeding by a breast“.

the First applying to a breast on a patrimonial table

the Warm lump lies on a stomach. Interestingly, and why he looks at me more than 30 minutes, but does not creep on a colostrum smell? Looks, studies. About! There is a doctor - the obstetrician. Cool! Now it will gently push the kid, and he will stick to a breast.

the Doctor takes

the kid, actively pushes in tityu - in one, in another, and then severely says: “Mummy! You have unusable breasts for feeding! How you in general with such breasts began to give birth? What thought of?“ I look at the kid the surprised eyes, and the kid in reply looks at me and - is filled in with crying. At this time the doctor sharply squeezes my breast and violently pushes into a mouth of the kid. And later says:“ Well, the first droplets of colostrum it seems got to it into a mouth. Oh, I do not even represent how you with such breasts will live further“. I lie on a patrimonial table, I constrain tears from offensive words and mentally I talk to the kid: “Everything at us will turn out! Breasts at mother good, the most beautiful and the most dairy! Of course, on one breast there is a nipple, and on the second this nipple hides. But it not the main thing. I know. I read in books. Theoretically I am prepared. Give, the kid when you want to eat, you will creep up to mother, will open a mouth and will begin to eat, gently stroking a uvula a mother`s breast“.

From colostrum to the first droplets of milk

In postnatal chamber to me were instructed strict: “Each 2 hours to bother the kid and to put to a breast that he ate colostrum and activated urgent arrival of milk“. The pediatrician came into one of such applyings and gasped: “Mummy, that you do! Confused!“ And as pinched me for breasts that I even did not manage to shudder from wild pain.


I: “Now I will bring syringes, you will begin to feed with mix, and that you will have a hungry kid always. And you will never calm him! Watch how it at you is filled in! On all floor! And it in the middle of night!!! Think again, mummy! Mix and only mix!“ And an hour later brought the huge syringes (3 pieces) with some white contents inside, put and ordered: “Violently pour in a mouth of the kid on the half-syringe for time (50 ml)“. I clutched at the head, lost a speech power and flopped on a bed. But continued to go to a dairy victory! Each five minutes I put the kid to a breast and squeezed out colostrum droplets on its tiny sponges. I watched everything and thought: “How its mouth, such small, will also take my big breast? How to explain to the kid that he should very much - open a mouth very widely? How to stir up it from a dream that he wanted to eat?“ It already at home I saw that the kid really himself opens a mouth when wants to eat. He wakes up when he gets hungry, and at the same time begins to give smacking kiss a uvula and to tease mother`s breasts.

From panic that the kid himself not a beret a breast, I began to submit to words of doctors from maternity hospital. In the first two days after the delivery different doctors, from pediatricians to obstetricians, continued to feel my breasts, to gasp and be indignant, trying to push violently a breast in a mouth to the kid and recognizing me not suitable for feeding. After each such manipulation my kid was let in a roar, and I - in the loony. For the third night the miracle came true: there were first droplets of milk. “Hurrah!“ - I exulted. And even for the first time smiled: “The kid coped! Activated breast milk! The victory will be for me!“ But my pleasure was short. Fireworks in breasts began.

Arrival of breast milk

In a flash my breasts bulked up and became heavy as the biggest balls for game in bowling. These two balls tried here - to burst here. I did not know what to do. I just became puzzled as nobody trained me for such turn of events. Any gentle touch to a breast was followed by painful volleys in it - I stared at a forehead from pain. The kid, having guessed aroma of breast milk, woke up and began to demand food. I offered a breast, and he began to order even more loudly: “ÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀ!“ I began the internal loony: “And in what here a feeding high a breast? What put - and - and - and - to at?“

Became hysterical the whole hour. Stuck to nurses, and they to me in reply:“ Put the kid to a breast, train, everything will turn out! Try slips if so it is impossible“. I trained to tears two hours in a row until the kid calmed down. He fell asleep hungry, without having tried the first sweet droplets of breast milk. I suddenly realized that me tears have no time to shed, and it is necessary to use silence and to adjust breastfeeding. Was online two hours and studied meticulously the websites about breastfeeding. When learned that milk to the woman also comes to the third - the fourth days quite so (suddenly and at once much), calmed down. Uf, everything means goes according to the nature. Then ran to a shower, was refreshed and with a smile returned to chamber. Put a slip, embraced strong the kid, once again smiled and gently suggested to eat to him a milk. The kid, without opening eyes, with pleasure zachmokat. Hurrah! I was rescued! Fireworks of breasts were extinguished. And when in two hours the kid unloaded to me the second breast, I completely relaxed and told aloud: “Feeding by a breast - it is cool cool!“

For itself forever remembered: “In breastfeeding as well as in all that it is connected with the kid, the main thing - to relax, calm down, smile and to derive pleasure!“

Pleasure from feeding by a breast with slips and without slips

Having arrived home after maternity hospital, I began to become hysterical and to kill itself into a far dark corner with words: “I am worthless mother, time I am not able to feed the kid without slips!“ I roared at the nights, and in the mornings read different books, the Internet, watched commercials on yu - a tuba. Tried, put a breast, again roared and fed with slips. Invited on a visit the consultant for breastfeeding. After its leaving at heart became light-, but two hours later again tears in the eyes appeared. So two weeks lasted. And then, passing by a mirror, I looked at myself, wiped tears, smiled and told: “Well and that that with slips! I nurse! I feed with a milk! People wearing spectacles go, and nobody sticks with it to the right and on the left that is watched not eyes, and glasses. Slips are only the device facilitating life to the kid! And time he eats and grows, I - what I bother?! Someone also has no it!“ And further I continued to feed the kid by means of slips, only already without tears, and, on the contrary, with smiles and pleasure.

On the sixth week the kid himself began to ask a breast. And what it appeared pleasure when its eyes look at me with astonishment, as if questioning: “Mother, I do everything correctly?“ And at me tears of joy flow at this time, I stroke the soft, fluffy top: “Good fellow, little son! Good girl! You do everything correctly! You make me happy! Thanks to you that you try!!!“ I pay and I encourage myself: “Here you see, the breast is taken by all, the main thing not to press on the kid, to believe in his abilities!“

to the Kid one and a half years, and I still feed. Also it looks so: at first he keeps within a bed, then as the cat on a valerian, does happy - happy eyes and gently speaks:“ Mother, I bu tityu. Bu Am - am“. Then clasps a breast with lips, closes eyes and smiles. And I watch the kid and I enjoy: thanks to own belief and desire, I managed to become happy mother.

of Jan Terentyev