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Climax... at men of

what age hormonal recession - a problem not only female, physicians assumed long ago. One confused: men, unlike the weaker sex, have no menstrual cycle, and so, there is also no same accurate symptom as the termination of periods on which it is possible to judge approach of “time of the H“.

I still: if at women the climax generally comes at one age (52 - 55 years), that testosterone level in an organism of men decreases differently: it can begin also in 45 years (at owners of the weak sexual constitution), and in 60 - 70 (at those whom call “sex - giants“). But why men most often do not notice the beginning of age changes?

do not miss the moment!

the Stronger sex unlike ladies - the first signals of a climax - does not pay attention to such “trifles“ as inflow. Therefore initial symptoms of androgenic insufficiency (decrease in working capacity and memory, the suppressed mood, flabbiness of muscles) usually pass unnoticed.

“The first these signs are usually fixed by doctors when the patient to them admits: though “with it“ everything is all right, girls stopped being for it a desire subject long ago“, - Sergey Barbashov, the director of the Republican center of a reproduction of the person tells. Most often men rather quietly treat fading of a potentiality. Meanwhile, you should not give up ahead of time. Unlike women at whom the climax is characterized by fast falling of level of sex hormones and inability to natural conception the main men`s hormone - testosterone - sometimes remains at the decent level to a grave. Therefore men with the strong sexual constitution to extreme old age can remain sexually active and capable to a child-bearing.

also the fact that hormonal recession at mature men is reversible Is important

: deficiency of free testosterone can be restored. But how?

of Nothing, except dependence

Those few patients who are puzzled with manifestations of shortage of testosterone prefer to recover as it seems to them, “on - fast“ and agree to the proposal of physicians to conduct a course of injections of testosterone. Meanwhile, competent experts call such option “soft castration“ - once having resorted to replacement therapy, the man will be forced to apply it until the end of life.

“Testosterone entered from the outside quickly enough suppresses own production of this hormone, and gonads will atrophy, - Mikhail Koryakin, MD, professor, the chief physician of the Republican center of a reproduction of the person says. - Besides, having got access to such easy dope giving inflow of forces and energy many begin to raise doses of the entered testosterone and earn the true pharmacological dependence“.

Besides, prolonged use of hormonal preparations increases risk warmly - vascular diseases, diabetes, liver diseases. Some men have an aggression and irritability or, on the contrary, the depression develops. Besides, the raised indicator of testosterone increases risk of the accelerated development of a giperplaziya of a prostate, and in the presence of a prostate cancer (what the patient sometimes does not even guess) accelerates a sad outcome at all.

“After 45 years atypical cages find

in a prostate already at 15% of men, and every next year this percent increases, - Mikhail Koryakin continues. - And the PSA level (a pro-static specific anti-gene) - special substance which is produced by cells of a prostate gland not always reflects presence of such cages“.

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testosterone can be lifted Meanwhile also by own forces. For this purpose first of all it is necessary to be engaged in treatment of diseases of a liver at which production of the transport protein which is sharply reducing biological activity of testosterone raises. For this reason the climax most quicker comes at the alcoholics who even stuck of patients with hepatitis and excess weight which provokes fatty regeneration of a liver.

In - the second, the main men`s hormone sharply goes up when the man goes to the gym (physical activity increases testosterone level for 20%), walks on air in a sunny weather (it helps to raise it by 10%) and gets rid of excess weight (for 30%).

“And does not need to be lazy yet... in a bed, - Alexander Ostrovsky, the urologist, the associate professor of RGMU claims. - Most effectively hormonal recession is removed by regular sexual activity“.