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Varicosity: prevention and treatment of

the Ugly, inflated, blue veins standing become the reason of complexes of a large number of women and men. The varicose illness is not only unpleasant cosmetic defect, but also a disease which involves serious consequences. The executive secretary of association of phlebologists of Russia, professor Vadim Bogachyov tells.

the Varicose illness phlebologists call

a civilization disease. The venous system of the modern person differs in nothing from venous system of primitive. However the way of life and character of loadings changed: people began to stay long time in static situation - standing or sitting. The venous system does not maintain these loadings. Veins begin to change, their walls lose the elasticity. Gradually vessels stretch, on their separate sites knotty expansions - varicosity are formed.

It is interesting to
the established opinion that men have no varicosity Exists. It`s not true. Women pay more attention to appearance of legs and much more often than men see about it a doctor. Men go to the doctor when varicosity hurts.

certain factors which provoke a varicosity Exist:

  • Inactive way of life.
  • Obesity. Excess weight creates a high pressure in an abdominal cavity and strengthens load of legs.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth. Approximately 50% of women during the first pregnancy have expanded veins. It is connected with the fact that for providing the kid with necessary amount of nutrients and oxygen, the volume of the circulating blood increases by of 20 - 30%. the Growing uterus squeezes vessels of a small pelvis that complicates normal venous outflow.
  • Inconvenient footwear and heel. When the girl puts on footwear on a high unstable heel, load of feet and gastrocnemius muscles increases several times. It slows down blood circulation and interferes with blood outflow. The tone of veins goes down that finally can lead to a varicosity.

First symptoms of varicosity

Executive secretary of association of phlebologists of Russia, professor Vadim Bogachyov:“ If to speak about the main displays of varicosity, it should be noted the feeling of completeness of calves, a burning sensation, fatigue, weight in legs amplifying by the end of day. On hips and calves can brightly appear - red or blue vascular “asterisks“. When begins to the oseena - a winter season, one more appears a symptom, characteristic of diseases of veins. He is familiar to many women. You come to work in boots, change clothes, put on replaceable shoes, and by the end of day when you change clothes in boots again, notice that they or press, or are not clasped at all. It is a sign that in legs the blue blood stands and there is a felt hypostasis“.

It is important
! With approach of summer the situation with a varicose illness of legs is aggravated. Veins are influenced not only by direct sunshine, but also just high temperature of air. It slows down blood circulation and breaks venous outflow of blood. Hide in a shadow and avoid an overheat!

Diagnosis of a varicosity

If at you are at least one of the listed symptoms is a powerful argument to visit the phlebologist. The doctor will examine legs and will conduct in case of need a number of researches.

Treatment of varicosity

“A disease of veins to cure

rather difficult, - Vadim Bogachyov explains. - More simply or to prevent this illness at early stages, or to control it further and not to allow to progress. If the disease arose, then can achieve absolute recovery at best only of 15 - 20% patients. But you should not lower hands“.

At varicosity sore veins stretch, and blood in them stands. If the disease got a serious current, then the injured veins need to be deleted to facilitate blood circulation and to prevent emergence of new varicose veins. In an arsenal of doctors today set of methods of fight against varicosity. On the operating table of people lays down only in the most started cases. If an illness so far only at the initial stage, the phlebologist applies low-invasive, that is almost bloodless techniques to removal of the damaged vessel.

  • Sclerotherapy. It is the main non-invasive method of treatment of a varicose illness. In a vein by means of a needle the special drug which as though sticks together walls of the damaged vessel and in a week the vein itself resolves is injected - that is is removed without operation.
  • Laser. It is one more method of non-invasive treatment. Through a tiny section in a gleam of a vein the light guide which is connected to the laser device is located. Laser radiation burns an internal venous wall, walls of a vessel stick to each other and it resolves.
It is important
! If you have signs of venous insufficiency, during air flights or long moving by car follow several rules.
  • Change a pose everyone half an hour.
  • Take an aspirin pill before flight. It helps to prevent formation of blood clots.
  • during flight drink more liquid, avoid some alcoholic beverages.
  • Travel in compression jersey.

carrying compression jersey will help to Stop development of an illness. Besides, thus it is possible to avoid complications of varicosity - thromboses and thrombophlebitis. At the expense of a compression the gleam of sore veins is narrowed, raises blood-groove speed, developments of stagnation decrease. It interferes with a condensation of blood and emergence of blood clots.

I one more recommendation: people who have a varicosity or tendency to it should not abuse suntan, the heat affects veins is destructive. Besides, at venous insufficiency you should not visit a bath, a sauna and to spend much time in a heat bath.