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Parshivets and yellow dog of

Parshivets got out in the Warm solar morning of their window with Magda of the new apartment and climbed up a tree to shout a bit much:

- At - at - at! About - about - about! Hee - hi - hi! Ugu - gu - gu!

Having seen

that the old yellow dog came from the neighboring yard, he scrambled even above and began to yell even more loudly:

- At - at - at - horror! Oh - it - it! Ouch - yay - yay!

Meanwhile the yellow dog approached

a tree and sat down nearby. It raised at first one ear, then another. Then also in turn lowered them and sighed - to it obviously bothered to listen to Parshivts`s cries.

- You what shout? - she asked. From surprise Parshivets nearly fell down from a tree.
- You told something? - he was surprised.
- In - the first, it is necessary to address seniors on “you“, - there began a yellow dog.
is still a question which of us is more senior!
- In - the second, do not interrupt seniors, - it unperturbably continued. - And, in - the third, I ask why you shout?
- I do not shout, - Parshivets for some reason took offense. - I scream with fear.
- Whom you are afraid?
- You.
- Me? - the yellow dog was surprised.
- Yes, you. I am afraid of all dogs. - Allow to ask
- And - and... but because you angry and kusyuchy, - there was Parshivets.
- Go down, - the yellow dog demanded.
- Not - and.
- Go down, go down, I will not bite.
- And definitely you will not bite?
- Precisely, precisely. Go down.

Parshivets went down and shy approached a yellow dog. She sniffed at it, sniffed and asked:

- And you who such?
- I am Parshivets, - it is proud Parshivets answered.
- Parshivets... Well - and... - the yellow dog reflected. She thought so long that Parshivets began to worry:
- You what are silent? Lost the tongue?
- In - the first, I, apparently, already spoke to you, do not interrupt seniors and be not rude!.
is still a question...
- And, in - the second, do not interrupt!
- And that - in - the third? - Parshivets took an interest.
- And, in - the third, I think whether Parshivets is necessary to me?
- you Will think! - Parshivets took offense. - You to me it is not painful too - that it is necessary!
- it is better for Those, - the yellow dog answered and disappeared in the neighboring yard.
- Hey, a billeting! - disappointedly Parshivets shouted and rushed after. But the yellow dog already was not anywhere: neither in the neighboring yard, nor on the street.

of the Whole three days Parshivets stayed at home in the yard waiting for a yellow dog - even about dirty tricks for this time forgot, but that did not appear. For the fourth day strange incident began to seem to Parshivtsu only a dream, and it with new forces undertook the affairs to make up for lost time. And here, a week later the neigbour threw out Parshivts from a window of kitchen where that suited the real mess: beat ware, dirtied a floor and turned upside down pans with soup, milk and vegetables. With shout:

- Guard! Kill! - it fell down directly a back of the Yellow Dog. - Stick to
more strong, - she quietly told and ran away. The dog ran so quickly that in a minute they were already in the country.
- Where you drag me? I want to eat! I to mother want!
- Oh my God! - the Yellow Dog sighed. - Spoke to them - old I already to potter with babies! No - sent me. Oh - oh - oh - about … Well, and what you eat?
- Porridge! Semolina! With jam! With strawberry!

the Yellow Dog put Parshivts under a bush, and itself escaped. In several seconds she returned, holding a plate in teeth, put it before Parshivts, then ran still somewhere, brought a paper package. Bit off from it one corner, grasped with teeth another and dexterously poured out package contents in a plate. Parshivets with surprise understood that before it cream of wheat with strawberry jam.

- you eat

. And I will tell so far why you were necessary for me.

Parshivets with greed snatched on food, and the Yellow Dog told:

- We go with you to the Kingdom of Dog Dreams. Every year so the new Great Dog Dream is born, it was as it is moved what to distinguish it among others, smaller, grezok only the cat can. But this year very strange Great Dog Dream has to be born, and her ordinary cat will not manage to learn. Therefore we also need you - nedokot - nedopes - nedovedmak.

Meanwhile Parshivets ate up porridge and began to lick a plate with delight. He heard what was told by the Yellow Dog, but the sense of her words, appear, avoided its small head.

- Well, ate? Now sit down on me and keep more strong, - the Yellow Dog ordered. Parshivets obediently sat down and they rushed...


When the Yellow Dog and her satellite approached the Kingdom of Dog Dreams, till midnight there were only fifteen minutes. Parshivets with surprise noticed that huge guards - Dobermann terriers at gate respectfully bowed to them and allowed to enter. But even more it was struck what appeared behind gate: huge doghouses soared over the earth, around them sugar stones, rubber balls and other toys flew. Dog Dreams were big and translucent. They were quietly turned around boxes, and a bone, a stick, balls passed through them.

- Here also reached, - the Yellow Dog told, at last, and Parshivets found out that they stand near the huge fountain in the form of a flat dish in which pink sausage lies. Around the fountain there were twelve cradles covered with the identical green covers embroidered by magnificent stones.
- Here twelve dreams of this year, - someone told behind the back of Parshivts. Having looked back, he saw a huge white dog growth, probably, about the five-floor house. - You have to recognize which of them - the Great Dog Dream.
- And - and you... and you, you - who? - Parshivets asked.
- I am the Tsar of Dog Dreams, - it is proud the white dog answered. - Well, begin. Till midnight only three minutes. If you during this time do not learn the Great Dog Dream, all of us will die. The kingdom of Dog Dreams cannot exist without new Great Dog Dream.

Parshivets uncertainly approached

one cradle, then - another, the third … They were absolutely identical. What to do?

“And why I only got to this neigbour today? Would stay at home to himself, would sleep“, - he thought.

- Hurry, there was one minute, - Tsar of Dog Dreams reminded.

Parshivets still stood in indecision when suddenly noticed that one of cradles began to be shaken hardly considerably and was heard silent dog bark.

- Here it! Here! - joyfully Parshivets exclaimed, pointing to the shaken cradle. And at this moment hours punched midnight.
- Hurrah! Hurrah! - was heard from all directions. In the sky thousands of fireworks flew up, and from a cradle seemed... The most ordinary, real doggie! Yes! The Live, not magic dog became a great Dog Dream this year. Any dream wants to be realized.

- Ask what you want! - Parshivtsu Tsar of Dog Dreams told. - We can present you the best sugar stones, make you the strongest and beautiful. Or it is even better - you will become the Supreme Seeker of Dreams. However, for this purpose you should remain with us, - slightly Tsar confusedly added.

Parshivets yawned and told:

- I home want. To mother. And still. Let the neigbour do not become angry any more, and she promised a tail to me to tear off that.
- Be your way. Only remember when you get to play mean tricks again, my sorcery will lose force, and the neigbour will throw out you from a window again.

“If catches, of course“, - Parshivets thought, filling up on a soft back of the Yellow Dog. He slept so tight that did not notice how he came to be at home. And in the morning long remembered the Kingdom of Dog Dreams as a wonderful dream.