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Summer at the dacha: interestingly, cheerfully it is also useful!

at the dacha with children give Summer months us the surprising chance to receive a charge of health and energy for the whole year. Only here the child can run barefoot all day long, breathe forest air, enjoy sweet berries.

That children did not miss, parents should think over the playground device at the dacha in advance. to you it is required by

For arrangement of a children`s game corner to p at least of of 10 - 15 m ² site. Choose the solar and warm place on which morning dew quickly dries. It is better if the shadow covers children from day heat. If nearby there are no big trees, locate the platform near the house or a fence.

It is good if your platform is looked through from the house, especially it is important for safety of the least summer residents.

the Green hedge or a bright small fence will help to designate tactfully borders of children`s possession, to detain the departed ball and will not allow children`s toys to occupy all site.

Having decided by

on the place for a playground, surely prepare a surface - it has to be equal. As a covering it is possible to choose a sports lawn, steady against trampling.

the Equipment of the platform depends on quantity and age of children in a family, the size of a site and financial opportunities of parents. For kids on the platform it is possible to place a sandbox, a little table for games, a bench, a trampoline, the small pool.

, of course, do not forget

I about a sports complex.

in the Summer parents have to create to

favorable conditions that children moved more and mastered new skills. The sport center as well as possible approaches to teach children to climb short flights of stairs, to somersault on rings, to use rukokhody and a trapeze, to count the forces, to commensurate opportunities.


to Tiny summer residents will suit the small, safe and functional complexes created taking into account age features. Height of a short flight of stairs allows to clamber safely even to the one-year-old kid, and in two years the child grows to a rukokhod.

can attach a suspended swing To such sport center - one of favourite entertainments of kids. A swing is an excellent exercise machine for a vestibular mechanism, muscles of hands and an abdominal tension. Teach the kid independently and to accurately use a swing.

Establish to

on a complex a hill: children of all age like to ride from a hill. For the kid to scramble on steps and to roll down fearlessly down - the whole adventure demanding considerable courage. The inclination of a hill can be regulated, and it will grow together with the thrill-seeker. Provide to the child a soft landing, having enclosed a mat at the bottom of a hill.

All know

how children in small lodges adore playing. This desire to fence off small space is very important in development of role-playing games and interaction with world around. And here you will be come to the rescue by sport center again. It is possible to put on a special game cover it - and “lodge“ is ready! Choose - tent, the lock or a lodge of the princess. And, maybe, it is the truck, the ship or the rocket?

Give the child joy of possession of own territory. Not all have an opportunity to provide to the kid in the city apartment the certain room. So let in the summer children will have the interesting, cheerful and useful game corner!