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Life in pleasure of

As it often happens to us, women - we aspire with all the heart fortunately, to tranquility and comfort; and we find ourselves as a result birdies in a cage. And even if cage gold! To sing and sparkle all plumelets, birds need will.

I do not undertake to judge a situation when your man “the tyrant and the petty tyrant“ (that, alas, not a rarity among owners of gold closets). But pretty often there are also return stories when the partner in life - just the nice fellow. He sincerely wants that you were happy, and is ready for anything. And you also do not know that to you not and why the soul does not sing.

Sad facts of life such is that in our culture still it is considered that female destiny - to give, care and please, be playing a supporting role. We absorb this knowledge with mother`s milk, we see in families of our family. And it is not so simple to get rid of it - this our own, eaten on a subcortex, feeling of how it is “correct“. And for its realization we do not need even the man - the tyrant, ourselves zatiranit ourselves at full scale! Or we will break a stereotype and we will go to other extreme - we will tyrannize and use that unfortunate that fell the victims of our charms.

having Even laid aside good ideas about gender equality, it is possible to claim that this scheme is not too effective. For that simple reason that to share life with a sad being - doubtful pleasure. The happy person can and gives much more. Benefit from his happiness also all people around - a family, friends, colleagues. And what children the woman who is not able to care for the interests can grow up?

Of course, do not have universal recipes. But you always have an opportunity to try and learn what does your life better, and as at all on the contrary. Let`s look what steps can be taken that not only to your man, but also you it was good.

Own car

to be most “on wheels“ is an improbable convenience and new degree of freedom. You are absolutely free to go at any time there where you want. Not to wait until your man finds time to bring you, and to take and go most: to meet girlfriends, to visit parents, to buy clothes or to be winded on fitness.

the Separate dream

Scientific researches confirm that alone the person sleeps deeper and gets enough sleep quicker. And it without extremes when the precious spouse snores, sleeps across a bed or lays down at daybreak!

Actually, it is real luxury - to wish to darling sweet dreams and to leave for own kingdom of dreams and imaginations, without being distracted already by anybody. It is joyful to meet in the morning, having properly had a rest and having even missed in a night.

I Will specify

that it is about a dream. The romantic relations from a separate dream are even benefited, becoming more intriguing and various.

Holiday alone with itself

As well as a separate dream, is not threat to your love relations at all. More precisely, if at you not everything is fine, then alone you really will understand that something does not suit you or confuses. And having realized this fact, you will be able to think what here can be changed and whether you want to do it.

If you everything suits

, then you just enjoy silence, tranquility and own invaluable society. You will listen to yourself - and you will make that there is a wish - to you and right now.

As happens pleasantly, without adapting to anybody, to hang for hours in parks, cafes, shops and the museums. Or to feel in itself the unimaginable drive and in a week to go round a floor - Italy by car. And main thing: nobody will grumble if at you plans suddenly change!

Contraception on female conditions

Emergence of hormonal contraception gave to women unprecedented freedom. We do not depend on the partner any more, and we make the decision: as we want to live when and from whom to give birth. As well as any responsibility, it is difficult, but a prize is incomparable more.

Especially, times when contraception was frightening, consigned to the past long ago. The latest preparations use hormones with a natural formula, absolutely identical to hormones in a female organism. And the dynamic mode of dispensing as much as possible repeats natural hormonal fluctuations. So impact on an organism is made soft, comfortable and the most minimum.

Besides, the natural oral contraceptives (NOC) promote excellent health, help to support stable weight. And besides, periods become less plentiful. If once was considered that monthly is a God`s penalty to the woman for an original sin, then today women are free to live with great pleasure and comfort.