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Children - from the city!

Nobody knows that would be done by parents if children`s camps did not exist. Camp - excellent option of rest for the child of school age. Here to you both socialization, and sports in the fresh air and supervision of responsible adults. It is necessary to choose camp - here - that and parental tortures begin.

of the Offer now - for every taste: Moscow area and Cyprus, English with the carrier and cutting out by a fret saw, circulation on a podium and camp for computer geniuses. Generally, to choose is from what.

But a press - the secretary of the Society of Consumer Protection (SCP) Yulia Sharapova considers that richness of the choice - illusion:“ Good camps we both had a little, and remained a little. There are SanPiNs and checks, but nobody ever observes any norms, they impose so fantastic requirements. Last year complaints to poisonings and the salmonellosis got in camp were the most frequent. And on bad baby sitting“, - Yulia tells. OZPP does not conduct statistics of complaints, but Yulia is sure that “bad“ or “good“ regions do not exist. Cases of poisonings were both in Moscow area, and in Krasnodar Krai and in other regions of Russia. Leaders who do not watch children meet too everywhere.

the Moscow government does not offer “bad“ camps to children - the exempts having the right partially or to have a rest completely at the expense of the city. The head a press - services of Department of family and youth policy Olga Pravdina told that camp on which by results of last year`s arrival there was at least one complaint from parents were excluded from the list for summer of 2012.

this year under patronage of the Moscow government can spend vacation at 6 camps:“ Romanticism“, “Rainbow“, “Shishkin the wood“, “Birches“, “Young Leninets“ (all - in Moscow area) and in Kamchiya camp - on the Bulgarian Solar Coast. The representative of Department also reported that this year the financing allocated with the city for children`s rest will not increase. So all who can apply for the Moscow privileges should hurry.


by the Rest offer permits on an overall cost. The prices are various: Moscow area will cost more than 30 thousand for three-week change, and Bulgarian “Kamchiya“ - 64 529 rubles for the same term.


of the Privilege for rest

Since April 01, 2012 entered system of electronic record of children on rest on the Portal of the state and municipal services (functions) of the city of Moscow mos. ru.

it is possible for

On the Portal:

to write down by

For the young Muscovites who achieved considerable progress in sport, the creativity, applied sciences which are engaged in establishments of additional education, circles and clubs will organize specialized profile changes to which record will be carried out in institutions and the organizations for the place of occupations of the child.

All information on camps - on the website of the Moscow center of children`s family rest and improvement - mcdso. com, is phone of the hot line in the same place).

the Organization of rest and improvement of children in the city of Moscow is carried out by

according to the resolution of the government of Moscow from 15. 02. 2011 № 29 - software “About the organization of rest and improvement of children of the city of Moscow in 2011 and the next years“ and the Provisional rules of electronic record of children on rest approved by the head of Department of family and youth policy of the city of Moscow (the order from 26. 03. 2012 № 213).

Moscow area or Turkey?

All offered in the market of camp can be divided conditionally on a territorial sign into three groups: camp situated near Moscow, camp on “our“ Black Sea (the Crimea also treats them on mentality), and foreign.

and numerous remain

the Most popular, of course, situated near Moscow camp - they close. All “ours“ of camp is more - less strict daily routine and leisure painted all day long.

the Foreign camp in Turkey, Greece or Bulgaria is more likely rest in the manner of the adult. The main thing - the sea, in the program - excursions and animation. Happen, of course, and foreign camp in which children with a break on a dream create and invent all change, but, in general, rest abroad is suitable for teenagers more, and it will be better for the malyena under the sensitive guide of leaders in a midland.

Witz - the president of Association of tour operators of ATOR Alexey Krylov says that the camp as the place where the child breathes air, densely eats and is under supervision, is not quoted any more. In leaders leave sports and linguistic camp which can offer the thought-over program of rest.

If Moscow area remains to

and will remain the most popular place of children`s rest, then the love to the abroad was shown not at once. Galina Shishkina, the head of department of travel agency told that Bulgaria became the most popular country for children`s rest for today. Parents love it for good food, comfortable conditions of accommodation and, of course, the low price. Children - for interesting organized leisure and, of course the sea. Change cost in 21 days in Bulgaria - of 700 - 1000 euros.

should tell

At once that old Soviet brands - we will tell, “Artek“ or “Eaglet“ - it is necessary to consider with care. For maintenance of huge infrastructure there is not enough money long ago, and old ways of the organization of children`s leisure do not cause delight in modern children. Accommodation in rooms on 8 - 12 the person - is also such options - will please too not everyone. At the same time the permit in “Artek“ to change in 21 days costs of 38 - 68 thousand rubles.

the First time - how to persuade the child?

the Psychotherapist of the Center of a children`s neuropsychology Olga Perezhogina advises

to discuss with the child to what camp he would like to go. Perhaps, he wants to open in himself the great actor or dreams to learn to fence and go by a horse. If you get“ to subject, then all minor problems of adaptation in camp will be solved much quicker.

Olga Perezhogina learns to tell

about the forthcoming rest correctly: “For a start define what program is necessary to your child. Ask that it would be interesting to it, offer several options. Let know that to go - not necessarily, everything depends on his desire. “Go, have a rest and bring with yourself good mood - approximately so it is necessary to build conversation“.

If the child is afraid that he will miss the house, explain that it is absolutely normal first, but then all cease to miss.“ But it is not necessary to go deep into this subject, you pass to rest pluses in camp better. Try to ask the child as much as possible questions which he will answer “yes“. For example: you want to find new friends? You like to play basketball (to cook soap, to draw a tattoo, to swim in the pool)?“ - the psychologist recommends. The it is more “yes“ - the positive spirit is stronger. About the place of alleged rest the expert advises to tell the child as much as possible. It is fine if the camp has the detailed website with photos of last shifts. It is even better if you find time together to go to camp before change and to look that yes as - if, of course, it is about Moscow area. It is almost impossible to judge quality of an institution at distance: no uniform regulations to which camp of children`s rest have to correspond or labor unions which would trace a situation exist.

About whether there will be a program such interesting as it is promised in advertizing of camp, can be learned, having only talked to organizers.

One more reliable criterion - a gossip hotline.“ Choosing camp for the child, ask acquaintances whose children in camp already were - it is the most reliable advisers. Not the websites, not agencies but only parents“, - says a press - the secretary of Society of consumer protection Yulia Sharapova.

Camp “for“

Judging by responses of parents, the most demanded - camp with the thematic program, created once by parents as though for themselves and for the children. Their organizers could not find to own children worthy camp, and then took and created the.

nine-year-old Fedya Marin`s Mother praises “Robinzonada“ which just from category of “nominal“ camps: there are interesting, informal programs, and parents can monitor rest according to daily photoreports on the website:“ The son went to camp, then, in the winter, we all family went to them to the program of the day off. It was pleasant to all“. “The collection of adventures“ has admirers and, and at Charlie camp which offers high-quality and expensive foreign rest.

A fourteen-year-old Igor goes to the camp in the Kaluga region organized on the basis of family orphanage. His mother Svetlana considers that communication with such big family is useful for the spoiled city boy. In camp Igor learned to operate a kayak, to mold from clay and, what is the most important, felt the adult. “When last year it returned from the third change, we with the husband did not manage to complete repair. And, who could think, my son for whom always was a problem to wash up for itself a cup got up near us and began to glue wall-paper!“

In general, to count that experience of “camp“ socialization will give magic effect, for example, will make of the meek creature of the motivated leader or will turn the mediocre pupil on English into the excellent student, it am hardly necessary. The main thing that in camp it was interesting and cheerful - children so think. More and more parents.