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Stylish, successful, having many children … “The level of culture of the woman is lower than

, the attitude towards her in society is worse, the more she gives birth to children, and that, respectively, the average level of these children is lower“, - this phrase told by the famous star - the politician on one of the central TV channels and roused me to writing of this article.

Lowering the second part of the quote at once - about it another time, I want to understand what today the woman having many children and why in society the spirit of the Soviet stereotypes is so strong. At once I will tell that I do not find it possible to argue on quantity and quality of happiness in families with one - two children and where it is slightly more of them. These are just different worlds - and only society periodically pushes together them, trying to behold uniform truth.

As women arrive

at idea of big families? Yes at all differently: here both religion, and combination of circumstances, and simple, eventually, desire to surround themselves with selfless love and tenderness of which only children are capable. And then in life there are absolutely other reference points and the purposes, and the offered conditions are created by that image and style of development of the woman which in other circumstances would not receive the blossoming. Children are as if a springboard on new level both human, and motivational, and organizing skills. Now mother having many children is, first of all, the brilliant manager. Do not laugh! Yes, at first career develops from correctly organized children`s training and leisure. Whether joke: to coordinate ten circles, sections, general education and musical schools! And if they are also scattered on the district? A difficult problem, believe. Of course, so far small children, not all manage to be engaged in active work at office. But many use decretive holidays for receiving the next higher education. And there are surprising examples of the birth of children without separation from business at all.

Personal realization and a professional demand - two right elements on the way fortunately. Perhaps, achievements of mothers are not always followed by loud names of firms, but they are! There are mothers and honored teachers, both managers, and lawyers, and actresses. Certainly, the most widespread direction of business of mothers having many children is a freelance, distant work at home. What only does not enter this capacious concept: any needlework to order, different consultations, design, accounting and psychological services. Someone is engaged in it for maintenance of communication with the outside world. Someone for development of professional skill. Many use this time as running start before a jump on new level. Average mother having many children just has no time to argue, she will be able to reach somewhere something or not: it just goes forward, developing and gaining new abilities on the run.

Now in general employers well react to mothers having many children: such woman attracts as the good organizer, with fast reaction and a clear understanding of an objective. It is possible to object: if mother has a lot of work, then how to find her forces and time for each child? But any woman is tired. And all secret in the correct management of time, in other words: it is necessary to be able to choose the main thing. Yes, it is difficult, but is quite feasible. Life creates conditions, and at competent system approach, the woman needs not a lot of time for acceptance of these circumstances and entering of amendments into the schedule of all house. The main thing not to be lost and not to despair, accept any offered help. Children - your inspiration, the strongest incentive.

Me remarkable women who opened in themselves the most unexpected talents after the birth of the third or fourth child are familiar to

. One very pleasant lady was learned on the consulting stylist (besides during the decree) and opened the salon of which could only dream earlier, another began with the organization of excursions for a class of the eldest son, and then opened the agency. One more clear head - the beauty is engaged in professional selection of textiles for interiors now, and everything began as you understand, with sewing on the old sewing machine at night. And at it, by the way, four children!

As for self-development, it is difficult even to imagine what quantity of children`s questions to have to answer mother while children grow. Mother should be aware in total from the number of legs at an ant to the device of the rocket turbine. During study of offsprings at school it is easily possible to learn several languages, to learn to play a flute and to visit all museums of the city. Of course, there is a joke share, but an essence that modern mother never stops, it also is that perpetual motion machine, the idea man and the most important boss. It is just genetically put in everyone, I emphasize, in each woman!

Today the woman having many children not only is successful

, but also is well-groomed, and is brought up. And what last year participated in the competition “Mrs. Russia“ not less than ten (!) mothers having many children, to it another proof. From Soviet period to us remained unless zelenenky crusts - the certificate of a large family. Among media persons there are a lot of mothers having many children too. Of course, there absolutely other opportunities, but in general, the tendency promotes public awareness of a child-bearing in general and introduces amendments in an image of the woman having many children in modern society.

Here, offhand I remembered more than 20 surnames:

  1. Valeria (singer) - 3 children
  2. Maria Shukshina (the actress, the TV host) - 4 children
  3. Oksana Arbuzova (the actress, Ivan Okhlobystin`s wife) - 6 children
  4. Vera Glagoleva (the actress, the director) - 3 children
  5. Natalya Vodianova (a top - model) - 3 children
  6. Tatyana Mikhalkova (the president of Russian Silhouette Charity foundation) - 3 children
  7. Evgenia Dobrovolskaya (actress) - 4 children
  8. Tatyana Lazareva (the actress, the TV host) - 3 children
  9. Amalia Goldanskaya (actress) - 4 children
  10. Alla Dovlatova (a body, radio - the leader, the actress) - 3 children
  11. Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya (pictorialist) - 3 children
  12. Natalya Karpovich (the deputy of the State Duma) - 5 children
  13. Ekaterina Volkova (actress) - 3 children
  14. Ekaterina Klimova (actress) - 3 children
  15. Veronika Dolina (the author and the performer of own songs) - 4 children
  16. Galina Belyaeva (the Soviet actress) - 4 children
  17. Svetlana Mironyuk (the editor-in-chief of “RIA Novosti“) - 3 children
  18. Chulpan Khamatova (the actress, one of founders of Present Life charity foundation) - 3 children
  19. Maria Boltneva (actress) - mother of triplets.
  20. Anjelica Agurbash (singer) - 4 children
  21. Olesya Zheleznyak (actress) - 3 children
  22. Maria Sittele (TV host) - 3 children
  23. Christina Orbakaite (the singer, the actress) - 3 children
  24. Anastasius Myskin`s
  25. (the tennis-player, the Honoured Master of Sports, the TV host) - 3 children.

Judging from the fact that I see at forums for having many children, the tandem of motherhood and success become already the rule. Such mothers are active, purposeful, is expert, and accept life with humor. In communication energy and confidence in the female solvency is very much felt. And as an exception rather different statements, similar cited at the beginning of article act. It is surprising to hear, to put it mildly, it from the authorities who are allegedly standing up for birth rate increase. It seemed to me important to give examples of success and wellbeing for those who doubt, having seen two unexpected strips on the test, and for those who feel bitter smack of stereotypes. Reject all doubts! Possession of many children not a sentence. The possession of many children is an incentive, start and inspiration!

of Timrina