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What diapers are chosen by the Russian mothers?

of Merries, Japanese brand of the № diapers; 1, belonging to the KAO company - to the leader in production of consumer goods in Japan, arranged the real holiday for pregnant women and mothers of kids. At the WAN Expo festival which took place at the end of May in Moscow at the huge stand in it is white - pink tones, the Merries brand carried out a cycle of cheerful and informative seminars for pregnant women on whom future mothers could obtain information on diapers and the newest technologies of their production. In 4 days the seminar was attended by more than one thousand people, including pregnant women and kids. “7ya. ru“ could not pass by such event.

It is bright - the pink pavilion with snow-white sofas where each hour passes a seminar, it is full of pregnant women, many - with husbands, some with mothers. The presentation is held by the leader, it is represented - Anna Kotorova, mother of two daughters - and asks at once:“ If you feel badly, at once raise a hand - today stuffy“. Having understood what here is known firsthand about what is pregnancy, visitors relax. Those who came with kids can quietly absorb information too: for children the fenced platform with toys is equipped - to sit with the baby directly in this “arena“ and to listen to lecture. But is not present, it appears, it is not just lecture - all are invited to take part in interesting experiment. Everyone gets two gloves - one of transparent polyethylene, another - from white opaque and very soft film. What with them to do? - on faces at all bewilderment. Yet nothing, the leader asks them to put on only.

the Story about diapers begins

with a question: how many once a day is pisat by the baby? It appears, experts and it counted - of 15 - 20 times. But there is more to come: humidity after an urination was measured - it appears, it reaches 80% and can be compared to humidity of Amazon rainforests! The increased humidity sometimes causes an intertrigo. Besides, sweat glands at the kid as much how many and the adult, and the surface area of skin has 6 times less. Density of an arrangement of glands is higher therefore kids strongly sweat. But mothers should not worry: the Merries diapers are specially developed for protection of skin of babies against an intertrigo.

the Merries Diapers consist of several layers, each of which carries out important function for preservation of skin of the kid dry and healthy.

“And now let`s look at

what happens to your hands, - the leader unexpectedly interrupts the story. - You feel a difference?“.“ We feel“, - all listeners began to nod and began to smile. The hand in a transparent glove sweated, polyethylene got off in inconvenient folds and sticks - many even took off this glove, without having waited for the end of experiment. Other hand - in a white glove - absolutely dry, feeling such that there is no glove at all!“ Now you can understand how the child feels in the Merries diaper“, - the leader of a seminar explains. It appears, the white glove is made of the special “breathing“ material which is developed Scientifically - the research center of the KAO company.

First what producers took care of - it is ability of a diaper to pass air. An air-permeable tab from material with micropores - the real guard of health of the kid. These openings invisible to an eye are too small to pass moisture, but are capable to pass air to skin of the kid and to take away from it water vapor. Experiment, certainly, impresses: yes, the “breathing“ layer of Merries passed a test of the most attentive and captious researchers - mothers of kids!

besides, we learn that the layer, adjacent to a body, is made of very soft nonwoven porous fabric. Its wavy surface pointwise adjoins to a body that allows air to circulate freely between a diaper and skin of the kid. Thus, skin of the baby remains dry.

In a diaper absorbent is: it quickly absorbs and holds not only moisture, but also a liquid chair that is important, so far as concerns newborns. Merries have an absorption indicator: faintly - yellow strips become rich blue color after the kid pees. Well, and of course, reusable flypapers: the strip of their fastening is wider, the it is more than opportunities to regulate a diaper by the size. The line of the Merries diapers allows to pick up the necessary size in process of growth of the child: for newborns - to 5 kg, and the biggest are calculated on weight from 12 to 22 kg.

the Merries Diapers are made by

since 1983. Now they became the most popular diapers in Japan. The company surely wins also the Russian market. Regional brand - the manager of Merries, mister Masaki Fudzhivara, opens a popularity secret:“ Mothers know that our diapers protect skin of the kid from irritations. When the child all the time is in a diaper, the body heats up, moisture - very important that inside it was always dry is still added. Besides, unsurpassed tenderness of Merries is known to all. Yes, our diapers are expensive, but deliver them directly from Japan, and it means transportation costs, the customs duties. All the same we see that the Russian mothers estimated quality of Merries - actively bought them, even when there was no advertizing, according to recommendations of girlfriends and acquaintances“.

By the way, mister Fudzhivara arrived to Moscow not one - it brought with itself(himself) 1500 paper zhuravlik of origami. They were put by employees of the company - as a gift to all who attended a seminar. Besides, in a handbag there were many other pleasant surprises for mothers: sample of a diaper and another. And all kids pressed to a breast of a white fluffy hare - a symbol of the Merries company.

With own eyes

the KAO company kindly provides to

video of a seminar For those who did not manage to visit a festival in Moscow. So you will be able to see with own eyes all experiments confirming exclusive quality of the Merries diapers.