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Mother, the head hurts!

Why the school student is hurt by the head? Sat up at the computer, was fidgety, overheated on the sun, did not manage to eat in time, weather was changed, temperature jumped up - the reasons a set. It is necessary to define main quicker to solve a problem.

For May holidays of Panova went to giving to open a season. Weather was given as by request: bright sun, warm day. The seventh-grader Masha went on friends at once - did not see since fall. Hour through one and a half returned out of breath, excited: “We with children want to drive on velika!“ Parents had nothing against. And by the evening at the girl the head strongly ached.

managed to kill Pain nothing, and Panova decided to come back to the city urgently. On the way felt sick Masha, it was necessary even to stop the car several times...

Where how and when

Doctors advise

to pay attention to three moments: where exactly the head what character this pain and under what circumstances it arose hurts. For example, at fatigue or a stress pain as if “creeps“ from below up - from a neck in a nape, passes to a forehead, temples. Most often it not really strong, aching, pressing.

At teenagers attacks of a headache can provoke jumps of arterial pressure. In awkward age it happens from - for hormonal reorganization which influences “synchronism“ of work of nervous and endocrine systems.

increase of pressure (arterial hypertension) - nape pain, dizziness, nausea attacks is more often characteristic

Of boys.

For girls, on the contrary, decrease (hypotension) - the head aches in the field of a darkness or a nape, too fast pressure drop can lead also to a faint.

It is frequent a headache - the satellite of some main disease. For example, infectious - ORZ, measles and others. Or chronic: an elevated pressure - a frequent symptom at diseases of kidneys, a thyroid gland, lowered - at anemia.

Constant headaches can accompany antritis, adenoides, tonsillitis. Not all know that also anomalies of a bite can be their cause.

What to do? If a headache at the school student - a rare episode, and you are sure that she is called by overfatigue or a stress, the best way to pacify her - to lay the child on a couple of hours to have a sleep in well aired room. If pain developed at high temperature, for example, at ORZ - it is possible to give a preparation on the basis of paracetamol. And here in all other cases you should not self-medicate, it is necessary to examine the child to establish the true reason of a headache.

we Will check sight

the School student even more often began to complain: “The head hurts, was tired...“ ? It is quite probable that it had problems with sight. It is very common cause of a headache at school students at the developing short-sightedness and an astigmatism (the pathology caused by irregular shape of a cornea). Symptoms of short-sightedness it is simple to p to notice

: the child begins to blink the eyes when he needs to consider something in the distance. With an astigmatism everything is not so simple - long time it can not prove in any way. One more, rather indirect symptom forcing to suspect that sight violations are guilty of a headache - anesthetics do not help to remove it.

What to do? it is urgent to strong to go to the ophthalmologist. Complex inspection of sight is necessary (check of its sharpness, intraocular pressure, survey of an eye bottom and so on). When the diagnosis is established, the doctor will choose suitable treatment - medicamentous (for example, drops for eyes, vitamins), “trainings“ of eyes by means of special devices, points or lenses. It is not necessary to treat specially a headache, it passes in itself if problems with eyes are successfully solved.

the Special case

Is an exception to the rules when such pain not a symptom, but a disease is migraine. Researches of scientists prove: the illness arises from - for hereditary violations in certain sites of a brain. So if in a family someone from adults has migraine, chances to get acquainted with it at the school student are high.

the First attacks can begin

in 7 years when the child goes to school and is forced to get used to a way of life, absolutely new to it. But more often troubles overtake teenagers - migraine is provoked by hormonal reorganization.

Unlike adults, at children at migraine pain happens bilateral. The second moment of a difference - a children`s attack is much shorter: it lasts of half an hour till 5 o`clock. Whether it is possible to distinguish a migraine attack from a banal headache? There are several signs:

  • migraine quite often is followed by nausea, sometimes even vomiting (that extremely seldom happens at a usual headache);
  • pain quickly gains intensity;
  • it can amplify from any movement, a sound, light, a smell;
  • dizziness, noise in ears are possible
  • ;
  • children complain of “veil“ before eyes, a vagueness of objects, doubling in eyes;
  • about an attack harbingers can signal
  • : there are prickings in fingers, goosebumps, palms grow cold.

What to do? Try “to interrupt“ an attack right at the beginning at the first symptoms. It is possible to give to the school student of any of preparations on the basis of paracetamol.


Sometimes is helped by tea from a St. John`s Wort: on a glass of boiled water 1 a teaspoon of a dry grass to insist 10 minutes, to add sugar.

Put the child to bed, curtain off windows, on a forehead put a cold compress. At the beginning nausea it is possible to suck a lemon segment.

As treat? Treatment depends on the frequency of attacks and their force. Occupations with the psychologist training to auto-training, relaxation methods help. It is important to watch a day regimen: attacks are provoked by exhaustion, a sleep debt, closeness, hunger.


I of course, it is necessary that the child ate always in time and not hastily. Plus to it is also some bans: nuts, fat creams, yogurts, a chicken liver, pork dishes, fat cheeses, pizza, avocado, bananas, coffee, the cook - a stake are not recommended.

the Algorithm of inspection

If often hurts the child the head or he complains of severe pains, it is necessary to pass inspection:

  • of consultation at doctors of experts: pediatrician, neurologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist;
  • general and biochemical blood test, analysis of urine;
  • X-ray of additional bosoms of a nose;
  • electroencephalography;
  • Doppler research of vessels of the head and neck.

Can be appointed in addition computer tomography or magnitno - a resonant tomography of a brain and other researches.

to Take 03!
needs to call “ambulance“ or to urgently carry the child to hospital if:
  • at a headache appeared vomiting, weakness in hands and legs, there was a faint, temperature sharply jumped up;
  • after falling or an injury of the head;
  • when the severe headache arose at sinusitis, antritis, otitis.

Consultants: Tatyana Mangusheva, pediatrician; Elena Yuryeva, the doctor - the neuropathologist.