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How cheerfully to celebrate the first birthday of

the Episode from general triumph
or “Big cake - a small candle“

So as it is better to hold the first anniversary: do not break

  1. Despite all cares, the mode of usual children`s life. The child will be unsettled, will be capricious. The adult will spoil a holiday. Itself will not receive a due portion of “high“ and impressions from action. And this day - it is not simple, to eat - to drink yes at a table to chat...
    With participation and supports of family of show can be remembered on all future adulthood. Educational value as teachers is told...
  2. Guests - a minimum (no more than 5 - ti the person). It why? Well, “there is less to people - more oxygen“ (kindergarten folklore).
    When training in foreign languages “a technique of small groups“ is most effective when participants five. to That
    still the proof - centuries the justified well-known “Japanese tea ceremony“ - creating a certain spiritual space, a unification of five “chayepit“.
  3. A dress - beautiful on concepts of the child, but not on yours. Light, bright and convenient, without heap of bows - frills...
    Spread out options of festive clothes before the kid - let itself chooses...
  4. Music - here a subject extensive. Turning points - the most favourite, with silence pauses, different genres...
    Whenever possible music on children`s taste (by a year it already, most likely, is), but not according to applications of grandmothers and grandfathers. It tactfully can always be settled...
  5. The room, is valid (see item 2), it is better to air more often. A window leaf or two can open be constant. The child Vash got used to it, I hope. And from timid grandmothers of a window leaf “to disguise“ perhaps.
  6. From time to time disappear with the child to children`s or any other room. Quietly play, consider gifts. All is better not to show or allow to choose something the most interesting, and other heap imperceptibly at once to clean.
  7. While adults have a good time, well someone one of volunteers would walk to take a walk with Responsible Sborishcha (better if the grandfather). On air in silence it is possible and to have a sleep a couple of hours, guests at a time “rage“ moderately the temperament and tendencies.
  8. At the program of entertainments of guests, of course, there will be something memorabelny from the birthday man`s life -
  9. this holiday Has a photo and slides, video clips, records of a voice etc. and one more party - intimate. In the sense that it is day of special importance for two - MOTHERS and the FATHER. Fruit of their joint creativity, work, efforts and all spiritual and not only expenses...
    in this sense was lucky Us and we remained three together by the most solemn moment. Sashenka at us was born at 23:55 (on the night of 9 - e March). We did not sleep with the father, waited for this minute, looked at the watch, worried... Called even decent time to our doctor, congratulated his wife Lena on a female holiday, communicated, once again thanked...
    A in the appointed hour Sasha zavorochatsya, woke up and asked to be allowed to us. We, of course, took it, but soon the baby began to yawn and went to the bed...
    A all of us remembered this day and night a year ago. Spent wonderfully the rest of evening (or nights).
  10. The next day - it was necessary to cut Sasha (slightly - slightly). And still - it is time to make a ceremony of the First participle if the kid baptized and parents have a desire to observe Christian tradition.

Happy birthday, kid!

Ideal pie for the first birthday.
(for children of 1 year)

the Original in English to the address:
of earthsbest. com/recipe. html
sent Olga Landau (2:5020/768. 86)

  • 1/2 of a glass of the softened
  • 3/4 oil of a glass of brown
  • 2 sugar of
  • 1 egg of h l.
  • 1 3/4 vanilla of a glass of the
  • flour 1 tablespoon of baking powder (I *dumat, it is quite replaced with yeast or soda *)
  • 1/4 of h l.
  • 2 salts banks of banana puree (*òàê as this recipe was got on the website of the firm making baby food, they, essno, mean the banks what they - I do not know so it is necessary to look, but I think, there will be quite enough gram of 150 mashed potatoes *)
to Heat an oven to 175 degrees, to prepare a form, having oiled it and having powdered with flour. To shake up oil with sugar to “lightness“. To add eggs and vanilla (continuing to shake up). To add flour, baking powder, salt and bananas and to shake up the mixer 3 minutes (probably, and not the mixer it is possible too). To lay out in a form and to bake to readiness (~ 45 min.) To allow to cool down 10 min. It is possible to decorate with whipped cream.