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When there is a strong wish...

of my dairy history could not happen. Childbirth was prompt, and doctors made to the daughter the diagnosis - a trauma of cervical department and sluggish reflexes. More than others the sosatelny reflex suffered. What to do with a breast, my newborn girl simply - naprosto did not understand...

Still being a pregnant woman, in any case, just dreaming of the child, I precisely knew that I will nurse. I drew in the thoughts the baby at a breast, and my heart was filled with tenderness. I knew that only the mother`s milk is capable to give to the kid all necessary. This and best food, and protection against different infections, is indissoluble communication with mother and the reliable base of all further life of the new little man. I knew all this. Did not know only that the situation when there is a breast with enough milk is possible, there is a child, and here cannot feed this child with a breast not only young mother, but also all medical staff of maternity hospital.

That only did not undertake: from a bottle the decanted milk drinks, from a breast - no. But you remember my installation? I understood that I will not be able infinitely to be decanted. And I wanted not it. Really not to hold to me my baby at a breast?.

to Hold

! - I solved then - and practically the daughter ceased to let go.“ Everything, any bottles“, - I told myself and began to offer everyone half an hour to the daughter a breast. My breath intercepted when after several unsuccessful attempts it took this breast. I will not tell what was pleasant. Frankly speaking, it was sick, and even very much: to us with the daughter not before the correct capture. As took, and it is good - if only sucked a little bit. She sucked, and I cried with pain and unfulfilled dream. And still around lot of “well-wishers“. What I have only not heard plenty of! You will spoil the child, holding his all the time on hands - newly made grandmothers went on in two voices, it is impossible to feed so often - physicians swung the head. Only the husband yes my old babulechka supported me in everything. The first worked, coped with household chores and nights when to me was absolutely unbearable, held the baby on hands. The second encouraged: she one believed that at us everything will turn out. And, you know, it turned out!

In the first month the daughter gained only 400 grams, and here in the second and in the third added already on kilogram. However, while learned to eat, to me “cracked“ nipples to meat, it was necessary to use silicone slips from which she did not wean then. So I fed through slips and only sitting, even at the nights - if I lay, the breast could not take the daughter. Mine “dairy history“ lasted one and a half years, and I am glad that this history in my life was.

Now to my daughter 6 years. And to the son - 6 months. He eats very well so my dream everything is was carried out!

Elena Astashkina