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How to learn to live here and now?

We sink in routine and stereotypes, trying to find room for one hundred “important issues“ in the daily log, and the real life passes by. It is time to stop it! Before you 10 councils which will help to begin to live here and now. you Tell

“Yes“. Forget about the ego, own preferences and you speak “Yes“. Pay attention to result. You watch how often to you happens inconveniently and to agree not easy with the interlocutor. Do not argue, just agree. Do not forget sometimes and about common sense, of course.

Spend day without plan. Afford it. Forget about what you need to do. Just do to what you are conducted by intuition. Listen to it. Forget about habits, open eyes and trust in the curiosity.

Change the place. just Try to change the place in which you often are engaged in any activity. For example, reschedule an appointment from office in the museum or cafe. You read books of the house in a chair? Leave in a garden. You walk in the evening near the house? Go to the next park.

Completely plunge into one business. Choose some everyday occupation. For example, cooking, combing of hair or house cleaning. Being engaged in it, concentrate all your attention only on it. Also do not think of anything, having completely plunged into process. If you eat, then just eat. Do not read at the same time the newspaper, do not listen to radio and do not talk. Experience taste of food, think of the one who prepared it and as it appeared on your table.

Study the people surrounding you. Become the anthropologist of streets. Notice and remember names and faces. Pay attention to in what people are dressed. Listen to what they tell. Try to feel their mood and to guess, they are happy in the afternoon or not. Recover right now to walk and observe people.

Make the most important work. What put for you the most important? We emphasize: not urgent, but important. Start their performance directly since the beginning of day.

Shift your usual schedule on hour The day before you go to bed for an hour before usual. Next day wake up on an hour earlier and go to work also on an hour earlier. Little changes can lead to huge improvements.

Come back home the new road. Within a week you go along new routes, new ways and notice all new that meets on the road. Let it will be a new route before work, to the house of parents, friends.

Risk. For example, find restaurant of kitchen absolutely unfamiliar to you. Order a dish which name you never heard, but which, judging by the description of the waiter, can be pleasant to you. Or just point a finger at the menu at random. Feel Columbus of the gastronomic horizons.

Begin. switch off the computer / phone / tablet Right now and make what is prompted by your intuition. Just make what came to mind first of all.

Improvise! Turn barriers into springboards. Notice new. Try novel every day, and the world will play bright paints again. The real life not far behind a window. It is every day with you - just learn to notice it.

Based on the book “Improvisation Lessons“.