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What is put by the nature of

At last, it turned out! We with the husband were so happy. This happiness wanted to share with the whole world. For some reason I felt at once that we will have a boy. Pregnancy was planned and long-awaited. Then we even could not imagine how it is heavy to be parents as it will be difficult to be given each step on leaving and education of the little man.

Pregnancy proceeded very hard. Practically from the first days I appeared on preservation in maternity hospital. Tablets, pricks, droppers, and constant fear for life of the kid. It is impossible to go, it is impossible to be nervous. It is possible to lie and think of good only. It is easier to tell, than to make. I finished both him, and myself that we will cope, we will sustain. All nine months passed in a bed rest - at home, in hospital. Thanks to doctors I reached the necessary term. And ahead waited for one more test - difficult delivery.

From the very beginning I did not even assume any other thought, except that that I will nurse the child. I understood that it is necessary also for the kid, and me. I knew that it is very important to put the kid to a breast right after the birth. It will give a signal to mother`s organism that all is good, is whom to feed. It will adjust an organism on production of milk. But all turned out in a different way. Neither my condition, nor a condition of the kid allowed to put the child to a breast. It was carried away practically at once, having hardly shown me. And, probably, it became a starting point of emergence of problems with breastfeeding.

I saw

of the sonny only towards the end of the next day. My small hairy miracle! The midwife suggested to try to feed him, showed how it is more convenient to take. The kid tried to take a nipple, pooblizyvat, few times smacked the lips and fell asleep. In maternity hospital there was a separate stay, in children`s office he was finished feeding mix. Of course, it was sad from it, but I especially also did not object. There was no wish that the kid was hungry. I per se had no milk yet. Plus to everything, me was pricked by three types of antibiotics. They were admissible when breastfeeding, but I had doubts in their safety for the child.

of the Kid were brought by each 2 hours. I persistently continued to put the son to a breast. I did not understand, I have milk or not, did not know how many it has to be. I could not even understand what feeling when the child really sucks a breast has to be. I understood it only for the third day when brought me the child. Surprisingly he did not sleep, and, having put him to a breast, I felt how strongly it took a breast and began to suck, smacking the lips. Neigbours in chamber began to smile: “Joined!“ Only at that moment I understood how it has to be valid. Understood that you will not mix this feeling with anything!

Every morning during round the doctor checked

whether I have milk, pressing on a nipple. Something white was allocated, she was satisfied, said that everything is normal. But I for some reason did not feel any changes in a breast. Tried to decant hands - it turned out very little. Worried. Home we were written out in one and a half weeks.

Having been

with the child of the house, we became puzzled. The kid cried, was capricious. We did not understand, hungry it or not. Milk I could decant already much more. But all the same worried that for it is not enough.

Very often everything is learned by

only by own experience. Having done a heap of mistakes, we understood that we do something not so. Tried mix, small bottles, nipples, herbal teas. Anything - if only did not cry! Sleepless nights, fatigue, irritation. And as a result the child began to refuse a breast.

Having decided

that so just we will not give up, we began fight for a mother`s milk. Consultants for breastfeeding came to the rescue. As everything is simple when is at whom to ask and eat to whom to help! We were patiently and long told about what we made not so. Feeding on demand, refusal of pacifiers, small bottles, waters, obligatory night feedings - all this will provide to the kid necessary amount of milk. Wet diapers taught to consider us if there is a doubt that the child hungry. If in day it is gathered more than 10, then there is enough milk.

Of course, we could correct all errors not at once. To disaccustom to a pacifier it did not turn out. Disaccustomed to a small bottle, ceased to give mix, water and herbal teas. Put to a breast on the slightest manifestation of discontent. Sometimes about 20 times in a day turned out. But all this did not pass in vain: I began to feel how milk comes!

Confirmation to the fact that the child is full. The boy gathered on 900 - 1200 gram for the first three months. Then - on of 500 - 600 grams, that too norm.

we Had also crisis moments when the amount of milk decreased. And besides frequent applyings and night feedings helped (from 3 to 8 in the morning). Sometimes we spent the whole day to beds: ate and burn. Still we faced such problem as cracks on nipples. They appeared in maternity hospital. It was so sick that there was a wish to shout. Nothing helped - either ointments, or creams. We besides asked for the help consultants. Most likely, the reason was in the wrong applying of a breast, the wrong capture of a nipple. The correct applying is when the kid takes a nipple and an areola, at the same time the nipple rests against a soft palate, language is lowered, and the lower lip is twisted outside. Cracks passed approximately in a month.

cannot Suffer from pain during feeding. It will bring you and the kid only negative emotions. It is necessary to find the reason of pain and to eliminate it.

Feeding has to bring to

only joy. These minutes you feel a unification with the kid. You see his trustful and grateful glance. You feel and understand that so strongly you can love only it. You feel and understand as far as you are necessary to it.

For myself I noted several important points why it is so important to me to nurse.

Looking back, I am very glad that, despite all difficulties, we could adjust and keep breastfeeding. Feeding by a breast is happiness for mother. My kid is the dearest little man! I very much love the moments of our proximity with the child when in this world there are only we. Sooner or later my son will grow up and will cease to need me. Therefore now I just enjoy an opportunity to nurse it, to be for it the most important and necessary person. I enjoy an opportunity to give to the kid all best. To give it what is put by the nature!

Natalya Nikonova