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The Ukrainian Carpathians - the fantastic place of

this year my twins - Alice and Margo - go the first time to the first class. And I decided that it is necessary to arrange to children something unusually useful and interesting - to take them to the Ukrainian Carpathians. We, of course, and live in Ukraine, but in the east of the country, on the bank of the Sea of Azov, and here... western Ukraine, mountains, wood. Still we have a good habit: houses we walk much and not simply we walk in a sandbox or at a playground, and we make peculiar march - throws on our city. At first, when children were small, we went from 1 to 3 km a day, now we go to 8 km. Even relatives presented us a pedometer!“ In mountains it is necessary to go much so, our habit is useful“ - I thought. So, having taken children and the grandmother in an armful, we went to the Carpathians. The first impression is, of course, air: the first two days he knocked me and children down the freshness and transparency therefore it was necessary to get enough sleep. The place where we stopped, is in three kilometers from the known water resort of Morshin, on the one hand - the field, on the other hand - the wood. In air the smell of young fir-trees, sweetish aroma of the blossoming wild wild strawberry, a new-mown grass and wild flowers, wood smack of high beeches mixes up, and all this with a cool loop is surrounded by the freshness of the thawing snow at top of the Carpathians brought by mountain small rivers and falls to the valley. The real natural aromatherapy - it is simply impossible to inhale!

Having studied all in a radius of five kilometers, we decided to go more deeply to the wood. The Carpathian wood is something surprising and fantastic: you begin to believe that action of all Slavic fairy tales happened in this wood. And as in the fairy tale, the more deeply you come into the wood, the becomes more dark... Walks at us usually long therefore we took with ourselves a little provisions and waters: Margo loves sandwiches, and there are more Alisk nuts and sweets. And here we found penyok, and sat down on it that “to eat pie“. Somewhere above rustled, all of us by inertia raised the heads up: “Mother, little squirrels!“ - my little girls unanimously cried. Yes what courageous! They a lightning went down from the top of trees to the earth, almost to us under legs and with the same speed rose upward.


Somewhere above heard woodpecker fraction, a deaf kukovaniye of a cuckoo, and here the ringing song of frogs reached from where - that absolutely nearby. This song also brought us to the forest Carpathian lake. At first sight, lake as lake, anything special. But if to look narrowly, the “fantastic“ stone lies ashore, on it the big frog sits and looks at us - for certain, this is that tsarevna - a frog from the famous fairy tale. We decided to bypass the lake. Without having taken also ten steps, Margo cried: “Mother, we run away, a venomous snake here!“ . On the bank of the lake, in the only place where through crowns sun beams made the way, it was heated uzhik - small, thin, harmless. Trying not to disturb him, passed further, and it did not even lift the small head with yellow specks to look at us. The lake was covered with beads of water-lilies: there was a strong wish to break at least one, but forest lakes are dangerous - we needed only to admire. Went long, the fatigue had an effect, and here suddenly, among thick trunks of beeches, we saw... a deer, is slightly farther from him - an olenenok! You will not believe, fatigue it vanished as if by magic! And here Alisk remembered that we have Margoshina sandwiches: “Mother, and let`s give them bread?“ . I quietly not to frighten off animals, got sandwiches from our backpack, and accurately put them penyok. Mother - an olenikha timidly approached to hemp and, having smelled, began to eat. Olenenok for some reason and remained to stand far from us - probably, was afraid to approach.

Having studied a forest kingdom of the Carpathians, next day we decided to go directly to mountains - to look on Scala Dovbush. That who does not know Oleksa Dovbush is a national Carpathian hero of the 18th century. The mountain ensemble consists of several rocks which can be bypassed on the one hand on the convenient wide road and to come to the central plain among them, or to follow narrow, inconvenient and rather dangerous path through rocks. In the people there is a legend which calls this track “purgatory“: allegedly the person who passed on this track and came to the plain is cleared of all sins. It would seem that special, but in some places distance between rocks width of all of 20 - 30 centimeters! Feelings inconsistent and indescribable: the cave between rocks is more and more dark, peep and rustling of wings of bats, an echo of the dripping water - seem that there is no exit from here! Some time you move in twilight, squeezing into these 30 centimeters and you begin to think that it would be time to grow thin and take care of the own life, you make mental promises to go to the gym... Well, children have that less than sins therefore they quickly slipped on a track. When ahead is shown thin as a spider line, a ray of light, here - REALLY you understand that that it “light at the end of the tunnel“. Here they: treasured surface, air drink, light of the sun! You begin to appreciate what you perceive as due. Alice and Margo, having appeared above, with genuine surprise told:“ Mother, we have real adventures, as at Dasha from an animated cartoon (an animated cartoon “Dasha is the pathfinder“ or Dora the Explorer)“.

Above us was expected by the whole ensemble of rocky caves, but our attention was drawn by one fantastic and unusual rock: if it is good to look narrowly, then it is possible to make out the image of a lion. On a national legend, this lion protects the treasures buried here which still nobody found. Still there is a ladder which it is possible to climb up “mane“ of this lion - and to estimate a tremendous view of Prikarpatye. In the same place, above, there is a Stone of Desires to which it is possible to touch and make a treasured wish.

the Next day - Kamenetsky falls and Svyatoslav`s Valley. Svyatoslav`s valley - the huge plain among Carpathians Mountains covered with a velvet carpet of a green grass and wafer-thin it is white - lilac field florets, so tiny that it is even impossible to make a bouquet of them.

Somewhere it is far in mountains the blue thread of Kamenetsky falls which originate highly in mountains is seen. We, of course, took with ourselves swimwears, but nobody risked to bathe in falls: water temperature at air temperature in 27 degrees made only 8 ° S. Podnyavshis still, we left to the Dead lake. Tightened dense it is dark - green ooze the surface where nothing will stir, costs the very tall burned beech without core at the end. As then we learned, the lightning once got to it, and the core from it was got then by masters and made a trembita. It appears, the Carpathian national tool - the trembita - is done of a core of the beech struck with a lightning and only. And the lake is called “dead“ on again - to a national legend: if three times of people are bypassed by this lake counterclockwise, then in it his all sorrows and troubles, failures and problems will die.

generally, during holiday - and we it had only ten days at the beginning of this May - we visited reserved sanatorium - the Carpathians lock, a garden of the blossoming Oriental cherry and magnolias, the Mukachevsky lock of Ilona Zrini, bathed in thermal sources of Beregovo, visited the Goshevsky monastery, had dinner in the real Carpathian kolyba. During our rest we removed the formula: air + water + impressions of travel = the high-quality memorable holiday.

For themselves was decided that once again by all means we will arrive to these places, we did not manage to get to the Center of Europe, the Valley of narcissuses, Solotvino`s pool. We wish all pleasant holidays, fresh impressions and pleasure in life. If it is interesting to someone, I will tell where we stopped and how there to reach.

of Aksuha