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Night in the museum: where it is possible and where it is impossible for

on May 18 - the International day of the museums. Visitors, however, like to celebrate Night of the museums more - this year it will pass on May 19. For the first time for the period of holding an action the special website museumnight is created. org / where it will be possible in the mode it - a line to watch load of this or that platform and even in advance to receive “talonchik“ on pass to the most popular museums. But not all cultural heritage is available to Muscovites. How to admire buildings which are usually closed for visit?

the House of receptions of the city hall of Moscow with elements of hotel complex - now this official name, and earlier it was the Petrovsky traveling palace. It was constructed in 1783 under Ekaterina`s decree ll. The architecture monument is also protected by the state.

“Shooting is conducted by

only with permission. - And without chamber I can here come to take a walk? - No, only as a part of excursion group. - Even across the territory? - Yes. - And it that for object, just a monument? - No, it is the operating house of receptions of the government of Moscow“, - conversation with the security guard of the traveling Palace.

It is so strongly protected by

from all and everyone. Around - tracking cameras. Behind a glass door: framework of the metaldetector, cloth and plate. It from what is visible.

“That we will not see

absolutely because we are not let inside. Ceremonial rooms of the palace are on the second floor, interiors are executed in classical forms which to them were given by Montferrand as initial finishing did not remain“, - Vladimir Yakubinin, the restoration architect tells.

A still the window through which Napoleon looked at the flaring Moscow is. And, sitting on a window sill, waited for keys from the capital. Even at the time of stay here voyenno - air academy - it was far simpler to come nearer to fine.


“Despite everything privacy and the difficulties connected with its mode conducted tours here, the special person was allocated“, - Vladimir Yakubinin, the restoration architect continues.

can get on excursion to the Travelling palace Today. Only for this purpose it is necessary to go at first to Vozdvizhenka, to register, surely having left passport data. Or still it is possible: two times a year: in May and April is within the free excursions organized by department of culture. For tourists - two times a year - a synonym - never. Are just developed and leave.

“Tours are conducted by

two times a year: in April and in May in coordination with Department of cultural heritage. From the street of people can come, look, resemble in coordination with us in advance“, - Olga Myskina, the deputy director for general issues of Institute of Africa notes the Russian Academy of Sciences.

is an institute of studying of Africa of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The building is built by request of the manufacturer Tarasov exactly hundred years ago. The architect Zholtovsky borrowed a facade from the Venetian palace, a proportion at the palace of Doges. A lovely internal court yard, ceilings - the main value of this house.

them were painted by theatrical artists - the Lancer and Nevinsky. Here copy of the picture “birth of the Milky Way“ and Ancient Greek legends. Venetian mirror. The institute opens the doors, in principle, for all comers. It is simpler to silent state institution to make it, than to the tenant.

the Neogothic building in Kolpachny Lane. In 1900 this house was built by the baron Knop. In the Soviet years there was a city committee of Komsomol - from here Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya left on the front. And all this history is very carefully protected now by numerous departments and tenants. Only from whom it is protected - nobody can explain. And for what future generations it is protected too not clearly.

“Now all best buildings are occupied by strong structures, but not this worst, and the worst that these buildings are inaccessible. Bank structure - it is good, but all is necessary - for people to do“, - Vladimir Yakubinin, the restoration architect considers.

the Security guard inside kindly and remotely opened for us a gate. On the territory of the estate of the general Soymonov which is two hundred seventy years old we were let without problems. Inside serious people, are engaged in serious affairs.

Sincerely monitor preservation of cultural heritage, but inside asked not to remove. Though interiors remained, speak, Liszt acted, Zinaida Volkonskaya stayed, musicales were given. There was Pushkin and Decembrists.

“Inside the beautiful hall, a front staircase in Pompey style, a lazuritovy drawing room, a musical drawing room with a magic dome“, - Elena Ukolova, the candidate of art criticism tells.

Soymonov`s Estate - nearly a standard of preservation of cultural heritage in Moscow. Very much are proud of it. Inside it is very beautiful. The few tell that - who knows. The rest needs to take the word.