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Two difficult months of

Five years ago I gave birth to the son. There was Caesarian, first labor. I hard departed from operation, the child was bad too, to me he was brought only on third day. Near me in chamber there was mummy with the daughter, and them all it was ideal. I looked at it and thought: what happy mummy, and as I was not lucky! I as could, was decanted, milk badly came. Synulya it was weak also very small on weight, endured a hypoxia and nearly went to other world. Left. On third day brought the son and put to a breast. Did not take a breast - from - for the fact that a mouth small, and pacifiers big, plus weak capture - at the son were not forces to suck. But I all the same solved: I will be decanted. It was decanted manually, did not know about milk pumps at that time and I was not ready to decantation - was ready for what I will nurse at once, but did not expect that the son will not take a breast.

For the ninth days us from maternity hospital was transferred to hospital - to gain weight. Feeding was at first 70% - mix, 30% - breast milk. Milk arrived, the breast was poured so that I did not manage to be decanted. But fed through a bottle with a pacifier. Synulya gained weight well, in three weeks we were written out.

of the House a month more I continued to be decanted, feed with the milk from a small bottle and to hope that the son will suck soon. Each two hours it was heavy to be decanted by hands. On the house managed to do nothing, itself very much was tired and fell asleep together with the kid. And here, when the son was two months old, decided not to give any small bottle any more, and all the time to palm off a breast. It pokochevryazhitsya (cried and turned away) minutes 15 - 20 - and took a breast. Also began to suck - and to suck so that exhausted all milk. Hurrah! I was in the seventh heaven! To my stresses and experiences continuing two months the end came! I did not run at night any more and was not decanted in a jar to give to a synula of a chest milk from a small bottle. I slept like a log, and synulya sucked a breast at this time and smacked the lips.

Fed with

till 10 months, it was not difficult to disaccustom, forgot quickly. Still would feed if not the second pregnancy. By the way, the second was a girl, the breast took at once and did not release long. Sucked till two and a half years - I could not deprive of it such pleasure!