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Bleaching of teeth in house conditions of

the Beautiful snow-white smile - a symbol of beauty, success and fine health. It helps to gain instantly the interlocutor and to draw attention to your person. So smile to us from screens of TVs and glossy magazines of the model and a star of cinema and a platform. You want to smile also? Today there is a mass of ways which will help with it.

you do not hurry to the doctor

If you decided to address the stomatologist, be ready to expenses, and also that procedure can take several hours and repeat not once. It is worth remembering also contraindications: professional bleaching is not recommended to pregnant women and the feeding women, people who are suffering from a periodontal disease and also having an allergy to hydrogen peroxide.

One of the most essential side effects of clarification of teeth in clinic is enamel thinning and, as a result, increase of sensitivity of teeth which can introduce a great deal of trouble in your everyday life. Are not ready to the similar victims? Then at your service available folk remedies which used for giving to the smile charms still our grandmothers.

National recipes - the most effective?

Bleaching of teeth coal or ashes - one of the oldest methods. Today use the ground absorbent carbon which is applied on a brush or is added to toothpaste (sometimes recommend to chew a tablet of coal and to brush teeth, to rinse a mouth, and then to clean teeth as usual). This method is quite effective, however coal - substance abrasive, and therefore capable to injure enamel and gums. Besides, in the course of cleaning the discomfort from hissing of a tablet, specific black color and need to long rinse a mouth and a brush can be felt.

Among folk remedies are also popular of berry of strawberry which need to be chewed and taken in a mouth, and a lemon peel - it rub teeth. Unfortunately, at prolonged use at the expense of the emitted acid these means can destroy enamel.

Bleaching of enamel of teeth in house conditions can be carried out by means of usual of baking soda which is applied on a toothbrush or is added to paste. Soda helps to remove quickly and effectively a raid and to lighten enamel, however, as well as coal, differs in quite aggressive impact on tooth enamel, increasing sensitivity of teeth.

hydrogen peroxide will help to Bleach teeth also . It is used in the form of rinsing (20 drops on a quarter of a glass) or applied on a wadded tampon with which wipe teeth. Unfortunately, at long use it leads to thinning of tooth enamel.

As we see

, all above-mentioned means damage tooth enamel therefore it is necessary to apply them very carefully and not more often than once a week. Besides, when using folk remedies the effect will appear not earlier than in several months provided that you will constantly apply means.

the Specified shortcomings force to look for more acceptable and safe way of bleaching. Modern toothpastes can offer it.

of LACALUT white & whether repair

Is possible

that the bleaching toothpaste not only lightened enamel, but also protected from bacteria, prevented caries, removed inflammations, strengthened enamel, reduced sensitivity of teeth and at the same time refreshed an oral cavity? This question is answered with confidence “yes“ by a novelty of LACALUT white & repair.

It is known that smoking, the use of tea, coffee and the painting foodstuff negatively affects on health and a whiteness of our teeth. LACALUT white & paste; repair not only carefully bleaches enamel, but also strengthens it at the expense of amorphous corpuscles of a hydroxyapatite which take root into its blanket, completely restoring it. Result - a fine snow-white smile and healthy strong teeth.

A as protection against caries? The problem of its emergence is particularly acute not less, than enamel darkening. The bleaching LACALUT white & toothpaste; repair successfully solves also it. Sodium fluoride availability in its structure promotes creation of reliable of anti-carious protection . Thus, you can be sure in health of your teeth.

besides, paste contains eucalyptus oil which removes inflammations and calms gums .

Pleasant addition is existence in composition of paste of oil of mint, refreshing breath .

Complex influence LACALUT white & repair is the real break in the market of toothpastes. Buying this paste, you get the latest means on the basis of the advanced developments of experts who took care literally of everything and considered all possible requirements of consumers.

of LACALUT white & repair - the preventive paste best today for strengthening of enamel and bleaching of teeth which will give you the invaluable chance to give the fine smile to people around, self-confidence and the health.