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How to return to the baby healthy appetite of

the Nightmare for parents: the child refuses any food. What to do?

Each newborn right after the birth is able to suck and swallow of

. The nature gave it ability to eat food. He cannot independently get it yet, but already understood that for this purpose exist mother who nurses it, or the father offering it tasty dairy mix from a small bottle.

Simple processes are caused by thin interrelation which out of ignorance can easily be broken. For example, often the baby loudly cries because he is lonely. However instead of caress he receives from mother or the father respectively a breast or a small bottle. If this single misunderstanding - happens nothing terrible. But if the baby is constantly forced to suck when it is not hungry at all, he protests: everything spits out or belches. The first weeks of the house - the critical period when there can easily be violations in the course of food. If the child begins to oppose to feeding, mother has constantly increasing stress: on her belief, the baby has to eat fully, it should grow. There is a vicious circle. How to work from the very beginning that everything went normally?

If to the baby are given a breast and it willingly takes it, then in principle everything is all right. The woman should drink and have a rest only more that enough milk was developed. However in practice often it turns out differently. For example, the child sucks incorrectly, nipples hurt, mother is in constant tension. As a result of milk it is developed insufficiently. And then really it happens so that though the baby also sucks a breast, he all the same remains hungry.

Attention: from this point there can be difficulties with food!
Mother begins to be nervous, including herself guilty that she is not capable to feed the child as it is necessary for the normal growth and development. With experiences of problems with feeding becomes even more. Now parents spend all forces for sating the hungry, in their opinion, kid. If it is not nursed, then try to thrust into a mouth a small bottle pacifier with mix. Sometimes this process does not stop even at night. As a result the child becomes uneasy, does not put on weight though he is objectively absolutely healthy.

“Lifebuoy“ for helpless parents whose children do not want or cannot be eaten, nevertheless exists. The correct tactics will help to restore healthy appetite of the baby.

Let the kid will have a rest

to the Child time that he calmed down and relaxed is required. So far it does not give unambiguous signals that it is hungry, it is not necessary to feed him. Time that the kid weaned from coercion to feeding is necessary. Gradually the food will start giving it pleasure over again, and he will gain weight.

Feeding: rules for parents
Feed with
  • the child only when it is really hungry! As for quantity of the food necessary on one feeding, mothers should be guided by needs of the baby, but not by what is written on packing of baby food. There are no average children, and the same child has an appetite not always identical: sometimes he drinks 60 ml, sometimes 150. If he ate less usual norm, do not impose to it more at all. Any action gives rise to counteraction, from here and refusal of food.
  • you Watch “signals“. The kid turns away the head, squeezes lips, pushes away a small bottle aside, beats out a spoon from a hand? All this means: “To me enough!“ He does not want any more, and it is not necessary for him any more even if mother or the father of other opinion.
  • do not draw
  • if he refuses. Parents should not turn all day into infinite feeding, it is impossible to seek to feed the child constantly: it opened a mouth - and right there the piece of cookies or banana goes there. Such persistence can be come to a bad end - soon the child in general will refuse to open a mouth.
  • do not use food as an award or punishment. It is a widespread mistake: if the child behaves well, then he is given ice cream if fell and to it is sick, he is calmed a chocolate piece. But it is a direct way to disorder of food. Take the child on hands better and praise or console!
  • When the child will learn to sit, he can be seated at a table d`hote. Perhaps, you still feed the kid from a small bottle or a squash, but give him the chance to eat which - that from “adult“ food though it will just carry by a lot of things by a mouth. That feeding did not turn into an antagonism, parents should “differentiate powers“: they choose what dishes will be on a table, and the child solves, he wants to eat or not.